Saturday, August 6, 2011

Apples, Peaches, curds and no way(whey)!

On our day excursion we started to Shady Grove Restaurant up in Virginia. We are crazy like that sometime, but they do great fried chicken.

Trip to Shady Grove Restauant 011

The GPS in the dash of the van is old, so I took the new one. Now I am confused enough on my own but when two GPS’s argue with each other then I am arguing with them, well, as usual I get lost.  Anyway we made it to Shady Grove. We could see a little note on the door, ‘We have moved to Marion on N. Main St.). No sweat, we were not ready to eat yet anyway, The real reason we drive in the mts, is to come in contact with the AT.

Trip to Shady Grove Restauant 017

Yeah it crosses Highway 16 just above the old restaurant. So we must put our feet on it for a couple miles anyway. so we did.

Trip to Shady Grove Restauant 002

Trip to Shady Grove Restauant 003

It is the first time we have seen a white blaze in a couple years.  We love to walk in the woods, and these short trips are nice with no packs.

Trip to Shady Grove Restauant 005

Trip to Shady Grove Restauant 006

We came back to West Jefferson and had to stop at a vegetable stand and the Cheese Factory. Hey when I was little I saw a few BIG watermelons. you don't see that anymore, in the stores they are graded and sized. We saw a couple 25 pounders today. BIG melons.

Trip to Shady Grove Restauant 013

bought some peaches, apples, scuppydynes (‘ats what we call ‘em) I think they are just big Green Muscatine's. And a pint of molasses.

Trip to Shady Grove Restauant 014

(I have been under a rock, I did not know they had this many colors of peppers, look at the purple/yellows, beautiful)

Then to the Cheese factory before closing time and get some curds. (I learned that from Dar/Mel up in the North Woods. I cannot believe I had never eaten curds until I talked to those girls. Now I love ‘em.

Trip to Shady Grove Restauant 030

After I got unlost we took a couple pictures off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Yeah it was still a little cloudy, we like to say we are up in the clouds. Makes us high.

Trip to Shady Grove Restauant 018

(You just barely see the farm in the distance)

Trip to Shady Grove Restauant 019

Trip to Shady Grove Restauant 020

Funny thing turning to look back up the Parkway and it is clear.

Trip to Shady Grove Restauant 026

(I walked across the Parkway to talk to these Cows, they don’t know Paula, but wanted her address)

Trip to Shady Grove Restauant 028

(Sherry digging into the Cheese curds)

Trip to Shady Grove Restauant 016

Below is the Cows Linda has talked about, she put a picture on her blog once just after they made the milk tanks into Cows.

Trip to Shady Grove Restauant 015

Trip to Shady Grove Restauant 008

One small Christmas tree farm, that is tobacco just this side of the trees. Question: How long do fresh cut trees last? see the date on that picture, they are cutting Christmas trees today, is that crazy or what?Trip to Shady Grove Restauant 024

I just liked the view above.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful day. Fresh fruit and cheese is good eating for sure. I loved all the pictures. It's overcast here today making it cooler this morning. Hope your Saturday is a great one!

Paula said...

Oh no you had two girls in a box arguing. I'm glad you got there and thanks for giving the cows my address. I see they have rusty fences just like us. I like the pictures and glad you both had fun, but you always do where ever you go.


I really, truly LOVE the milk tanks that look like cows. I have never had a cheese curd either. Now I'm wondering where I'll find them in my neck of the woods, so I can try them. They look yummy. Looks like you had a GREAT time exploring. Have a terrifc Sunday.

shirl72 said...

Love the mountain pictures, they look so cool and
peaceful. The walk in the woods looks pleasant.
I have visited that area and it is very nice.
We had a little rain this afternoon and weather was a little cooler but back up tomorrow.
Stay cool...I hope the cows will contact Paula.


Ken Riches said...

Pepper Score!

Anonymous said...

Sorghum is the best! My grandparents used to make it.
Haven't been to the cheese factory since they got cows - they had a giant mouse when we went.
Produce looks great. Nothing like a large, sweet watermelon. The seedless ones are just not as sweet.
B. Knox