Friday, June 28, 2013

What about the blogger dash board?

Are we losing it? What replaces it? Someone said they were going to use Feedly then I believe someone (Maybe Chatty)  said Feedly  was crazy and was giving her fits.

This sorta reminds me when AOL dropped Journals.

Any good info? If we are losing the dashboard what are you planning to use?

If I am yelling the sky is falling, and it AIN’T,  tell me and I will relax.


Jackie said...

I don't think we are losing the dashboard...just Google Reader.
Just in case, however, I put all of the blogs that I follow into "The Old Reader" (recommended by a fellow blogger, Jan.) It was easy to transfer the blogs into it. But, so far, I am continuing to use my Dashboard. The only disadvantage to using the dashboard instead of a Reader is that all photos on the blogs that I follow don't show up on my Dashboard...just the first image on the blog. But that's OK with me, because I use it to get TO the blogs and not to read them from the Dashboard. You might want to try "The Old Reader" (Google it if you need to find the URL) juuuuust in case. I know that Google Reader will be gone by July 1. Mine has been gone for several months. I don't know why....but it vanished!
Hope this helps, Jack.

Paula said...

I thought that is why they (someone) offered Bloglovin. I was beginning to think I fell for something I wasn't going to need. It notifies me of the entries of people I am following but they are a day late. Don't ask me I just click on things and get into trouble without a good computer nerd down the street.

shirl72 said...

Whatever happens I will be confused. I do good to turn mine on and off.

AT&T already made some changes
that has my computer and me in
a mess. Don't like changes


I don't like change and do not know what to do either.

Dar said...

if all else fails, call my sis Mel...she always manages to get me out of a jam...
just caught up on some reading...your home has been busy traveling all over the place...and looks great, everyone having an it, family time.
What a wonderful pic of you two with Paula and nice to place such pretty faces with their happy you all got to finally meet up face to face...
Isn't life a blast~~~

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I haven't heard a thing of blogger dashboard leaving. It's the Google reader that is going. I never used it anyway so I think and hope we are safe on that one. I'm not joining any other reader sites. Hopefully we won't see too many changes.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what you're talking about. Sorry.

bonnie k.

Anonymous said...

I read that the blogs connected to the Dash would still be there.

Lucy said...

I was told that all of my bloggers readers is transferd into feedly's. Somehow Paula, I get so confused because I went into Google plus and found your blog on Bloglovin. I am even confused about google +. I am just going to go to feedlys and see what is there. If no one likes my spelling errors, Sorry. To confused to correct them.

Chatty Crone said...

I don't think we are going to lose the entire dashboard or blogger would be over. (I hope anyway).
That being said - I went to Bloglovin and I love it. Bloglovin goes with Facebook and Feedly is a google product. I just don't really like google personally. And when I had Feedly on there it every time I looked up something Feedly popped up - but there are a lot of people who love Feedly.
My google reader left yesterday on Igoogle. It's gone.
My question is why and what are behind all these changes - I know money - but.........