Friday, August 5, 2011


My brother Jr. ran a retail business, I never could get used to him thinking Christmas in July. But to order Christmas supplies on a large scale, you must do it at mid year. The same for a Christmas book, to have it ready for Christmas, it must be started early!!!!!


I have been trying to overcome this block I have. I came up with this idea of a Christmas book last year and cannot for the life of me get the brain in gear to start it. I have several ideas rolling around but as yet, nothing has said I am it.


My dad was never one to tell us there was or was not a Santa Claus. Our gifts came on Christmas or the night before there was never a pattern. But I am trying to capture the feeling I had on the Christmas of 1945/46 not sure which. I wanted a bike. I rode with my dad to get it. I can remember the ride. I can remember the place, a house in the country. Not a farm house, it was on the road. The man had two bikes he was selling. Dad let me pick, I picked the one made by ‘Indian’, because I liked the logo of an Indian chief on the name plate. You may remember the bike name was always on the front of the frame, just above the front fender. For some reason all bikes were labeled there.

It was a small 20” bike, long before training wheels. Shirl had a bike, and had  for a couple years. She had already taught me to ride (after all she was much older than I (LOL)) Anyway, dad put the bike in the back seat of the 1941 Chevrolet and we went home. I never saw the bike again  until Christmas day. As if by magic, I dismissed from my mind selecting the bike, it was my Christmas present. It was exciting. That feeling was like nothing I ever remember. The closest thing to it was getting my license at 16.


(For the life of me I cannot find n Indian bicycle picture, this is the closest to the JC HIggins I could find)

Much Later in life (about 4 years) dad and mom got me a brand new bike from Sears and Roebuck. It was super, it had a horn and light, it was a J.C. Higgins bike. BUT it did not rival the feeling I got from the used bike. I have wondered often about that feeling. I want to catch that feeling, then I can start he book, so far it is just out of reach.


Since I mentioned J.C. Higgins, I am a wondering if it has any connection to the Higgins boats built in Louisiana? I think some research is in the offing.

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Gold is the only metal that doesn't rust, even if it's buried in the ground for thousands of years.



When I get this for Christmas, I am gonna look like this:



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

First the BR boomer is talking about snow this morning and now you are writing about Christmas. I am just trying to enjoy summer here. I know if you want to get something done for Christmas though you have to do it early on. Hope your inspiration finds you soon. If not, maybe it'll be done for next year. Every time I try and think about a subject to write about I seem to find inspiration is the quotes and thoughts of others. I'm not good at letting my own thoughts inspire me so I'm no help on that at all. Hope your search for molasses and your walk makes for a great Friday for you both!

Y said...

Higgins boats were built by Andrew Jackson Higgins boatyards. When you and Sherry want that VIP tour of the Higgins boats at the WWII Museum, come on down.

Love the picture of pure delight on that baby's face!

Lucy said...

Every thing else that was in my mind to answer left when I saw that adorable uplifting picture. Shirl isn't that much older and you mind your P's & Q'.s about the comment using my name on Shir's blog.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Christmas..??!...are you blogging about Christmas...!!?? Hope you get that bike....LOL


Fred Alton said...

That picture of the baby captures the essence of pure joy! That's what Christmas is all about: getting that feel of joy. Christmas for us had weeks of joy aforetime. We would beg, plead, and perhaps even cajole our parents to have our presents opened ahead of Christmas day. It usually happened because we were going to travel to grandma's house for the holidays - and that was usually 500 or more miles away. Hard to be true to the tale of Santa coming on Christmas Eve night when that's the case!!!

shirl72 said...

Remember in Shelby Kat was riding on the handle
bars with Odis and they hit a telephone pole at the Old Church on the corner and she broke her tooth.

I thought your next book was going to be love
stories. Chritmas will be good.

Be nice to my friend Lucy she has a lot going
on Drs., Joe, Spunky and you giving her a hard
time. Be nice.


Helen said...

Love the look on that baby's face. It's so hot right now it's hard to think of Christmas. Good luck to you. There have been a couple of people mention it already on FB. Helen

Sheila Y said...

We always travel to Grandma's for Christmas too,except for one year in Kansas. The presents always went with us and back, Santa had to get the job done...ha. He(she) even signed Cori's cast one Christmas while she slept. Enjoy your Mole-asses, Sheila