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The village of High Shoals, NC


I will say ‘this is my life’ (con’t).

I want the grand's (and my sons) to know a little about my early life. Everyone knows my dad was a preacher. In the 1940’s If a preacher was called or assigned a new church it was his responsibility to get there, no allowances were set aside. Dad had a 5’x6’ trailer and a bumper hitch on a 1941 Chevy.

What mom and dad owned was a radio for war news, clothes, pots, pans, dishes, bed clothes, books a couple rockers, quilting frames, sewing machine and a wringer type washer tin tubs, cast iron wash pot and at that time 3 kids at home. The two older boys were off in the war. We had a dog, Bingo and Tom the cat. both were put in a cage in the trailer.

New Folder (2) 004

(taken  before we moved to High Shoals)

In 1943 or 44, We moved from Shelby to High shoals only 30-35 miles. But we were out in the country. I liked that. There were no blackouts in High shoals, it was not a town or city.  Not enough light to attract attention of German or Japanese planes. So my guard days were over. No suspect planes to shoot down with my stick rifle.

High shoals 4 & 5 years old. Shirl was in the first or second grade. My big sister taught me to ride a bicycle, play hop-scotch and tag.  It was a fun time I had mama all to myself during the day. I learned to gather eggs and feed the chickens.  Watering them was the most fun! I never understood how that water stayed in the 1/2  gallon jugs when you turned them upside down and the water ran out into the round pan and stopped. Amazing.


High Shoals is the place I burned a few acres of straw field down while learning to smoke rabbit tobacco.  The results weren’t any fun.

Tom had run off when we let him out of the box.He made it back to Shelby on his own, that was amazing to me as a boy. I knew I couldn’t have done it.  Bingo was there and I always had her to play with.

I had gold fish that died and I buried them in a quart jar of water in the front yard. Preacher's kids always got to go home with members kids on Sunday or them stay with us. It was more fun to go to the farms. Our only playmates were the Jones kids, they had the farm behind the church and they were black folk. Some of my best times was at their house.

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I never knew my Grandpas and only one of my Grandmas. I want my grands to know about me and their grandma.



1941 Chevy.  This was a pretty new car in 1943.



Wonderful history. You know what they say about cats. "The cat came back. We thought it was a goner but the cat came back."

Helen said...

I tried that rabbit tobacco with my brother and uncle. That didn't last long LOL.They were both a couple of years older than me.

shirl72 said...

What good memories. I volunteered
the Church Bus for Dad to take us
on a field trip. Dad didn't know
it until the teacher called and said Mr. Darnell how nice of you to take our third grade on a field trip. Jack you got to ride a pony
there and I jumped out of the barn
on dried cow patties. I didn't
know that until someone told me.

I remember Dad was traveling and Mother heard a noise and got the
gun with the two of us by her side
she opened the front door and
shot in the air to protect us in
case there was somebody out
there. We were on a Highway but in
the country. What a good life.

Jean said...

I remember both my granddaddy and grandpa, but not my grandmothers. Granddaddy was my dad's dad and grandpa was my mom's. I wish so many times now that I had ask my parents about their life growing up. I don't think they talked much about things back then. Sunny and cool in Opp.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's a great idea to write down what your life was like when growing up. I think it is important for our children and grandchildren to know where their roots are. I always enjoyed hearing my mom and dad talk about their families. Those days with a good cup of coffee and lots of tales will never be forgot.

Paula said...

Good idea to write about your life for you kids and grandkids. I've started that several times and then didn't finish and threw it away.

Chatty Crone said...

I enjoy your memories - glad you are sharing them with your family. Jack I guess you think this too - but you really had a wonderful life there didn't you? sandie

betty said...

I think that is good that you want your grands to know you, Jack! Hope they do read your blog and get to know more about your growing up days. I don't have any memories of my grandparents' younger years; all but my mom's mother had passed by the time I was born and though my mom told a lot about her growing up years, I don't remember her saying much about my grandparents younger years (maybe she didn't know much herself). So I think its great you are doing this!

What wonderful memories and I love the picture of you and your mom!


Dar said...

Well now, aren't you just the cutest lil' whipper-snapper, and things haven't even changed. You get your height, sweetness and cute from your Mama, don't you.
I love that you're sharing your life for your family. It's so important. Dad wrote a couple books about his youth but never got to the part where he and Mom courted and had and raised the 9 of us. What an undertaking that would entail today. Thanks for sharing your life. You have been so blessed. luvya both from WI

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» is SHOCKED SHOCKED! that you haven't always been 39!!!

With the war coming, that '41 would have to last a long time before it was replaced!