Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Most of our meals do not include dessert.  We seldom have  a dessert at home.  Growing up my mama made mostly dish (or pan) cobblers when we had dessert.  She bake anything, but cobblers were her style. Throw it in the Pyrex or pan, and get on with the rest of the meal.


reecebd cake

‘Throw it together’, was her statement, and she could  in just a few minutes, have something delicious smelling up the house.  Mama’s flagship dessert was her well known ‘Sweet Potato Cobbler’, the best in the world. Oh, there was another favorite of mama’s, her egg Custards.



My daddy was border line diabetic.  It never seemed to phase her to bake two of everything sweet, One with no sugar.  We credited mama with keeping his ‘sugar’ under control and he did not require insulin shots.


Mama was one of the naturals, at cooking. If she was missing an ingredient, her thinking process allowed her to fill in for it.

Minolta DSC

(Sherry has been known to even split the layers and put more of the good stuff in double the layers)

Sherry can bake with the best, but a recipe is required. She does dump cakes, she seldom does the Red Waldorf ( red velvet) or German’s Chocolates anymore. She bakes a mean brownie or choc chip cookie for her grand kids.


Sherry has Black walnuts waiting, she is going to make a black walnut pie. I would rather eat veggies or meat than dessert, however, put out a banana pudding, or pecan pie and I will not pass it up.


Speaking of desserts, my favorite going out dessert is the Blizzard. Guess who eats blizzards?

WarrenBuffett eats a blizzard

Yep, the man himself, Warren Buffett, now I’d bet that guy does not print out the ‘Buy one, get one free' coupons from Dairy Queen.(It must be a Tropical)


WE have a lot of internet friends here who ‘REALLY BAKE’.  You guys love to tempt my Sherry with the chocolate ones. ha! In the past one of Sherry’s favorite bought desserts was a choc creamed filled ‘Long John’,  from a small local baker, called ‘ALEX’.

I know  you have a favorite dessert, don’t you?

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Today’s car:

The pride of England……

Morgan Factory Showroom
Spring Lane
Malvern Link
WR14 2LL


The only car still using a wooden frame. This is the 4 wheel Morgan, I put the 3 wheelers on an earlier post.


Paula said...

I like anything chocolate and if it has nuts all the better.

shirl72 said...

I bake the Blackberry Wine Cake it is always a
hit. Only do it for special events. It is the Christmas Cake. Just finished a Blackberry Pie, it was good. It has settled around the middle.
Don't do as many deserts as the age creeps up.

I had rather have veggies instead of deserts.
I wonder if it is because we are Brother and Sister.


Anonymous said...

Jack it's bed time and after looking at all that good desert I'm hungry. lol. I like German Chocolate it look so good and the Red Velvet, yummy.They're all my favorite. Good Night, Jean

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love desserts and rarely have them but that was not always the case. When I was raising a family dessert was always a part of the evening meal. Sometimes it was a cake or pie, but that was mostly on the weekends. Weekdays we'd have JELLO or pudding and that was always a hit. This summer my dessert has been ice cream more than not. Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday !

Lucy said...

We have desert like cookies or something simple. Joe has a real sweet tooth. That red velvet cake looks so good. Really all of them do. Shirl, just throw all caution out the window once in a while and have a desert, your cake you bake sounds so good.

Y said...

My Richard would rather eat dessert than dinner. I guess I'm just not sweet enough...

BlueRidge Boomer said...

You just can't beat a thrown together ....Peach Cobbler..!!....made peach and raspberry last week...


Dar said...

Summer desserts are always full of fruit around here, like cobblers or Doughgen...pie never goes to waste, just drop to the mid-waste and hips, but would wrap my lips around any fresh seasonal fruit year round. Bill's favorites are pie ala'mode or just the ice cream topped with fresh fruit. Teaching moderation is still a challenge.
Me?~I love a Peanut Buster Parfait
BlessYourTemptingThePalateHeart~~~now I want dessert

Cher' Shots said...

I inherited my Dad's jumbo sized sweet tooth ~ I could make a meal out of desserts! My Thom would rather have something salty or sour! I guess it's true - if you like it its not good for you. I shouldn't have sugar, he shouldn't have salt. Argh!
'love & hugs from afar'

Helen said...

I very seldom make desserts anymore, I might make more if I was not a diabetic. When I do make something for Ken then I have to snitch a small portion of whatever it is. Helen

Anonymous said...

My Mom was a severe diabetic, so diet soda, & no sugar, low carb was the norm in my house. I will bake for others, but I don't eat much of it.

You & your lovely wife look like you work off your calories. ~Mary

Fred Alton said...

Remind me when we meet in Florida and I'll make a batch of fudge for Sherry. Only takes 5 minutes in the micro-wave!