Sunday, June 9, 2013

Graduations and rules!

We went to Luke’s graduation. I went to the website to find out the times and I also saw the rules.  It was one of those iffy things. Rain forecast, if it was held outside we could go, if inside he only could have 4 tickets, which would be his family. No one told us where to find out the decision. The decision would be made two hours before. So said the website.

SO we decided to GO.  RULES SAID: no umbrellas would be allowed. No cell phones and you would be scanned for metal at the gate.

Another strongly stated rule, no clapping or acknowledgement until after all diplomas were awarded then everyone would give the standing round of applause.

I am rooted and founded in the moral guidelines, FOLLOW THE RULES! My military background yells that, so I play by and follow RULES!

OUTSIDE must be the decision, SINCE hundreds of folks are parked EVERYWHERE and inline for the Football stadium. WE parked and got in line: BEHIND HUNDREDS OF UMBRELLAS. We were carrying the little disposal ponchos just in case.. No Umbrellas were turned away. And there was regular scattered yelling and clapping for (their)‘SOMEONE SPECIAL’.

I HAVE DECIDED IN THIS CIVILIAN WORLD RULES ARE MADE JUST FOR FUN!  (just incase someone wants to enforce them) LOL  I am not against umbrellas, they are common sense if you might get rain. But why make a rule if you are not planning on enforcing it?  NO CELL PHONES!  are they nuts? This generation lives on the iphone or it’s clone. It is also the camera for heavens' sake. There is no way they are leaving them home!

Soooo, I am already planning Stella’s Graduation 2033. I am going to have my wheel chair pushed close to the stage. I want two air horns. and when they call her name, Imma going to blow everyone away. and keep on yelling and clapping as they tow me off the field.  I plan to join in, and enjoy BREAKING THE RULES! (I will fly out to Utah and practice at Elsie’s graduation, LOL)

Seriously, do you break the rules?  Or are you one who reads the sign and believes it means what it says?

This is my fun post,  well as close as I get to fun, LOL

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I do try to follow all rules, brain washing from the USMC!  LOL



This might be a 50’s Packard (Lincoln?), Louis will get me if I am wrong!


Jackie said... have a way of "getting me started"...on my rants.
I'm with you on this one!!
Rules ARE rules and should be enforced. It's the LACK of enforcement that causes the problems. If it says "no umbrellas"...then, John Brown...there should be no (zero, nada, not ONE) umbrella allowed in. Period. People knew the rules coming it. If not...they should have. Don't fuss and whine about the fact that you can't take your bloomin' umbrella in when it says "no umbrellas." The rule is there for a reason....accept it. Leave the umbrellas at home or in the car!!
Number clapping, cheering, yelling, etc. when the graduate crosses the stage, means just that. None. It used to be that way, Jack. Now...classless...rule-breaking, thoughtless people are "ruling."
I still abide by the rules. No umbrellas: I bring a poncho.
No clapping, yelling, etc.... I don't. Period.
Why don't others abide by the rules? They haven't been taught to. I think that's the simple explanation. If one is taught...and taught well, one abides by the rules.
(I told got me started.)
I apologize for the rants.
I feel better....but still shake my head and wonder where the parenting skills have gone....

shirl72 said...

It is a litttle late to give
the rules to this generations. They will do what they want to do.

When people have done this for
years they are not going to listen
to rules. Graduation is a big
thing and they are happy the
person has made it through.

Common sense is not in their

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
Not quite a Packard, Jack, but there is a Packard connection. It is a 1957 Lincoln Premier. It took many of its styling cues from the Lincoln Futura show car, the car which later became the first Batmobile. Here's the Packard connection. When the banks and insurance companies wouldn't float Packard the money to tool for their planned '57s, Packard president James Nance worked out a deal with Henry Ford II to build '57 Packards on the Lincoln body shell. Packard stylist Richard Teague worked up a very handsome design taking cues from the Packard Predictor show car (and the planned '57 Packards). But Ford executives below Henry sabotaged the deal and Packard wound up building the "Packardbaker" on the Studebaker President body shell.

Louis la Vache said...

...and that is a '57 Lincoln Continental Mark II behind the Lincoln Premier.


Rules are made to be broken.

Paula said...

Wouldn't you know Jack I go by the rules? When my first grandson graduated high school the last student across the stage mooned the audience. You could just hear everyone gasp. My grandson didn't know this girl thank goodness. We went to a graduation dinner tonight for my great nephew and neice (twins). Probably only the second time in their life I have seen them.

Mevely317 said...

OMG, I've so much catching up to do .... thanks for the laugh, Jack. Immediately, I had this visual of you and the bullhorn.

Boring, I know, but I've pretty much toed the line all my life. I've little tolerance for those who push the envelope "just because" ... and even less for those who are tasked with enforcing but elect not to do so for fear of hurting someone's feelings. Thinkin' the tail's wagging that dog.

Ah well, I'm feeling some moxie coming back, and look forward to reading more!

Have a wonderful new week!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've been to high school and college graduations that had the same rules and they were broken too. It's a fun time and I'm just glad the rules broken didn't hurt anyone. I think they make up the rules just to cover themselves in case of an incident. Congrats to the graduate!

Anonymous said...

I will take the 5th on "Rules."