Saturday, February 1, 2014

USA and Priorities

Quote from a survey:

As the controversy surrounding the Common Core continues, a new survey puts U.S. students far down on the list of the best.

A global education survey released Tuesday shows when it comes to math, reading and science, teens in the U.S. rank 36th in the world. Students in Shanghai are rated the best.

(Much cheaper to skate and watch the game. Game tickets are $500-$2800 each)

Also stated that the UK for the first time dropped out of the top 20. Reasons? Methinks I have discovered one. HEY IT IS SUPER BOWL TIME, time to watch a lot of speed and muscle, block, tackle and carry a football. These guys get paid millions of dollars to push their bodies to the limits and some will do permanent damage, for that money.  WHY? because they have no idea how valuable their health is, for now  the dollar rules.


I don’t blame the athlete, I blame our priorities. When a Coach is paid more than the top surgeon in a state. When the Coach is paid more than the Governor. When a Coach is paid more than the University President.  When a Kicker is paid more than the President of the United States, OR when a cheerleader is paid more than the Skipper of a ship, OUR PRIORITIES ARE WRONG!



We have 9 states where the highest paid public employee (that is TAX DOLLARS) IS NOT A SPORTS COACH!

We pay a man more to coach football and basketball than to lead the University he coaches in. When we need brains trained to manage the finances of this great country we center on SPORTS!  When we need people to know they cannot spend more than they earn, WE GO TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN DEBT BECAUSE WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF THAT ONE SIMPLE FACT, LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS, DO NOT WASTE.

These coaches produce the ‘FEW’ athletes that sign multi million dollar contracts to ‘entertain’ the public. Dreams are built on a professional sports career to get the kid out of poverty instead of an education that will help him rise above his peers using his brain, once he learns that ‘not every college athlete hits the pros.’

That is my soap box for the day.  We will all probably enjoy the Super Bowl but let me tell you something.  I think I enjoyed seeing Mark and Jack in little league and  my grand kids (Stephen, Josh, Ben, Matt and Luke) play soccer,  football and baseball and little Reece cheer, more than any of these folks will enjoy the super bowl, except maybe the winners. (I might have run them a close race)

I enjoyed sports when the kids were involved and interested. But when I became an adult……..

Nite Shipslog


Of course I would have cheered for a college team if my family had been involved, but I would have been hoping they were studying and getting good grades (as they have) rather than to be a sports star.


American knowhow and brains designed and built these:


Today, who designed and built the car you drive?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm with you, I enjoyed sports when my kids were involved, not not so much at all. But the grandkids are growing up some and I'll be watching them play now. Course most of their games are pretty far away but I did get to see 2 play basketball and 1 play in a hockey game...We also have a skater in the family and she won first place in her classification. Only got to see pictures of that. You are right the salaries paid seem outrageous. Our national sports are truly big business...not for fun. We need to get priorities straight for sure.

shirl72 said...

I know as much as Andy Griffin
knew "What it was---was Football".
They grab the ball and run from one end of the field to the other end. Then they get in a huddle and discuss what happened.

I didn't realize they made that
much money. Everybody is sports
minded and important in today's
world..Well I was the pitcher on
the softball team in the eight
grade. That was the end of my
career. I preferred Music hope
that counts.

Jean said...

No Sports fan here, Lol. When I was young I like to play tennis, but now I'm afraid I couldn't hit a ball.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» agrees with you, Jack! And we need to scrap the Communist Core Curriculum. It's just one more way the left is destroying this country. One hundred years ago, they began infiltrating and taking over our education system, knowing it was the path for indoctrinating our young - and we Conservatives have sat on our hands and let them get away with it.


That Buick show car influenced a lot of '50s Buick production cars - the '54 Skylark, all of the '55 Buicks and the '57 Buicks owe some of their styling cues to this car.

Paula said...

Amen! I used to prefer to mow the grass while Mel watched the Dallas Cowboys on a Sunday afternoon. When we went to the hospital cafeteria to eat supper the chef told us everything was free as they were celebrating Super Bowl. We had hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad, chips, soda and water.


Athletes are highly overrated. period.

betty said...

I do like to watch sports and like a good game, but I'm appalled about two things regarding the professional teams:

1. The high salaries; outrageous what is paid to them compared to a teacher's salary or a policeman/fireman.

2. Fans go all crazy at sporting events, wear their team colors, paint their faces or their whole bodies, even get tattoos (popular thing being done here when the Chargers were in the play offs). But those same fans in church will not sing praise/worship songs or if they do sing, it will be in low tones and forget them ever raising their hands in praise.

But like I said above, I like a good game. So I hope tomorrow's is a good game.