Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Last picture Show

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Now, today as I see it:

No matter how new something is, there will  be a last one produced. One day there will be, ‘the last car’, fueled by Gasoline.

One day you will either hand over your drivers license voluntarily or some will take them.  Seriously, if you live long enough, there will come a time when you cannot do many things as well as you once did.

There are performers who do not know they have not only past their time, but are the butt of some bad jokes. How many sports heroes have tried to ‘comeback’ after their prime? In their mind they can still move as fast, punch as hard, swing a bat as well, or take a hit as they once did.  I have said many times, unless dementia takes hold your brain does not age, it is this body and its abilities. So the brain must remind us, the body is not keeping up.

When a musician or entertainer gets to the point they will not practice ‘enough’, they will go down hill.

I watched Stephen Brannen on the guitar/banjo. He is GOOD, But only because he continually practices. Many older men and women want to fake it, and after awhile it catches up with them.

I had a OLD preacher once tell me, “Jack I am at a point in my ministry that I can stand and preach for 30 minutes, I require very little prep time anymore, I get inspired when I stand up there, and the words just come to me.”

A minister once told me of a friend who was a  evangelist / musician who said, ‘the piano inspires me, saints love it. I can set down and start playing and the words just flow.’

I had a brother who could do anything with wood. He was an artist in wood. You want a wooden car? He could glue a stack of pressed board together and start grinding and cutting and produce a car. In his last year he built our mama a desk. Looking at it brought tears to my eyes, it looked like a 7th grader had built it, but in his eyes, it was perfect.

My worst fears came when I visited my mentor, in the chalk artistry field. He was pointing out some ‘beautiful(?) paintings’, “Jackie” he said, “I am amazed, my paintings get better and better.” He was showing me things he would have been ashamed of earlier, but to him they were great. I  told Sherry, “I don’t want that to happen to me!”

I have said it before, this is  my  ‘Last presentation’.. I hope (I have enough sense to mean it). My performance is way down. I even forgot to take an important box of chalk and drop cloths this time. So I am gonna declare. “That was it”.

I am using this message & site to enforce my determination. Thanks for listening.

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If people evolved from apes,
why are there still apes?



1930 Lincoln, what a beauty!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There have been many last times in my life and it's not easy letting go of things we love and things we love to do. I'm having to say goodbye to my camping days this year. End of this season will be my last. The camper is up for sale. I know how hard it is to say this is the very last time. The thing is there is always something new ahead. That is what keeps me going. A new day means new horizons. Maybe it's good we have last times to make room for the new times.

Lucy said...

Jack, this doesn't sound like you but I understand. You have so many other talents, or just being "you". The other half of a couple that is perfect with each other. I had to give up so much as the years go by, but we manage. I have finally given up the trying to have what I know I will never be able to have. Alan's birthday is the 18th. He would be 62. I do have hopes of seeing him again in another life. My youngest living son, never. I gave that hope up. It is really hard to give up hope. I have never had much talent so I don't have anything to give up there. Now my knee tells me what I can do at lower levels. One thing, as long as you and Sherry are together that is the main thing. Plus your sense of humor is not gone.

DD said...

I am not sure about that Jack. With your talent, you still have much, much to give someone. :/

Paula said...

Good entry Jack. I try to remember to be thankful that I am still perpendicular, that is when I'm not dizzy. I wish I could get through John's head we need to get out more while we can. we just came from visiting my friend and she seems to have given up. She is lucky she still has a husband who stays with her all day everyday and a son who comes after work and stays until her bed time. So many in that rehab home doesn't have nearly that much.

Anonymous said...

A doctor friend of mine noticed this in an elderly doctor who'd been his mentor & he said to me: You're nasty enough to tell me when I have to hang it up, so please tell me when the time comes.

Ha. Glad I am nasty enough for the job, but anyway, I so get the point of this. ~Mary

Ken Riches said...

I say keep doing whatever brings you joy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ken. If you still find enjoyment in doing it, I think you should continue.
In artistic endeavors the process can really be more important than the end result.

Chatty Crone said...

I am wondering why you are talking about all that today - thinking deeply about something. I have always wanted to know that same thing about apes. Hope all id okay. sandie

betty said...

I do remember you writing before about you being down with your performing, but I'm thinking what you did recently for friends was just part of an enjoyable time with each other sharing in each other's talents, but I do agree if you think enough is enough then that is the wisest thing to do.

Hubby's dad would never even consider it was time for him to turn in his license and give up driving (in spite of doctors telling him to stop driving) even though he had a few close calls with things, I was thankful that his body gave out physically a few months before he passed that he was not able to have the strength to drive (answer to prayer). I keep telling hubby "you take those keys away from me no matter what I might say and do if I ever get too dangerous out there)

hubby's been playing guitar since he was 8 years old; over 50 years; he still knows he needs to practice, practice, practice.

hope you guys have a great Sunday!


shirl72 said...

That is the reason I play the piano
only for my enjoyment. I don't
feel comfortable playing for
people like I use to. I didn't
practice like I should. Like you
say people don't know when to give
it up. I'm sure I do. Retired
and only do fun things.

Dar said...

I did not find I had a knack for painting and pencil drawings until I was way past 40-but now, I feel it's time to give that up. It's difficult to do with numb appendages, can't do it with my toes, they are worse. I gave up doing wedding cakes for the same reason, years ago. I even gave all the supplies away. I hate it but when it's time to give up one thing, it just means it's time to shift and go another direction.
From what I could see of your talent, you still are way up there!
Like others have said, just do what makes you happy. Like we've always tell our family, we don't expect anymore than 'your' best, whatever that may be.
Now, smile, and get on with it, Oh talented, sweet man.
BlessYourHeart and we'll save you some Butterballs........