Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Somewhere I haven’t been, Something I have not done!

If you had a chance to do something you have always wanted to do what would it be?

I would:

Love to be an astronaut.

Buzz Aldrin on the moon apollo 11

If I had the nerve it would be great to make a big jump on a motorcycle.

Love to sail around the world.

Sometimes I think, ski.

Do a thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail.

Like to understand computers. (I knew the earlier computers, most all about them, I programmed and repaired them, but this PC is so far out of my league to understand!)

Love to speak two or three languages, plus sign language.

Love to win the lottery!


Like to understand the national budget.

Like to know what makes some folk naturally mean (I don’t know but one or two folk like that).

Like to write a best selling novel.

Love to live long enough to see the Crazy Horse Monument completed!


Ziolkowski started blasting for the monument in 1948.

Below is supposed to be the final outcome.


Love to see a real business man in charge of our country.

Love to see a president call Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Ross Perot and a couple more successful men and have a conference with them, instead of so-called advisors who have never made a payroll. Seek their advice on getting out of this mess we find ourselves in, because no one asked before.

That is just a few things I would like to do but will settle for what I have. NONE OF THE ABOVE MEANS I AM NOT HAPPY, I AM VERY HAPPY WITH MY STATION IN LIFE.

BUT what would you like to do, be, or see? I cannot be the only one who has itchy ideas to scratch.


Once I heard a friend, Gary, say when he was on the road everyone wanted to be where he was. Just lately I told Sherry I think I know my problem (I had just said it would be nice to be in Arizona), my problem is, I seem to want to be somewhere else all the time. (Hahahaha) As soon as I get somewhere, I want to see some other place.

So right now I am thinking about Florida, but I must wait a couple weeks.

Thanks for coming this way.

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Car of the day:

1935 duesenburg

1935 Duesenberg SJ


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Hot air balloon over Napa Valley....maybe a few stops along the way....


shirl72 said...

I would like to be a dancer and a concert
pianist. My music career has gone down the drain.
I could be on Dancing with the Stars. I have
always loved dancing. Good exercise while having


Lucy said...

Shirl you should be on Dancing with the Stars. you would be great. As for me I am afraid it is to late to want to do anything but live to the fullest life I can. You have itchy feet, Jack.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't have many aspirations as grand as yours are for sure. But we all have some kind of dreams and I do too. Glad you only have a few weeks now until Florida and probably the cruise will be soon too. Sounds like you do have a happy live and see and do more than most of us. It's another lovely day here...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this thoughtful entry and to think about what i want, really want.

Please have you all a good Wednesday.


To go to Emerson College in Boston and win the Pulitzer Prize.

Paula said...

Now don't laugh. I would like to be a country music star and wear cute western clothes. Of course I would want to be able to sing, which I can't and yodel. No horse attached to this dream. Like Lucy this has already passed me by. I just want to be able to keep my wits about me, take care of myself and not get any worse healthwise. I would never be brave enough to go to outer space like you want to do.

Helen said...

It wouldn't have done for you to work where Ken did when they went to the moon. He worked at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville when those guys went to the moon. He was Von Braun's (Spelling?) personal illustrator when all that took place. We have bunches of 8 by 10 pictures of all that. I do not put any of those on the computer. Very seldom tell about it. I will tell this though. His boss got tired of cutting grass, cemented his whole yard except for a 4 by 4 square. Painted his push mower gold and set that thing on a pedestal in the middle of his front yard. Sounds like something you would do LOL. Helen

Y said...

I'd love for you to publish a book of madcobug's husband's stories and illustrations re: his work at Redstone Arsenal. Could you add that to your list?

Dar said...

I've always loved country music and singing, but am not good at it. Apologies to my family for trying. Ha!lol!
There's something about the ocean coast that I love, too. Just walking it and shell searching.
Landscaping too, tho my yard doesn't look like it~yet~

Fred Alton said...

I'd love to drive the AlCan highway. I'd like to go for a Bear Hunt (or Elk or Caribou or Mule Deer hunt) out in the Northwest. I'd like to buy a Cessna 172 and fly it regularly. I'd like to buy a motorhome, equip it with teaching tools (i.e., computer, projector, lesson plans) and carpentry tools - then drive around and lend support to small out of the way churches for a few days each (at no cost or obligation). Since I can't afford those big dreams, I'll just settle for teaching a S.S. class in a small out of the way place!

Anonymous said...

My bucket list:

See the Smoky Mountain synchronous fireflies.

See the wild ponies on NC's outer banks.

I used to want to hang glide, but I've outgrown that dream.

It would be cool to write a best-selling novel.