Saturday, June 15, 2013

Some days are harder than others

I have submitted a blog 1706 times on Blogger with 196442 page views. Most of the time a subject comes to me before I get to this point. Tonight, I am a blank. Some of you get ideas and use themes, or one subject. I haven’t been able to accomplish that yet, but I keep thinking. Winking smile


I have been busy, and I don’t know exactly what I have been busy doing. I did cut the grass and added a gate to the steps where Sherry broke her arm last year.

When GGDaughter Stella drops by, why is it she heads directly to the area where Sherry fell? It is the most dangerous spot for a kid.  So I decided to make a gate to close off the danger off the deck.

We have two sons. Because we had planned to go into Mexico they were required to get passports. They have them now. It is funny that the fall out of having the passports has increased their income. They are both couriers. Now with the passports they can travel internationally.  Yesterday Mark came back from Mexico City and tonight Sherry called Jack jr. to invite him to dinner and he was headed for Canada. They are both excited about the prospects.

We have two more days before we head to Mexico ourselves (with the boys) we are excited about that.

Now, the boys will only go with us to San Antonio. Then after seeing the Alamo, experiencing the River Walk and maybe a trip to Brackettville, they will fly back to NC. Us?  We hope to see our friend Paula and maybe John. Then we will go on to Mexico.

Thanks for stopping by the log.

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I guess I can make a post about nothing, huh?



I cannot remember what this is nor who is with the car. I do not recognize the car. My first thought was this is the guy who built “The house on the Rock” in Minnesota.


shirl72 said...

Well JJ and Mark have become
world travelers. That's good if
their income has increased but
the Government will get the extra.

Stella is exploring everything
at her age. Glad you got the gate
up..don't want Sherry to take another tumble. LOL


Sure glad to hear you put up that gate. better safe than sorry.

Paula said...

You did a good job of posting for not having a subject in mind. Looking forward to seeing you two if it works out.

Chatty Crone said...

I agree with Pauline - good post. And I am jealous you and Sherry get to meet Paula again! A nice jealous though. So the boys won't be going to Mexico with you? So tell me - when do you leave? sandie

Anonymous said...

A wise man once told me that all things work together for good. So maybe the extra money that it took to get Mark's birth certificate copied will be recouped.

Did you get any damage from the storm that passed through NC on Thursday evening?

jack69 said...

No we did not have any damage as the storm passed here. In Charlotte they had a lot of folks without power due to downed trees. But we only got a good show of lightening and heavy rains.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad the time has almost come for your trip. I know you love to travel. Hope you have a Happy Fathers Day today! But it sounds like your boys may be working so won't be there to celebrate with you.

Lucy said...

I make a blog about nothing all the time. Regardless of what you write I like reading it. Love seeing the people and cars. Your blog is always interesting.
HAVE A GREAT FATHERS DAY!!!. I would not want to to to Mexico. Me and my big mouth, I would get thrown in the pokey for sure.

Rose said...

All of our Posts are special and I enjoy reading everyone of them.

Enjoy your trip to Mexico

Happy Father's Day!

Louis la Vache said...

Jack (and Shirl) the car is the 1938 Buick "Y-job", designed by Harley Earl. :-)

Anonymous said...

I am sure you will get along so very well with Paula. She seems like such a good, Real person.

You keep thinking? Well, that is the best part. ~Mary