Saturday, June 8, 2013

What do you prize the Most?

I read an article about a man who traveled in many countries to take pictures of children’s most prize possessions. It was interesting. It got me to thinking (other than family and religious trappings) what is my most treasured possessions.

I think of tools.  I love tools.

If I owned a classic car, I would probably list that, but I don’t. Sad smileOh, I once had a silver dollar my dad had given me, I prized that. For the life of me I cannot remember what happened to it.

In my life, prized possessions have changed as I aged.   As a boy I prized my dog Ace, above EVERYTHING.  I have owned a couple rifles and shot guns I prized.

We all treasure different things of course. I do treasure pictures of my family. As I grew older I had an old 1948 8N Ford Tractor I was crazy about.

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(That is Vickie M. down front, in 1957)

When I was a Marine, I prized my uniform. Today I am very upset at seeing a theft/drug ring broken up in San Diego.  It is comprised of some US Marines. Some active duty, reserves and even some retired.  What a sick black mark on such a proud uniform.  These guys had better not be caught by their fellow Jar Heads or some heads will roll. The Corps prides itself in clean and lean troops.  Men with tough but good reputations.  This has hurt, just reading it, because I was so proud to wear that uniform.

The District Attorney said, “Our military PERSONEL are just human, and subject to failures.”

True, but that was all but THE UNITED STATES MARINES!

I treasured all my uniforms, the USAF and the USN. But the Marines was first.

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Life goes on, and I will still respect that uniform, but now it has a little smudge, and does not get the perfect inspection grade.Sad smile


Scanoldpic8 010

Jack Jr. on our ‘55 Ford.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet you prize the baby(no longer a baby) on that '55 Ford.

I am unencumbered by the many possessions I had previous to my illness. I prize many family memories & lessons. I am still fond of my Mercedes ;), but I do not prize it.~Mary

Chatty Crone said...

I enjoyed seeing the things over the years that you have prized. Some good ones.

I am really trying to think -because this silly garage sale has spurred us on to getting rid of almost all the things we thought we prized and kept in the basement.

Nothing is as important to me now as friends and family.


shirl72 said...

I have so much stuff it is hard to
say. I am Like Chatty Crone I would
get rid of most of my STUFF.

I like my rings because they take up less space. 1 or 2 necklace.

Paula said...

I guess health wouldn't count but I do prize what I have left. As far as junk I prize all of mine and get very attached to it untill I watch several episodes of The Hoarders then I get rid of stuff.

Jackie said...

So proud to call you friend...and thankful beyond words for your service to our country. I am, indeed, Jack. Words cannot express to you how much servicemen (and women) like you mean to me...and to countless other Americans. I thank you from the bottom of my heart...and I understand completely your disdain at those who would do anything to tarnish any branch of our service.
And...your blog always causes me pause to think. What do I cherish...that changes so much, doesn't it...from when we were young and "knew everything" my golden years...when I sometimes wish I could remember why I came into a room. Was it to get something? :) I cherish my Grandchildren... I love the smiles and innocence of each one. I wish I could bottle those features in them and keep them right here beside me forever. I cherish their love.

Dar said...

Treasures are so many...but most important to me is the presence of God in my life that has given me so many precious family and friends. I agree that treasures have changed as each year passes. Today? Today I treasure the ability to walk without the walker as my sidekick...funny, but I never ever thought I'd need one. I'm just about 'back.'


You have some nice treasures listed there. What I prize most are photographs.

Louis la Vache said...

Jack Jr. was one cute baby sitting on one handsome '55 Ford!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have lots of stuff but the treasures are few. Like so many I treasure my faith and family more than anything. Treasures of the heart like memories of good times past and present too. We are all human and bad things happen to all. We hear the bad things when it comes, but there is much good that happens too. I prefer to dwell on the good.

Lucy said...

I prize the fact that I reached the age of 83 with out to many health broblems, and my kids and grand kids, and I am no longer a kid but I prize my Beagle.

Anonymous said...

my most prized possession is my brain, which allows me to have memories of Don which are sometimes so intense I forget that he's not here anymore! and my hands which allow me to still be able to draw and paint! hope all is well with you and Sherry!