Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Tomato is summer


This is a story of tomatoes, I love ‘em!


I cannot remember when I did not love tomato sandwiches. Around here the old timers always called for Duke’s Mayonnaise. I never associated Duke with anything growing up, it was just a name. It was a title in Old England, I assume it still is. But in North Carolina Duke does mean a lot, I grew to learn.

dukes maodukes mao 2

You all know Duke University. The Dukes were Big here. There is Duke Power (Duke Energy). So we also have Duke’s Mayo. I love the taste.


Back to the fresh Garden tomato. I am sure there have been names for tomatoes all my life, but I did not know it. The Big Boy and Better Boy is all that I can think of off my head. You growing folk can know many more. All I know is my mama grew tomatoes that one thick slice covered the loaf bread. I eat the sandwich with ham and/or cheese sometimes, but nothing is as good as just the tomato.

tomato sandwich

The tomato also goes with about every thing. I love tomato with Eggs at breakfast.(seldom have eggs, but I love them). Tomato soup, tomato with steak, tomato in a salad or just eat a tomato with salt sprinkle on it and the juice get in my beard.


Tomato is summer. This Summer Evelyn (& Don) and Shirl have given us some great tomatoes, but summer is ending. Shirl also add the Cherry tomatoes (As a kid I called cherry tomatoes: “Tommy-toes)


Tomatoes look the same growing, but they are not the same. If you know tomatoes, it is hard to settle for the ones commercially grown. The hybrids have their place. they are bred to handle rough treatment with out bruising, but in doing so have lost the flavor (like chewing Gum on the Bed Post over night, we no longer have bed posts, I don’t know where Sherry puts her chewing gum now!). Eating the store bought ones is sorta like chewing cardboard.


(I want my tomatoes!!!)

Anyway we will miss those delicious Tomatoes. To some folk, summer is baseball, to me it is TOMATOES!

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PS: Medical terms as I see them:

Impotent......................... Distinguished, well known
Labour Pain.................... Getting hurt at work
Medical Staff.................. A Doctor's cane
Morbid........................... A higher offer

The Mercedes (SCL600 From Sherry, William’s daughter)

scl600 mercedessdl600 mercedes

scl600 mercedrs35

No steering wheel or pedals, just a joy stick. Scary huh? Your 6 yr old grandson can borrow your car AND drive it better than you!.


Paula said...

Tommy-toes---Thats so cute. This summer we haven't had any good red tomatoes given to us like usual. I guess the gardens didn't do well like when people have so many they don't know what to do with them. I've heard of Dukes but never had it. I always use Miracle Whip on my BLT's.

Dar said...

Boy, did you touch my heart with, Love, LOVE them. Favorite way, SANDWICH with Miracle Whip and a pinch of salt and pepper...YUMMM...better than Cho Ice Cream.
Beefeaters are the big ones I'll bet your Mama grew...just picked one today and they do cover a slice of bread. Love the Romas to make sauces tho., nice and meaty with few seeds.
Tasty Entry~~~


Would you believe I have NEVER had a plain tomato sandwich? A BLT yes, slathered with Miracle Whip. But I agree there is nothing so scrumptious as a tomato, picked fresh, right off the vine. ENJOY yours, however you come by them.

Anonymous said...

I just love tomatoes sprinkled with salt ~ and straight from the greenhouse ~ Yum Yum ~ your entry made me feel really hungry especially that picture of the tomato sandwich ~ :O) Ally x

Do you know why the format for loging in has changed ???? I posted under anon as I did not know what else to do

Anonymous said...

Sorry that shoould read

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've enjoyed many a tomato sandwich with moyo too. Although not your Duke mayo. We use Hellman's here. There is just a lot to be said for a tomato and you did it wonderfully. Hope you both have a fantastic Friday there.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

I was a "Duke" girl until i tried the new mayo made with olive oil....yummmmm...!! My 'maters are just starting to turn red....can't wait!!


Anonymous said...

I love tomatoes but since the squirrel stole mine last year don't think I will try again. I will jave to sign anonymous to get this to post. I found some tomatos on my front porch a cucumber and a home grown green pepper.

Fred Alton said...

I love tomatoes - and that "crybaby" picture wanting more tomatoes! Your a fun to read writer. I love those big old tomatoes fresh off the vine, slapped between two pices of Merita Bread that have been lathered with Mayo!! Bring 'em on.

shirl72 said...

I have a few tomatoes on the vine turning red. I think the cherry tomatoes are about through. I take a piece of melba toast split the cherry tomatoes put on top and sprinkle cheese and zap in the micro wave and it is yummie.