Friday, August 19, 2011


Everyone born up to the year 1985 (maybe some later) must have some scar that they look at and remember a bad, strange,terrible or funny incident.


(I don’t remember seeing this movie but I remember the name)

Scars are sometimes ugly (to the owner) sometimes a badge of courage or a thing to take pride in. Scars on me are many, mostly self inflicted, because I am dangerous to my self. As I sit here typing I have a new bump on my head (from a slipping wrench while removing a lawnmower blade) and a sore finger that I mashed between some boards as I was flooring our swing area.

Children in my time have scars on their feet from glass or nails while going bare foot in the summer. Mama’s cure for that was kerosene from our cook stove. (The physics of jugs amazed me, the kerosene jug on the stove and the jugs in the chicken yards were upside down but still held the contents and meted them out as needed,??? to a kid how do they do that????).

kerosine jugjug feeder

(I cannot find mama’s stove nor the glass jug feeder but this is close.)

I look at my right hand and on the little pinky there is a diagonal scar where someone slammed a 1941 Chevrolet door on it at 4 yrs old. On the same hand there are two faint marks that usually only I can see. They are from the fangs of a cottonmouth, my first attempt at snake handling. I was frog gigging with Jim & Bub Page and found a Cottonmouth minding his own business. I was going to show Jim how to pop it’s head off. Doing it like a whip. I remembered seeing my brother in law, Dick, do it once when I was about 6.


I was 12 then and grown. So I grabbed Mr (Mrs) Cottonmouth’s tail and it bit me. I thought he would wait until I got ready to pop it like a whip.  So I just stomped on it. I did not get sick. I cut a couple x’s over the marks and sucked the blood out like I heard you were supposed to do, and we continued to gig, But I was a lot smarter.


The only scar no one can see is on my thigh. I was using a razor knife to cut cap shingles on a roof and went thru my jeans and done a number on my leg. I have always been a very smart person. I knew a person once who has a nice scar on their cheek, I always thought that would be a good conversation starter. haha.

So do you have a scar you can talk about???

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PS: From My medical terms…

Nitrates.......................... Cheaper than day rates
Node............................. I knew it
Outpatient...................... A person who has fainted
Pelvis................. ........... Second cousin to Elvis
Post Operative............... A letter carrier
Recovery Room............. Place to do upholstery

Car of the day:

1959 Dodge:



This was during FIN time, this is something like Shirl’s first car.


Paula said...

Oh my gosh your snake story. I have a scar on the back of my hand from when I was first married living in an ugly little cheap apartment. I was always chicken to light a gas space heater. You know how when you put the match to the gas area it kind of puffs out. Husband was at work and its getting cold. When it puffed I jerked my hand out under the grat in front and there has been a scar there ever since. Not too exciting like your's but chicken.

Paula said...

Excuse the mispelled word.

Helen said...

Wow! I have a lot of scars. Three that was gone into on my back(very long ones). Two on my tummy(long ones). One on a hip,(No hip bone left)on that side, one down the side of my left thigh(about 10 inches). One on my ankle that I cut on rusted bobwire, parents used the old kerosene trick on that one, never sewn up. One just below a knee,never sewn up. One on the top of my head that was never sewn up and one that was sewn up. No wonder I don't have much mind left, it all oozed out of those scars on my head.

Fred Alton said...

Yep, scars alright - but not from handling snakes. I was never that brave! One on the base of the left thumb was self-inflicted when I was three years old. I had borrowed Dad's razor sharp pocket-knife. One on the left little finger, done when I was sharpening my Christmas gift (a Bowie knife) when I was 13. Shucks, Man! Did you know it was a cotton mouth when you picked it up?

Anonymous said...

Ha, a couple on me head, chin, above the left rips, legs, arms and the right foot as well.

The chin one: A friend was calling from below the window of my room and as I was walking towards the window did stumble over pieces of clothes that I left on the floor, falling on the edge of the window frame. Ever since I clean everything up.

Please have a good weekend you all.

Dar said...

Scars I do have a few~~~
Let's see, one on my eyebrow from starting a gas heater like Paula's, I asked nicely to have it removed from the cabin before blowing it up, a knife scar on my left thumb knuckle, trying to cut right handed being a lefty, one on each wrist from carpo-tunnel surgeries, long one on my hip from a bone graft from back surgery, a longer one down my spine from the same surgery, one on each leg, one inside the right knee from a saddle as the horse fell on me with the sun in her eyes going full tilt back to the barn, the other on the left leg from whittling a wooden whistle. The knife slipped, slicing open about 5 inches of hide. Never noticed it until I went to bed that night, all of a sudden it hurt like crazy...a huge, hip to hip one, and a couple burn scars....My, I've been lucky!
A Cottonmouth, really? Are you insane? Foolish boy.

Anonymous said...

I have a doosie on my

Jack.....not EVEN close with the medical



Most all my scars were from surgeries. I have a 15 inch one on my stomach from having my gallbladder removed back in the old days. And two big ugly dots on my kneecaps from having them scoped. I have one on the back of my hand. When I was a young girl I stuck my hand in the oven to get a cheese sandwhich from under the broiler and got too close to it. What an interesting topic.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I too have lots of scars and they are mostly mentionable too but the thing I most remember about scars is how the boys, including DDH used to brag about the ones they would get when sliding into home plate playing soft ball. It seems one would try and top the other.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean when you say you are smarter.
Scars/lessons learned: I split my chin after I gave into peer pressure and swung between seats in the aisle of the schoolbus. I have a nice scar on the underside of my forearm because I was "showing off" to my cousin on my bike.
I also learned a lesson when my forehead broke the windshield of my car, but interestingly enough there are no noticeable scars from that. (At least I was smart enough to do as the nurse advised and keep Neosporin on the wounds. ;-) ) That's another one of my car stories.
I'm getting a chuckle out of trying to envision how you got a lump on your HEAD while removing the lawnmower blade, lol.

shirl72 said...

Everybody has scars...Have the one on my right
hand where I fell carring a pitcher of water and cut two fingers and inside thumb.

That is my car without the black at the bottom.
That was a good looking car..Thanks for finding one.....When I ordered it I just wanted the fins black.


Anonymous said...

I ran when I saw a snake so no scars from that but I have a doosy from bending overr with 2 flower pots in my hand , on the porch and I kept on going and my head hit the windowsill outside and I could hear the crunch before I could push myself away. I sat on the porch on my rear and Joe came out and my glasses were covered in blood running down my face and clothes. This just happened about 5 years ago so I was already old. Lucy

Lucy said...

I have spent all afternoon on my blog and I think I got it fixed.

Ken Riches said...

Dog bite on my left hand.