Friday, June 21, 2013

Columbus, Texas Day 5 Miles today..435 total miles 1135


We had a good trip thru Louisiana. Some of I-10 was terrible rough, but over all the roads were good. We drove over a swamp on a bridge I know was 20 miles long. Mark said this is where they film ‘Swamp People’ (who ever they are).


from Biloxi 1 001from Biloxi 1 004

WE spotted it, The Welcome sign and then

from Biloxi 1 013

that big Texas Star!

from Biloxi 1 012

The Houston sky line.

from Biloxi 1 017

We drove thru Houston and again remembered Sherry getting stuck behind the wheel and not a place to change drivers once going thru Houston, during the road construction. She drove the 60 foot rig with barriers on either side of a narrow run. She came thru white knuckled but made it like a champ.

We were greeted at the RV park by Tom! Strutting around.

from Biloxi 1 022

It seems I am always in for a surprise when I pick an RV site out of a hat. This one is a beauty. Not the RV park, it is okay and reasonable, but we went to the grocery store. Jack Jr. and I helped a local guy get his car started. The Mark wanted to take a look around town.

from Biloxi 1 023

                                            (Court House)

Beautiful little town. Reading the plaques around the Courthouse (being renovated) we learned this is the birth place of the Texas Rangers. They also boast the 2nd largest Live Oak in Texas.


from Biloxi 1 024from Biloxi 1 025

Above on the square also is the Stafford House and the Stafford Bank Opera House.

from Biloxi 1 028

Beautiful local architecture.

This is an over night stop, off to the San Antonio area in the morning.

Nite Shipslog


Hey, it is HOT in Texas.  think we chose the wrong time of the year to go SouthWest?  Nah!


Parked on the streets of Columbus:

from Biloxi 1 026

Not sure but this looks like a 40’s International

from Biloxi 1 033

Imma thinking about a 1928 A model.

Also spotted these Texaco Pumps.

from Biloxi 1 030


Mevely317 said...

Oh my gosh, but I remember (with horror) that "20-mile" white concrete bridge through Louisiana. To be honest, when I think of nightmares, that stretch of road comes to mind.

YEA, you're in Texas!!!!!!!! (Tho' I've been gone since the late 80's, I still think of it as home.) That had to be so neat, seeing the origin of the Texas Rangers.

Sorry about this crazy heat. We just watched the weather forecast, and it's supposed to be 115-degrees here by Friday. (Still hope you're inclined to venture this way!)

Hugs from Phoenix,


My mom was born in Texas. ENJOY your visit. Looks like an interesting town.

Jackie said...

You find the neatest vehicles no matter where you go
AND.... I am very proud of white-knuckled Sherry.
You go, girl! That's the way to drive.
Continued happiness and traveling mercies for you both.
I love to travel via your blog with you. Thank you for the photos and information. Love them !

Paula said...

We used to go through Columbus going to my daughter's when she lived in The Woodlands. One of the towns in that area has an Orsak Cafe which was the name of John's Mama's cafe in Charlotte, Texas years ago. We stopped to eat and ask the waitress to ask the owner to come out and talk with us. He didn't, must have thought we were going to claim in and want money. lol

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
The notorious Houston humidity is evident even in your photograph of the Houston skyline.
Having grown up in Texas, «Louis» agrees: it is HOT in Texas!

«Louis» thinks that International may be a '54 or '55.
He's not sure of the year of the Ford, but thinks you are probably correct that it may be a '28.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You made good time there. Hope you are rested and ready to go for another day of travel. Take care in the heat there. Here in Ohio we may get close to 90 today. Heating up here too.

Fred said...

We've been in Camp Meeting this week - thus I've not been here. Always love reading your blog and seeing where you are. Looking forward to your coming through here on your return trip. Well do I remember that 20 mile long bridge across Lake Pontchartrain. Rode the '40 footer on it a good bit while stationed at the USCG New Canal Light station in the late '50s. Hope that heat is a dry one so that you don't sweat too much! :)

shirl72 said...

Enjoyed seeing the pictures.
The bridge would have been my
down fall don't like to be over the water that much. I do know you have traveled the bridge from Miami to the Keys it's pretty long.

Glad you are enjoying the sights
I have heard that Texas is always
hot. Stay safe...Miss you...

Helen said...

Some pretty places down there. Sherry you did great with that driving.

Glenda said...

You did luck into a find with Columbus, TX. Quaint neighborhoods, old classic cars, historic masterpieces, some of your favorite things! What a lovely town.

Woody said...

Nice pictures, Interesting to know where the Texas Rangers came from, I flew into Dallas and Amarrilo Texas a couple times to pick up prisoners to take back to New York, I bet it is hot there !!!
Take Care from Warm and muggy New York!!
Gary and Anna Mae

Chatty Crone said...

I have driven though something like that - but not with a big rig. Gosh it is wonderful to see the sites thru you - I have never been here either. sandie

Sheila Y said...

That looks like the bridge I traveled over many times from Texas to Alabama and back, I think near Lake Charles, or not too far from there. Our baby brother lives in San Antonio and they have a beautiful new baby girl. Safe travels! Tell Paula hi for me if you see her. Hugs from here, Sheila