Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pets, who needs them?

Let’s see I know: Koda, the Corgi, Spunky the Beagle, Brandy the old retriever, Miss Kitty, Mia & max, Tugie, Smokie +3, Barney, Blue, Ozzy, Possum S. Hemingway, Daisy Mae & Patches, Princess, Max & Pickle (+1), there was Shellie Marie, now the looker, no-name turtles & Susie and Jett & Sam, and our grand dogs: MJ, Hendrix & Layla


(Leave my pets alone!!)

Sometimes I feel like Dr. Dolittle, talking to the animals, one has a blog and three make entries on BRBoomers blog. LOL

Speak nasty of pets now-a-days and you will be lynched. I have been thinking lately, the life of a VET isn’t a bad idea. Your patients cannot tell anyone if you are right or wrong. I have noticed from listening to folks, that vets that are calm, understanding, considerate, nice and are good doctors.



(This is a Corgi, Koda looks better and has a Blog, lives on the west coast)

Did you hear about the Vet who went to a Medical doctor with an ailment. After being poked , and tested the MD said we need a couple more tests. With that the young Vet said, “I don’t have this luxury, why can’t you do as I do. I have to feel a little, look the pet over get their temp and make my decision. I prescribe what ever I think is needed.”

MD, “Okay that seems fair enough.” (Pausing and thinking, then continues,  “I think you should take Ibuprophen  for a couple days, if that don’t work, we will have to put you to sleep.”   (pause)

Well I thought it was funny.


(Miss Kitty before she grew up and had her hair dyed)

Sorta like their food. We want it to taste to suit us. Now be honest. Cats like mice and baby birds, does the food you serve the cat taste like a mouse or a bird?  No, of course not. Dogs now, will eat anything from poop to nuts. And I have never understood a dogs desire to roll in another dogs poop!.

scanoldpic1 018

(The only pictures of one of the boys dogs, mostly Beagle like Spunky, who is all Beagle, That is Mark with him.)

I know my Ace ate all my Quail once when I was trying to raise them. Now honestly my pets ate off the table or more factual, table scraps. When none was available I had canned dog food called Dash dog food. I wondered what Ace was eating, so I tasted it, it wasn’t bad, but I would not like a steady diet of it, it needed salt for one thing.


(I only had one cat in my life, Tom up until I was 4 or 5)

That reminds me of a great story Bill Irwin (the famous Blind Hiker) told me. His dog was named Orient. Once on the trail he learned he had been eating Orient’s snack cookies. He said they weren’t half bad.

New Folder (2) 004

Bingo, the first dog I knew, lived to be 20+ and always ate in the yard or on table scraps. There was never any dog food for Bingo. She was a smaller mixed breed dog. Daddy always said she was mostly Feist, what ever that is.

She is the only dog caught on film that we  had. Pets have it made now days. Their own stores, their own doctors and some have insurance. Koda even has a blog. I even answer Miss Kitty, Mia and Max.


About every blogger (cept me) has a pet. Mark has MJ, an English Bull. She is fat as a hog. She eats everything including dry dog food.

Reececup has these (two more grand dogs):

grand dogs

Enough, Thanks for coming this way,

Nite Shipslog

PS: Okay every body RUN!



Will Rogers, who died in a 1935 plane crash, was one of the greatest political sages this country has ever known.

If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

 The quickest way to double your money is to fold it and put it back into your pocket.

Vehicle of the day!!!



BlueRidge Boomer said...

Hugs and kisses from Max, Mia and Misskitty..~~


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am a pet lover and had many over the years, now I settle for grand dogs of which I have at least 10 I may even have more as I recently found out one of my grand daughters has a couple of her own that I'd not counted. I love them all and also enjoy Koda and Miss Kitty, Max and Mia. They are all a joy! But they are a lot of work and money too, so it was time for me to stop having my own personal bit of fluff. Hope you all are enjoying a great day there. It's only 79 here right now and I got the yard mowed this morning.

Rose said...

Coming from a family of 12 growing up, that was enough mouths to feed. We couldn't afford to feed a pet. LOL

Hugs, Rose

Fred Alton said...

"Cats own humans" - so - I don't want to be owned. "Humans own dogs" - so - therefore you must maintain them. They are cheap enough to buy but I can't afford the maintenance. Very selfish of me, I know...but I need my freedom. Now, all you cat and dog lovers please understand, It would be the same to me if it were a cow, or a horse, or a duck or a chicken. They tie you down and you can't take vacation if you wanted to because you have to have someone to see after the animals. Too, one can become so attached that if the pet dies it brings on serious grief for the human involved. I don't like grief. I'd rather happy dance! ☻☻☻

Lucy said...

Our Spunky gives a lot of love, and rabbit, which was not love, believe me, no one ever wants to see that . All he wants in return is to be scratched and fed. He owns us, we don't own him. We love him. though.

Helen said...

Cute entry Jack. I recognized several of the pets names. Now Patches is a Feist. They are squirrel dogs. Cat dogs too if one happens to come across the back yard. The other day both ours were pitching a fit. I of course went to see what all the ruckus was about. Well there was a large pit bulldog out there, I clapped my hands and hollered at it. It went around the corner and showed me how it got inside the fence. He had climbed over the fence. Later I saw him inside a fence two doors down messing with two small dogs there. I hollered at him again and he left. Via the fence. Ken tells me to quit running it out of the front yard or it was going to turn on me but I am afraid if I don't run it off then over the fence to our dogs it will come again. Oh, Daisy Mae is just a little mixed breed. Sweet as can be though.

Anonymous said...

Luckily me son is still in the age where he likes looking at pets, yet not demading one, which isn't a too good idea over here though.

A good Friday for you all.

shirl72 said...

Looks like MJ has gained weight. Love the animals, but they do require a lot of care and
time. I had Chancy a Standard Poodle for 21 years. She started showing her age. Animals are treated like one of the family. Chancy had coats for walking in cold weather. Clover lives next door and she can't bark or hear good I think she is pretty old.
She is still cute.


Paula said...

Humm you have a good memory even if you don't have hair. I keep saying when Susie is gone no more pets for me buuut woould you believe there is aready another cat hanging around the back door? I swear I'm not going to have her spade, buy cat food, litter, a cute little collar, flea medicine. No no no I'm not going to anymore.