Monday, February 17, 2014

Sherry Harris, Grandma’s early life

When I met her she was Sherry Harris. Dad had been assigned to the E. Belmont Church of God. The year before I had met this girl, Martha Carver, from Belmont at the Church Camp Ground. She was very pretty.
Scanoldpic9 063
(Martha Carver)
Belmont at the time was still a Cotton Mill town with over 26 cotton mills. that meant many mill villages with lots of girls. I was 15 and looking at girls.
Martha was not in attendance our first Sunday, but I found plenty of eligible girls. Sherry was NOT among the eligible because she was a year ahead of me in school.
scanoldpic7 024a
(My wife as a baby, Yeah, she has always been cute)
Sherry was born on the Climax Mill village. She had two sisters and four brothers. She was the youngest daughter. Her family moved from the Climax to the country for a few months while her daddy  settled at the Imperial Mill and gained a Mill house there. 129 Hawthorne St.
oldpictures 054
(Sherry’s dad 2nd from the left front row after he had worked in the mill a couple years)
Her mama went to work in the Cotton Mill at 12, and her dad at 9 or 10.
Scanoldpic9 062scanoldpic7 023
(I call the one on the left my wild and wonderful)
Sherry’s childhood was on the Mill Hill and she attended school with the same group from 1st to the 12th grades.  Much different than my life. She tells me she got into a fight once and got her nose bloodied. That she was stung in class by a bee from a bee hive the class was observing in elementary school.
scanoldpic7 012
(My girl second from the right, front row, sexy and she wore shoes)
She also got into trouble in school by going to a snack shack across the street from the school. But the kid straightened out and became a member of the National Beta society. She was very smart in school. She had several boy friends in school, none of them that I like.Angry smile.
Scanoldpic9 074
(Can you imagine Sonny & Sher, not me, If he wasn’t an old man now I would still be mad. Ha! She wasn’t really happy, because she hadn’t dated me yet!)
The first think I remember about this girl was her going into church in front of me and I saw her ankles, WOW, I just knew the rest of her legs would be beautiful. (I didn’t know I would have to marry her to find out!). I really never thought of her as a sweetheart, after all she was an upper classman.
(My cutie blows a bubble!)
Scanoldpic9 045
(Sherry on the right, see those ankles!)
(Sherry’s mom & Dad, I loved them both but her mama was special)

For some reason I was on a trip (I still do not know why) to Tennessee and back with three guys. Doug, Dale, and Billy. I believe Sherry had dated both Dale and Billy. But the three said, “Jack, you should ask Sherry out.” I told them she would never consider dating me, but it did get me to thinking.
Of course the greatest put down by this girl was when Dale mentioned to Sherry that she should give Jack a date.  Her response was “Jack who?”
In no uncertain terms she told Dale, “If jack Darnell wants a date, Jack will have to ask for one.”
Well I did, and  she said Yes.  Don’t you hate it when someone plays hard to get? Crying face
Thanks for stopping by the Shipslog.
Nite Shipslog,
Teen age love it tough!!!
And as far as children working in the mills in 1912 most folks considered it no different than working on the farms.
I said it before but I borrowed this NEW ‘55 Chev. to go ask for the first date.
How could she turn me down?


Paula said...

Good morning Jack and Sherry. Like the story about Sherry's growing up years. Have a good President's Day.


Childhood memories are the best. Love your family photos.

Louis la Vache said...

Uh, Jack - you wrote that you are "an old man now".
«Louis» asks once again - since when is "39" old?
Well, to a 12 year-old, it is old...


Lucy said...

Nice to hear about the young Jack and Sherry. You know Jack, some of your mischeiviousnes rubbed off on your sister. I bet you 2 just about drove your mother crazy.

DD said...

I love your romantic memories. Sherry is a beauty!

The blue Chevy looks exactly like my first new car. I was so excited as I was pulling out the paper that still lined the interior door panels. Those were very good days.

Rose said...

Thanks for sharing the story and all the amazing photos.

You have wonderful memories to cherish.

To my favorite couple. Hugs Rose

Jean said...

Great memories. Looking at the picture of Sherry's dad, I think your son Mark looks a lot like him. They're many jobs easier than the mill jobs. I know they had to work hard " been there and done that." I've done some farming jobs and they were hard to. Ha. Take care, Jean

betty said...

I can't ever imagine Sherry in a fight, nor can I imagine anyone being in the same group of kids at school for all 12 years of schooling! Great memories and photos of Sherry!


shirl72 said...

My Sister-in-law is a very sweet
lady. Sherry had very good parents.
She has always been good to our family and good to Jack. She also
had sweet Sisters and one Brother is an entertainer. Glad she is a part of our Family..Love to sweet Sherry.

Jackie said...

Loved all the photos of Sherry.
So glad that you posted them.
The scarf around the neck and the sweater worn as a blouse brought back so many memories for me.
Love this blog.
Always do....

Chatty Crone said...

I think you loved her at first site! She was a very pretty gal and I can see why you were interested! sandie

Glenda said...

This one is special, all of your posts ring a bell; however, just seeing the pics of Sherry as a teenager is such a trip down memory lane. It's deja-vu all over again (as Yogi Berra would say). You two weren't much older than that when you were in the Air Force in Kirksville, right? Huggin & kissin all day long :) She is pretty, you were handsome: both of you have a few battle scars ~ but you're STILL wonderful and beautiful people!!! Two kids and a lot of trails later...Hugs.

Dar said...

Another very special entry for your family to treasure. I loved the photo journey down memory lane with you and your new love for Sherry. She is such a special gal and we just simply adore her. Having met the two of you confirms all you say. You mean every word, and are so obviously head over heels in love with your girl.
Loving that 55 Chevy too. I was a barefoot 5 yr. old when you were busy falling in love in church.
Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful collection of pictures of your wife. Sweet memories!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Those are definitely some sweet memories for you and your sweetheart. You are both so blessed to have each other. Hope all is well and sunny there for you all. More snow here today!