Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Life on a dead end street

There are some things I did not consider when I leaned on Sherry to buy this house we are parked behind.  It is a very mixed neighborhood as far as houses go. At the end of the street are two high dollar houses Next to them is a trailer. The rest of the houses vary in value, we are about in the middle of the spectrum. One guy up the street has a Shetland Pony. He is about 10 feet outside the city limits, so he can have the pony.

The rich guys fly by, always in a hurry. But then I think everyone flies-by (in their cars) even my grand kids.

None of that really bothers me. What I did not consider is the elementary school just above our house. It is near impossible to maneuver in the traffic early morning and 2:10-2:45. 

The parents line up for the 2:30 kids pickup  starting at 2:00, by 2:10 the cars are out of the school parking lot and  block the incoming lane. then by 2:30 they are backed up about a half mile onto a 4 lane road, blocking the inside lane there.  If we make the mistake of starting home at 2:15, we have a 30 minute wait to drive the four blocks to our house.  Actually our street is closed for 30-45 minutes every afternoon. (Once we got caught in the line in the motor home. I guess folks thought we were picking up our great grand kids, LOL)

I have passed the line a couple times and luckily did not meet anyone coming out our street. Sherry attempted it once and met someone and took to the sidewalk to pass.

It is not an impossible problem, just  one we are learning to deal with and schedule around.

That is my small gripe for the evening. It is not INTOLERABLE, We can still smile and we do have very good neighbors. That means a lot. They all act like they are glad to have us in the neighborhood when we return.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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If things cannot be changed, it is time to leave or live with it. Funny thing, we can do both with our little problem.



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betty said...

I blame the schools for their planning when they built them for traffic flow. I've yet to see a good system of eliminating the bottleneck around schools for pick up time and drop off times. It is a nightmare for sure; glad you guys have learned to go with the flow so to speak and try to plan your excursions not to coincide with the end of the school day. On the bright side, a home close to an elementary school always seems to do well when it comes time to sell it :)


Melanie said...

Hi Jack!!!!! Love the new pic!!



Traffic and schools go hand in hand, unfortunately.

Paula said...

Oh I was under the impression you two didn't own a house anymore, just lived out of your mobile. Thank goodness, I was so worried about where your "stuff" is. Hee hee

Jackie said...

You and Sherry are patient and kind.
I love your outlooks on life. So inspiring to me.

Jean said...

I know what you mean living near an elementary school we've had the same thing up until a few years ago when they built a new one up north of Opp. Now I think it's about my bedtime, Lol. Jean

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good neighbors do mean a lot and you are blessed if you have them. School traffic is unreal these days. Everyone drives their kids. I remember so well the days we walked to and from, but with changing times that doesn't happen much at all. Our High School is just a few blocks away from here and that traffic is to be avoided at all costs. They even had to enlarge the parking lot for all the kids that drive to school now.
Thankfully we can adjust our schedules but many can't.

Rose said...

Growing up, we walked to school and very long walks at that.

I see the long lines of parents picking up their children from school. But, fortunately in my area, it does not affect the flow of traffic on those particular streets as they have a special lane for the school pick ups.

In case of an emergency, that would be upsetting that you wouldn't be able to bypass the traffic????? They probably should come up with a better plan.

shirl72 said...

So far I have been lucky and only
got in the school traffic one time.
I really forget about the traffic.
You do have a nice house and good
neighborhood. Nice place for your
Motor Port and nice yard..