Sunday, September 1, 2013

It is hard to stick around…

With so many places to go, staying put to get things in order is much harder. I know it is early to plan next summer, but I am anxious to go back to the North East and get out in the woods.


Sherry and Jack in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.


Sherry says she doesn’t want to carry a pack anymore, but will support me at the trail crossings.  That would be interesting. Once we hiked to meet each other. on a nine mile stretch, that was sorta fun. I let her off at one crossing then drove down the MT and back up on down the trail and started to meet her, then turned around and walked together on the return to the van.

When she plans to meet me at a crossing she will get there early and walk toward me, then we can hike together for a few miles back to where she parked, to bring me FOOD and KISSES!


Above is home in the woods. Below shows a group of Girl Scouts at a shelter in Vermont. Sherry relaxing and talking to a scout master and Ranger, while the girls eat lunch.


People who are not familiar with the AT worry when we plan something like that. Most of the time the trail has traffic. We meet several hikers a day. Sometimes we get passed by folks hiking faster. We usually take a break then and talk about where we all have been and where we are from. We always learn where the next water is and the best camping areas.


Sir Richard of the UK

Meeting folk backpacking the AT is a treat for all. We have met Doctors, Lawyers, Policemen, Firemen, Ministers, laborers, Pilots, kids, Home-schoolers, grandmas, teenagers, OLD MEN (some even in their 70’s (LOL)) and newly weds.

Once we met two sisters. One recovering from cancer and her sister along to share this part of her life.

We met a kid who had a tug of war with his pack and a bear on the other end. The bear won of course. The bear ate his food and meds before wandering off to let the hiker recover his pack. He replenished at the next road crossing but wore the torn pack as a ‘badge of courage’, I did not blame him.

The trail is a lot of fun. I am really wanting to complete the last 350 miles.  Maybe nest year I will.  Friend Fred still wants to hike some, that would be neat.

Nite Shipslog


One never knows what lies around the next bend



1915 Fords


Paula said...

Jack you have wonderlust in your bones and good for you. If you can do it go for it. I sure couldn't, but wish I could.

Paula said...

You raised rabbits too? Jack is there anything you haven't done?


If this is a dream by all means go and do it. You two are special indeed. Me, I'm not. I just want a cottage by the lake to spend my dying days. It's not going to happen, but I can dream.

Amelia said...

I love hiking! I have seen some beautiful things in nature on trails.

Louis la Vache said...

People are always telling «Louis» to take a hike. Maybe he should join you...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You've barely just ended one trip and already planning the next...That is great. These days hiking is not in my future. I'm with Taryterre, I'd enjoy a cottage by the lake too. I had my fling with the camper in the woods that were by a lake so I guess that's as good as it gets. For now I'm content with a few more road trips closer to home. Hope you all have a Happy Labor Day!

shirl72 said...

I think My Brother and Sherry have
done it all. If you want to do "go for it". I guess I can chase you down on the trail again, but not be easy.

I like to say we are in the twilight years of life rather than getting older.

I'm like Taryterre & Ma give me
a cottage beside of the road and I
will be happy. Like the chalk talk you use to give. "A house beside of
the road" but prefer close to town.

Jackie said...

I hope that your dream comes true.
I'm with Sherry. I don't want to carry the pack on my back; I admire the dedication she has to be with you regardless. You are a lovely couple. Happy Labor Day to you both.

Glenda said...

Unbelievable, that your wanderlust has surfaced already! It's that thrill of adventure that you two share on your travels and the Shipslog that is so fun to read about ~ you're an inspiration!

~mel said...

Oh Jack Be Nimble I knew that last 350 miles would be eating at you. If you and Fred take off on the AT again you better be more prepared this time around. I can't begin to tell you how nerve racking that is for the outsiders like me to be sitting around calmly wondering how you're doing and waiting on word about your whereabouts! Bless Sherry and Frances having to deal with the two of you on a daily basis!! LOVE YOU ALL!! Now go sit in a corner and read a book ... you make me nervous!

Chatty Crone said...

I hope that you get to finish your 350 miles - that has to be hard not to finish and I hope Fred gets to come too. Happy Labor day. sandie

Rose said...

Boy, you surely can not sit still! LOL

350 miles! I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Be safe.

Hugs to my favorite couple!

Fred Alton said...

Hey, Jack! It's late - but must say I'm dying to go with you (or is that just dyin'? Ha. Be sure that I'll not travel with 60+ lbs on my back this time - but I'm raring to go. I did buy a new water filter already and tried it out near the cabin. Works great!

betty said...

I can see why Sherry wouldn't want to carry a pack any more, but good that she'll be your reinforcements for things you might need as you are hiking it. The way time goes these days, it will be next summer before you know it; hopefully you'll get to finish that last 350 miles you want to!