Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Luke

Our youngest grandson Luke just turned 18. He is now an adult. Luke has always been a cute one. Tonight he picked ‘The Woodshed’ in Stanley, NC for his BD dinner. We had 9 including Stella who is his niece and loves him.

scan1994-96 136

Luke and Uncle Hisure or Papa Hisure.

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He was held a lot. By me, My sister Kat and his sister Sherece.

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Of course Grandma and his Mama.

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He kept a check on the trash and loved Belkie bears.

scan1996-97 0611

And the first kid to drive the motor home.

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He was a good ballplayer, a natural as a catcher, he also loved his dad who was his coach.


His love was first his dog M.J. She, like me is deaf. He loved 4 wheeling.

Storage bldg Luke BIRTHDAY 032

The Birthday party crew.

Storage bldg Luke BIRTHDAY 031

Luke and his girlfriend, Lindsey.

We had a good time,  Strange at that age you feel you have all the time in the world.  At his age time is not a precious quantity. At 18 anyone 35 was OLD!

Happy Birthday Luke, We love you and wish the best for you throughout your life.

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Many times being a grandparent makes one proud.



Above is a 1951 Roadmaster Woodie


This looks like a 1939-40 woodie


And I guess you could call this a realwoodie…


shirl72 said...

Luke was a cute baby and a young
chap. He is a clean cut handsome boy now. What a good time we had celebrating his Birthday. Stella was so funny blowing the candles out and singing Happy Birthday. I told him not to speed through life but enjoy
each day and now he can be tried as
an adult..I guess getting older has
it benefits. (RIGHT)

Anonymous said...

Nice entry. Luke has been well loved.

Paula said...

Happy Birthday to Luke. A very nice looking young man.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE and many more.

Jean said...

Happy Birthday to Luke!! He's so handsome.

betty said...

Happy birthday Luke!! Looks like a great group you had to celebrate your special day! Enjoy your year ahead!


Jackie said...

A cute baby that grew up to be a fine-looking young man.
Happy birthday, Luke.
May God bless you always....

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It looks like a great time was had by all. 18 is a wonderful age !

Elizabeth said...

A handsome young man! Grandchildren are wonderful!

Chatty Crone said...

Happy birthday Luke - your grandfather sure thinks highly of you. You know when I saw that last picture - I see a lot of your grandmother in you. NICE!