Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Heading back to Belmont for a couple weeks

It is a pretty short drive back down to Belmont from the mountains. We have enjoyed our stay here, especially because we got to spend time with Mary Ann. A childhood friend of Sherry’s and a youth-hood friend of mine. She lives here at Lenoir at the highest elevation in this park. She has a beautiful home up there.


(The one folded across the back is the first one, the one spread out is the second one)

She is a quilter and a crocheter (my words). She gave us an Afgan a couple years ago and Mark loved it when we made the trip South. That girl made another beautiful “Afganistan” (everybody laughed for some reason when I called it that) and brought it down, she also gave Sherry a nice purse and a couple tops then fussed if we wanted to buy her lunch.


(This is the closer shot, and being the professional, her name attached on a beautiful label)


You already know she brought a ‘nanner puddin’ and a pone of corn bread down, which were both delicious.

But it has been a great time for her and Sherry to catch up on Girl talk. Of course my Sherry is an incurable match maker. As a teen ager, Mary Ann used to date Sam, another friend, and in another life. They both have now lost their mates. So ………

I mentioned Sam in the book Rags. He actually went thru USMC boot camp twice, once at 16 and the next time at 17. That boy was a glutton for punishment. Most guys, like me, do it once.

All joking aside, I think seniors should enjoy themselves in their autumn years, and I think their children should understand that their parents sometime need a companion. Not everyone does, but most seniors need that companionship and the kids should butt out.

This has been a good break; now back to Belmont where we have ordered a couple ports, one for the van and one for the motor home. Hopefully to be delivered tomorrow. Maybe pictures tomorrow.

Thanks for coming this way.

Nite Shipslog


I wish the buck stopped here, as I could use a few.

Check this jewel out:


(I am not sure what it is, but from the style, it is about a 1932-1936.)


Lucy said...

I don't have to worry about my kids butting out. I seldom see Larry and he lives right here in Lincoln.Connie e-mails me and Ron comes in but does not try to get in our business. Larry is a doteing grandfather and the girl that has the most lives in Missouri, so he goes up there on a weekend. Larry's wife is a nurse so she drives up alone when she is off. I love my grand kids but I would not make that much of a loving grand parent. Enjoy your travels. One day when you least expect it you will discover you are not able to keep up the driving.

shirl72 said...

Glad you had a good time in the mountains.
Can't wait to see the port for the car and
motor home. I think you should not go to Fl. and stay here and enjoy your new things. LOL
Waiting for your return......


Cher' Shots said...

I love reading your posts. As my Jeff was lying on his death bed he told our kids "If your Mom finds a guy who treats her well, let her be happy. She's too young to be alone and she has enough love for all of you!" I thank God he shared those thoughts with them.
'love & hugs from afar'

Helen said...

Have a safe trip home. Those Afgans are beautiful. Thanks for the comment you put on my blog. I love ya'll too. Helen

~mel said...

Those "afganistans" are beautiful ~ and the color goes so well with your home on wheels:) Safe travels to the two of you wherever you may roam; but always remember ~ there's no place like home. LOVE YA!!!

Anonymous said...

How impressive a work indeed.
Thoughful entry.
Please have you all a safe road ahead and a good Thursday as well.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree about having a companion. I've never been blessed to find one but I don't think my kids would mind. It's not so good being alone. It sounds like you all had a great visit with a good friend. Hope all goes well with the ports.

Fred Alton said...

Hope you're enjoying being back home for a few days. Guess what? Frances and I talked it over today - and we are planning to go to Wimauma the second week of October and stay til first week of November. It will be a major deal for us. Loved your blog post telling about your breaking into the building business. It is lots of fun to read your stories. Love to you two from the two of us.

Paula said...

That pretty red car is about my age. I was born in 1936. Wish I had one to drive on Sunday.


It's wonderful to have such a good friend and to be looking out for each other like that. Matchmaking is a serious game, though. The afghans are just gorgeous. Good luck with the ports. What is a port?

Lucy said...

Jack if you get this will you answer me. Make a comment, wave a flag or any thing. I have been lost and not sure I am found yet.

Dar said...

Sounds as tho your Mary Ann visit was as wonderful as ever. She sure makes beautiful afghans..wowsa is the word.
Love that you two are so enjoying your summer on the road. I have a feeling you will be doing that for a good long time yet. Who knows, maybe we will cross paths again. It would be wonderful.
Bill is counting the work days, down to 108.