Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Just slow but there is also a miracle (sort of)

 Early interesting Cars:


The 1939 Graham Sharknose. I was born that year too, some folk said I wasn't 'purty' either. LOL

For today:

It actually took over 15 minutes to just sign in tonight. Since this is an older computer I have used in the past, it is new to the net evidently.


Many times when I sign in to Google, Amazon, Aol, Foxfire, bank and CU, I am asked to prove it is me. I get the statement, “We will send you a special number to allow you to sign to prove it is you. The number will come via the phone you have listed with us.”


I will make this quick, I hope.


I wanted to say that clear plastic wrap has caused many bad words. It clings to itself and t times it takes two people to actually get a cake or left over dish covered. (My buddy Paula, down in Texas would say, it is a man thing, girls can do it!)  Love you Paula, hope you are feeling better.


If you have had this problem in the past.  If you have said or thought bad words as you wadded up the  clear plastic wrap threw it away and tried again, TAKE COURAGE!!!

There is a product called: “Slide Cutter Premium Plastic Wrap!”  She bought the ‘Great Value’ brand.


Now IMMA TELL you it is a miracle. Pull out what you want, slide a little cutter across it and ‘VOILA’, you have the perfect cut. 


Hey, this rates right up there with moving the starter from the floorboard to the switch. Even moving the master cylinder from the floor board to the fire wall. He it rates up there with true wash and wear material. LOL

Anyway that is it for tonight. I am off here.

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Chatty Crone said...

It doesn't take much to make you happy - ☺

betty said...

LOL Jack, I have that plastic wrap and I don't like using it :) It must be user error but I can never get it to cut right :)


Lisa said...

I hate you have so much trouble logging in. I never have to log into any search engine. I use Google Chrome most of the time.
Me and plastic wrap are not friends. Like you, Nick brought home some with the slide cutter and yes, its a miracle.

Beach bound

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thanks for the information. I will definitely be trying that one out. You just don't know how problems tha plastid wrap gas caused ne our the years. I'll be buying it on your recommendation.

Woody said...

We keep Saran Clear Wrap in the frig and cold as it works better cold, But now we have a new one, "Press and Seal" ! Works great, We are now at Peak Leaf Peeper season, Traffic is heavy with "Leaf Peepers" viewing the splendor of the Mountains ! You 2 take care, Love an Blessings, Gary an Anna Mae

Mevely317 said...

I'm laughing so hard right now. I've considered "Cling" Wrap a product of the devil himself. Pretty sure we've got the slide-cutter kind as well, but even away from the roll it proved to have a mind of its own. Were it up to me, I just use tin foil or those reusable plastic stretch bonnets. Here's a link :

PS - That car! OMG! Plus, I'm still trying to wrap my mind around those 'suicide doors' you featured yesterday.

Glenda said...

I've been using Press and Seal for awhile, thanks for the tip, may try that Slide cutter thing. Glad to hear your login problems are less! Hugs from Chobee, Glenda

yaya said...

I usually cut myself on the cutting edge on the box. I've thrown my share of plastic wrap away and I'm probably the cause of global warming. My Jack would love that snazzy new plastic wrap box. He gets a kick out of stuff like that. When I told him about it he laughed and said it was probably invented by a woman! Ha! Take care down there!

Dar said...

That car!!!!!!! don't care for it., but it does have vertical stipes which are more appealing on any body, even a As for the plastic wrap, not a problem but Bill won't tackle it. lol again. Again we had rain but at least just a little. It's cold out tho., in the upper 20's tonight. Next week sounds more promising.
love n' hugs from our great north Wi. I gotta say, I love the 4 seasons, even the cold. It gives nature a rest.