Saturday, August 13, 2011

Barbeque, BBQ, or Bar B Que?

Interesting, in all our travels we have never found BBQ as good as Lexington, NC. We love it.  It fits out taster, and there is the rub. Once in South Florida, many years ago we were traveling (normal), still had the kids in the car then. Signs kept hitting us in the face about a BBQ place in ARcadia, FL. This for about 60-100 miles of catchy signs. Loving BBQ we had to stop.


(Some of the best BBQ is from a place like this.)

The décor was western. Old saddles, wagons, pistols, etc., we loved it. BUT the BBQ was not NC BBQ, we were disappointed.


Over the years we have learned that BBQ taste is in the mouth of the ‘BEHOLDER’.

Something caught my eye. It was a comment on a BBQ article. Saying Owensboro had a spot called the World’s BBQ Capitol. I immediately thought of Debbie (Boondocks, flapdoodle & beyond). She is always doing something on the grill, and that is where she is from.


Texans are sure their BBQ is the best, along with folks from Alabama. The folks down in SC say they are good but the folks from Tennessee will argue. That goes on and on.  Some Colleges get into the mix with governors betting on their team, loser furnished the BBQ.

kiss a pig

I have a nephew, Ted Darnell of Shelby, who makes cookers for  prize winning teams.  His cookers have been written up in a few magazines. He does some great designs and  cooks some great Butt’s.


(This is not one of Teds, but he does this sort of work)

Your taste in BBQ will be determined on what you were raised around. One of the biggies is the BBQ sauce of course.

I love the red looking sauce and I also love the vinegar based. My favorite way to eat BBQ is a Sliced sandwich, not ground or chopped. That is my choice.


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Bad decisions make good stories.

This plagues me: How are you supposed to fold a fitted sheet?


Car of the day!  mercury (about a 1958), remember the continental kits?image020


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh my that sandwich got my mouth watering. I do love pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw. I'm watching one of my grandson's this weekend and it's been busier than usual here. No camping til next weekend.

Paula said...

I fold a fitted sheet anyway I can but I tell you my sister can fold one perfectly. She wouldn't put one away not folded perfectly. Now Jack you know Texas has the best barbeque.

shirl72 said...

Oh my you didn't mention Bridges BBQ in Shelby I guess that is my favorite. Never had Lexintgton. We both always had to have sliced.
That BBQ building looks like Billie's Service
Station in Plains Georgia he didn't serve BBQ just Gas. I guess Ted has retired from his Custom Built Grills. I can make some mean
BBQ ribs. I would cook some but my Kitchen is
close for the Summer and open only for snacks.


Cher' Shots said...

OMG I'm drooling!! Now who's making whom hungry?! I haven't been on much lately ... but I did read your past posts. Congrats on getting your car and RV ports done. I always love the old cars at the end of your posts, its like going to a virtual car show. AND ~ I remember watching our Mom & Dad winning a cross-cut saw competition at a logging event at the county fair years ago. They made quite the team!
'love & hugs from afar'

Lucy said...

We just had "ribfest" here in Lincoln. I think today is the last day. You see some amazing contraptions they make themselves to Bar-B-Que ribs, chicken and all kinds of meats. They rope off a street and downtown never smelled so good. Just don't park in a meter cause if it runs out and a meter maid sees it, it will cost you 20.00 instead of the old 10.00. Stupid mayor is going to drive everything out of Lincoln.

Helen said...

We have three BBQ places near us. They are all great. I love the meat chopped, put into a bun with xtra sauce and coleslaw. My fitted sheets don't get folded very well. Most of them are folded a little then crammed into the closet.

Glenda said...

You got me drooling with those photos; love BBQ, thought Kansas City the BBQ King 'til I went to Memphis, now that's competition for sure!
Your vehicles look so nice under their new toppers, what an amazing challenge getting them completed, only you could make it so entertaining!!!

Ken Riches said...

I am with Glenda, I have had some great Kansas City BBQ, but what I had on Beale Street in Memphis was better.