Saturday, August 7, 2021

What I saw today!

  Automobiles from another era:


NOTICE: The age related test I took a couple days ago was given online from the local VA. I was given the choice, so I did it here. I am not sure what put my name on the list, but I figured it was simply my age. No one said why. 

 For today:

Sherry is a little under the weather, as they say out west. So I went shopping by myself today, REALLY!

I got it all, the whole list, even ‘Ginger Root’ and toilet paper.

On farms or the early west you were fortunate if there were corn cobs in the outhouse. THEN some wonderful man or woman invented what they called ‘Privacy Paper’.  Now maybe they had this in the castles of Europe before our West, but for danged sure it took a long time getting here.

I said that to say: Humans today are not happy to have just one type of anything. Years ago we bought ‘Toilet paper’. Now it has become just like ladies nylons, there are 1,602 different names, types, colors and what all......  I finally did buy SOME!

Then there was a lady in front of me who decided she really did not want the new broom she had in her buggy, so she took it out and left it in the soup aisle.

As I moved along I noticed a couple empty drink cans, on the shelves with the laundry stuff. I guess you don’t have to pay if you drink it in the store.

Then there was the lady with 3 kids. She stopped in the veggie aisle to empty the candy and stuff the kids had put in the basket. She left it there without a second  thought it seemed..

WE all have seen (Or experienced) interesting stuff pertaining to public restrooms. Things can happen to anyone, like leaving the restroom with a small piece of toilet paper stuck to your shoe. It even happens to Presidents. Just the other day when I came out of the toilet in a restaurant and Sherry pointed out, ‘Your shirt is half tucked in!’

Well today I saw something that topped that. You know the disposable seat covers for commode seats. Leaving the store  an older lady was in front of me. She had one of those covers hanging out of the back of her stretch pants. TRUE! ........  Should I tell her? I am debating….. She will soon be to her car forget about it....... Then she passed someone who knew her, they told her. She pulled it out and they had a big laugh. But Imma thinking the lady was laughing to cover her embarrassment. WE OLD people must be careful…. We can still be embarrassed ..... LOL  I am living proof!

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Mevely317 said...

How disappointing, those shoppers putting stuff back wherever they like... no regard for the employees tasked with restocking. I've witnessed that same thing and mighty grateful for my mask, that no-one can hear what I'm saying!

Too funny about the toilet seat cover! I can't recall what country we were in -- and I was too young to remember -- but my parents used to talk about street vendors selling individual PIECES of toilet paper to folks needing to go inside one of the outdoor urinals.

Hope Sherry gets to feeling better real soon!

betty said...

Hope Sherry feels better quickly!!

LOL with your shopping experience Jack. I had to laugh about the mother taking the candy out and putting it in the veggie section. A simple "no" would have been easier I think. I don't like it when someone leaves a perishable thing with canned goods or the like. You know it is going to have to be thrown away. When the wee one was younger and son would take him shopping he would often get hungry so son would grab a banana and peel it for him to eat. He always put the peel on the check stand but no one ever charged him for it. At one store pre Covid they would have a little fruit stand with bananas or apples for kids to help themselves to.

LOL abut the lady and the seat cover. I bet she'll be very careful in the future not to have that happen again!

Good job for getting the shopping done!


yaya said...

Ha! Very cute post! I remember when our church was building the Temple down in Columbus..I'm Mormon...and there were many protesters yelling at us on open house day. I guess they figured we're all going to hell. Anyway, one of the protesters had to use the bathroom and used an outside portapot. She came out and I saw she had tucked the back of her dress into her pantyhose. I also debated about telling her but since she thought I was evil because of my religion I decided not to approach her. I'm sure she did find out eventually. Maybe I am going to hell...hmmmm

Chatty Crone said...

I have experienced the same things you have grocery shopping - I dislike when they leave things in the aisles. I have never seen a toilet seat cover tho - lol!

Unknown said...

If I'm being honest, I have to say I took great pleasure when the toilet paper got stuck under 45's shoe. Immense pleasure.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Praying for Sherry's good health, and yours, Jack.

Great stories today, a very good post. Thanx.

Did you know that some toilet paper now comes without perforations between the individual sheets? It is one long strip of toilet paper on the roll. Cheaper that way. You can buy separately a pack of perforations and when you're home you can put the perforations on the paper yourself. Works out cheaper than toilet paper with perforations already on it.

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That was an embarrassing monent. Glad her friend had to be the once to tell her. It would be less embarrassing than if you'd been the one. I guess we've all had something like that happen. Embarrassing moments we'd like to forget. I hope Sherry is felling better and that you both have a wonderful Sunday !

Lisa said...

I admit, I am one of those people that will put clothes back on the “Wrong” rack after carrying it around the store a while. I was paid back for that when I worked a department store during the holidays as a person that had to pick orders that were placed on line for shipping. I would get mad when I could not find a certain article that was in the store but in the wrong department. It causes problems with time and shipping. I never thought about it. I am a better person now.

When I was a teenager, I walked back into a preaching service with my dress in my pantyhose. I also wore white pants to work one time while wearing printed underwear. Both were embarrassing moments.

Happy Sunday

Anne M Robinson said...

I am by no means a NARC but when I see food in aisles and I see employees, I gently remind them. That is why things are so costly. The cart spaces in the lots too. Goodnes sgracious line up that buggy and push it into the one in front of it. I do it because most of the folks collecting those are my age or older while some of the younger ones are sitting around on a phone. Little simple things like courtesy should never go out of style. I have put things in my basket, circled around and decided I wanted something different and return it to where I originally found it. It is called common courtesy and as you saw in the store that is not always what others think. Kind of sad and setting a bad example for the little ones. I worked with a gal who was up front and had a very naughty mouth. She said she tucked her blouse into her pantyhose (it was the 80's) and she walked from the parking garage one long block from our building. She said dozens of people passed her by and never said a word. Finally a lady with a long jacket pulled it behind her and said, honey your blouses and skirt are tucked into your pantyhose. She was grateful but so angry no one told her. It is quite embarassing for any of us. I wonder about people sometimes and than someone does something very nice so I think, well I a grateful kindness does exist. We have to look hard for it, I suppose somedays. Thank you for sharing.
Hoping Sherry feels better. The heat is hard on my sinuses and the air pollution is awful. You both take care. HUGS across the miles to both of you.

Dar said...

An embarrassing moment happened to me was a nylon sock dragging out of the leg of my fell out and a little boy picked it up, asking if it was mine...his daddy smiling wide. If I have something I decided I didn't want, I always return it to it's rightful aisle even if it means walking back thru the whole store. Like Anne said, it's a courtesy thing. Fun read, Jack.
I hope Sherry is feeling ' more better.'
loven'hugs from up north where we spent Sat. celebrating our Grandlove Ben's 14th birthday. Now how did that child grow so tall. Of course all but one of my Grandloves are taller than their grandma.