Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NEXT up: Sweet Corn, 13 for $2.50

Ahhh, sweet corn is in, we bought 13 ears for $2.50. Came home and fixed them the way I learned on the internet last year.  If you like corn on the cob, this is a great way to fix it.

It goes in the microwave just the way it is husk, silks and all. 4 mins. per ear. Roll the ears about half way thru. With a good knife, cut the base of the ear off just into the kernels. make sure you use mitts or something to keep from burning your hands. Hold the husks near the silks and shake the ear. In a few shakes the whole ear comes out with 99% of the silks GONE with the husk. Butter and salt and eat. The corn is so sweet this year it is unbelievable.

daytrip 036

We bought some more peaches too, but they are not real sweet. They were selling the corn just as fast as they could take in the money. They had already emptied one wagon load and started on the second before noon.

My girl, who thinks she is recovered, fixed a delicious meal. She fixed the rest of Shirl and Evelyn’s squash, A  BIG POT of stewed corn and left over pinto beans(& cornbread).  That corn was some of the best I have EVER had. What a great meal my sweetheart fixed.

Of course we are really enjoying ourselves. Every evening we have a few thunder showers that cools things off very well. I think of the folks who are not getting any rain and feel for them.

We are contemplating another trip up to the Appalachian trail for a few miles hike. The trail skirts Lancaster by about 40-50 miles on the west and North as I follows the mountain range.

I must say again this fresh ‘sweet corn’ is DELICIOUS!

Thanks for coming this way.

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English pubs, ale is ordered by pints and quarts... So in old England , when
customers got unruly, the bartender would yell at them 'Mind your pints and quarts, and settle down.' . . .It's where we get
the phrase 'mind your P's and Q's'


scanoldpic7 042 - Copy

Mark and Sherry(both wearing bell bottoms) sitting on the 1955 Chevy I bought for $50.

Scanoldphoto3 076 - Copy

Marty, Jack Jr’s dead eye buddy and the car after It was restored.

Something's you regret. I sold it for $500.



Love the cars. You are so lucky to have sweet corn there. Silver Queen is my favorite. Things here are so bad from the drought. And the corn available isn't as cheap as you found it, that's for sure. Glad your sweetie has recovered from the break. If you do the Appalachian Trail please take precautions. take care.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Our sweet corn is more expensive than yours for sure. Local corn always is it seems, not just because of the dry weather. Down by the camper it will be cheaper but I've not been there in awhile. Your sweetcorn makes my mouth water. I do love it. Glad Sherry is doing so well and cooking those great meals for you. I'm sure she's happy that she can do so too. Thanks for the tip on how to cook it in the microwave. I'll have to try it sometime soon. Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one!

shirl72 said...

The meal sounds good. I saw the way you cook your corn on a cooking
show and it slid right out of the
husk. Amazing. I got some peaches
and they were read sweet. Haven't
bought any corn this summer but
time to go to the store.

Weather sounds great enjoy we are
in the 90's.


Glenda said...

Ooh, it all sounds delish, especially the sweet corn, have cooked it in the microwave but not like you described. I'll definitely try it!
The Chevy brought back memories, had one just like that, same colors in 1968, it got passed down to younger brothers, great car :) Have fun, take it easy on your ole bones...Glenda

Anonymous said...

love fresh corn fixed just the way you said...in the microwave! I can tell you two are enjoying your travels! be safe and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the Mark & Sherry pic.

I thought I got a good deal buying corn 2 for a $1.

Anonymous said...

Haven't eaten corn in ages. Yet remember steeling the small white, still unripe ones from a field, while being young.
Please have you all a good new month.

Chatty Crone said...

I have been eating corn this summer too - but I am going to fix it like the way you explained this next time.

And I bet you could shoot yourself over selling that car for $500!


Debbie said...

I'd be bragging about that sweet corn too if I got it that cheap. You got a bargain! Around here if you can find fresh sweet corn it's about $2 for 6 ears. I love corn on the cob but I'm not so sure about cooking it in the microwave. I'd be afraid I'd cook a worm or those little black bugs that like to get in corn.

I'm glad Sherry if doing well now and can cook those delicious meals for you. I know you enjoy it!

I'm way behind on reading blogs but I'll try to catch up sooner or later. I see you're in PA now. Several in our family live in PA and some in Delaware. I know some of them lived in the Lancaster area but I'm not sure if they still do, some have moved back here over the years. They all told us we have never had a real Sub sandwich until we've had one from PA. They can't get bbq'd mutton there so when they'd come home on vacation every summer they always bought a lot of mutton and froze it to take back home with them.

Love ya,

Ken Riches said...

We shuck the corn, wrap in wax paper, and microwave. Comes out perfect. Sometimes I soak the corn in water and steam in on the BBQ. Yea - CORN!