Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2050 What will it be like?

(Taking a break from personal history)

I read with interest Jonathon Porritt’s vision of what the world could be in 2050.


He has an optimistic view. Most diseases cured, much healthier living giving us longer lives. Obesity and diabetes under control. Use of fossil fuels gone.  Only energy used would be from renewable sources.  He sees solar energy and one I have always wondered about wave/tide energy. 

What do you think?  Can you try to imagine what it will be like only 36 years from now?  How much have we advanced since 1978?  Are you better off now than ‘78?  Is the World?


Mr. Porritt is touted to be very intelligent. He has sort of a think tank of intellectuals. I appreciate intelligence, people who can envision the future.

I never fail to think of 1984, as predicted in Orwell’s novel written in 1948. Coincidently 36 years apart. Mostly it never came about, but some still feel it is headed that way!

We are already farming the wind and sun for a lot of power. But every day someone comes up with another tool or ‘gadget’ to use more and more energy.


I want to believe Mr. Porritt, because I like positive people. I try to be positive but when I think of the poor countries over the world that would have to be lifted past the present USA/UK & EU standards, it boggles my mind. 

If I have learned anything in my 75 years it is 36 years is a short time.


No flying cars are predicted, but 27 hr work weeks are and with overtime forbidden; giving us more leisure time, well maybe you, but we will be gone.

No currency to speak of, everything will be done by value transferred.

He predicts NO TRASH, everything recycled.


So what do you think?  Do we have anyone with vision enough to unite folks enough to solve the world’s poverty problems?

Can humans realize they need each other enough to not go to war?

I remember when we said, WWII was the war to end all wars. BUT that only lasted 6-7 years then we were involved in Korea.


In the mean time Africa never stopped the small wars.

What do you see in the future?

Thanks for coming this way.

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I am going out on a limb and saying we will eliminate the penny in our monetary system. Therefore there will be no 99¢ sales, they will be 95¢ sales.


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Paula said...

Interesting post Jack. There will have to be a lot of changing as far as people are concerned for all this to take place. For instance the trash situation and the recycling. In our neighborhood I am the only one who puts recycle bin out. They drive a big truck down our street every week to pick it up. That bin is mostly full every week with just two people. It boggles my mind that people don't care when they make it so easy for them.

betty said...

I think he is terribly optimistic that there won't be disease, obesity, etc. I can't see that happening in the next 36 years because I have to tell you, I've been doing transcription/working for doctors for about 36 years and I've seen younger and younger people being affected with diabetes and heart disease, kidney failure, etc., than when I first started in the business. So unless we do a complete change and do it soon, I don't see that happening.

I do agree with your thought about the penny being eliminated and having 95 cent sales. I also do believe cash might be a thing of the past. I was at the store the other day paying for something and was punching in all the buttons for our preferred savings, this and that. I came to the screen to pay and didn't find a button for cash (which is what I was paying with this time). I asked the clerk what I punch for cash and she said "you don't push anything for cash". I hadn't paid with cash in such a long time (usually my debit card) I almost forgot how to pay with cash :)

interesting how the next 36 years will be. I'm thinking I probably won't be around towards the end of it to see how it all plays out.



Back in the day they predicted smaller cars. who knew mini vans and suv's would be so popular, instead. hard to predict the future, imho.

shirl72 said...

I can't imagine what will be
happening in the future. I am still getting use to our changes in today's World.

I think I already heard something about the penny no longer needed.

Like you say "I live in my own
world and I'm happy here they all know me".

Chatty Crone said...

You know I went out to lunch with my friend yesterday and my change should have been 53 cents and she gave me 50 cents - well dang - I wanted my other 3 cents.

Oh well. The pictures looked a little cold and sterile for me - but I won't be here.

I don't know what direction the world is going to.

Feels like G. Orwell's 1984 Big Brother is Google!

Love, sandie

Glenda said...

First, LOVE the new script. 2nd, this is one of the most thoughtful posts that I've had opportunity to read ~ WOW truly insightful.
Jack, I'm frightened for where we are as a country, reading your commentary is a relief. As far as the penny, yes. Agree that now that Canadians have done that and they are good with it, we might follow. It is Ok with me. Again, this is profound. THANKS!!!

Mevely317 said...

Only 36 years? Yea, I'm thinking of Kenny-what's-his-name's great song, "Dont' Blink."

I appreciate his optimism - particularly the 'greening' part, yet remain skeptical. I'm sorely disappointed in our world "today"; mostly, it seems values I used to hold dear just don't hold water to lots of folk. I can't tell you how many times I've thought to myself,
'I'm so glad mother or dad isn't around to witness this today.'

But hey, I still love the copper penny ... and still bend down to retrieve the occasional orphan! LOL.

Thanks for a really interesting post!

Hugs from Arizona,

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thinking back on the changes that have happened here since 1978, I really think I liked 78 better. There have been some leaps and bounds in certain areas like the internet for sure, but as far as obesity and diabetes there was definitely less of it then. At least from my perspective. We do have the capabilities to make a great world. Peace and good health for all would be wonderful.