Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nothing in particular

(Before I start today, I just wanted to say that was some of the sweetest, interesting comments on the Teacher’s entry. We all do have some great memories. and a BIG HI to SARA! )

I guess as I get older I reminisce more. I wonder have people gotten meaner? Like the School Shootings?  We have more population and  many more reporters to report the evil deeds.  WE also have instant knowledge of what is happening.

Can you imagine the King of England having to wait a couple months to know his colonies were in rebellion. No one could pick up a cell phone and notify him. He couldn’t even read it on Facebook!

Easter Island statuesstonehenge england

(Massive statues of Easter Island, Massive rocks at Stonehenge)

Humans have always pondered Easter Island and Stone hinge. We have wondered about the pyramids.  The Mayans have puzzled us.  HOW DID SOME OF THESE PEOPLE ACCOMPLISH THE DEEDS. I can see dreaming of them, but actually building them?  WOW.

CRUISE FOR 7 days 158

Sherry at Altun Ha, Mayan Ruins in Belize. If you read ‘Finally Love’, you know hat happened to her there!)

CRUISE FOR 7 days 163

Of course to me, a neophyte, I am amazed at this marvel I am typing on. And the Internet that it is connected to.  I am amazed at kids that have developed a short hand system and can communicate by ‘texting’ about as fast as I could, calling. I now even text, the phone Jack Jr. talked us into getting allows me to talk into the phone to text. I don’t have to be adept with my thumbs.  I am doing pretty good too. I am texting a couple times a day.

So what in heck is next? I heard awhile back I would have to go to a laptop because the PC was being phased out.  Now I hear the laptop will be phased out.  I CANNOT KEEP UP!

But anyway, I am loving life and enjoying watching the changes. There is a change even in our plans to go to Mexico for Dental work. My neighbor tells me of a place in Spartanburg that comes very close to Mexican prices. We are thinking of going both places. but doing less in Mexico.  We shall see.

Well that is about it, I have covered the gammit from the Easter Island to next week.

Thanks for stopping by, I really do appreciate your visit. If you feel inclined leave a comment. (I was blown away by yesterday’s comments, Sherry even teared up at the one from SARA!)

Nite Shipslog


Sometimes I feel like we are moving so fast in technology we will reach the future before time. LOL


1933 Ford

Me and a thirty-three, Ford that is.


Jackie said...

I'm so proud of the fact that you aren't letting technology advances pass you by. You go, Jack! Good for you for texting. And to use voice to text, even more commendable. You will be forever young, I can tell.
The places you and Sherry have visited and the sights you have seen make me smile with envy. (Even though one is not suppose to be envious, you know that I say that with love in my heart for you both. )
I hope that you find the perfect dental solution....wherever God leads you.
Happiness and blessings to you both.

Fred Alton said...

Oh yes, Jack. People are getting meaner but Bible believers expected this. "In the last days perilous times shall come." And also, "Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse; deceiving and being deceived." It doesn't mean that everyone is getting worse - but evil men definitely are.

You are about as "hep" as anyone I know on this techie stuff. I'm amazed. I'm reading "Finally Love" at last. Maybe before we leave G-town and vacation I'll have it done. I'm moving slower about everything these days. WiFi is sketchy from here. I'm borrowing a public one for now.

More later. We love you ALL.

shirl72 said...

Changes are moving to fast for me
to keep up. Now At&T is going to make a change 6/ll and I am not
looking forward to that change.
I missed last blog. I check and can't understand how I miss one. You are good teacher of course you are my Brother.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I thinks folks are getting meaner. Went out to home depot today and when we went to get in the car the man next to us scared me so. He was yelling and cursing at who ever was inside the care. Oh my he was mad. Thankfully I myself have never been talked to like that but I pity whoever was in the car. I've had my laptop 3 years now and just love it. I hadn't heard they were phasing them out. I know things do change quickly. It an almost perfect afternoon here today. Blue skies and sunshine in the low 70's.

Anonymous said...

stopped by to say hello! certainly will hate to see the laptop go...appears to me the techies are going more toward smaller with touch screens! I love my big screen 'cause I can read without a magnifying glass :) I had a tech person at Brighthouse (my internet connection folks) tell me that Windows 8 is totally different from Windows 7 and complicated. Just threw that it 'cause it's all the new tech news I have :D

hi to Sherry!

Anonymous said...

But you seem to keep up better than many. I had to go back & read Sara's comment on the previous entry. Lovely.


I hope they do not phase out the pc. Tablets just do not do enough to my liking. LOVE Easter Island. Makes you wonder how those stone giants were put in place.

Lucy said...

I think Mexico would be the last place I would go after they snatched that lady off the bus and held her in person trying to trump up charges she had drugs under her seat. But knowing you 2 you will go and have a ball and not even think og my comment. Sherry and Jack, Enjoy your trip.

Chatty Crone said...

Jack I am with you technology is moving so fast - and to think all those messages or what it is called - a re transferred all around the world in a matter of seconds. Sometimes I want to say stop the world and let me get off! But then i love the computer - hope they don't phase it out - but maybe.

Are you talking Spartanburg, NC or SC?

If it is any good will you let me know - my husband does need some work too.

And I know what happens in Belize!

Love, sandie

Paula said...

I'm with Lucy, you're going to Mexico? We used to go there about every three months but you coudn't drag us there now with "stuff" on the news. I haven't been able to get online for a couple of days. A young tech had me up and running in a few minutes for a price to his company, of course. Also started treatments for my low blood platelets.