Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fighting a downer after Christmas

(First an upper..Stephen (grandson) asks Jennifer to marry him, after a lot of consideration, she said YES!  We are PROUD, they are a great couple)


As an adult  the day after Christmas isn’t so bad.  But as a Child it was hard to face the fact that you must wait another whole year, AGAIN! Then they think, oh shucks, school will start back soon.


For some adults it is about the same. Oh Shucks, back to work tomorrow.

Well you can do as we used to do, by Christmas night the tree and decorations were down  and the next day three couples (Sherry’s sisters and their husbands and us) would rent a van and take off for a few days. Once in Florida one of the rented vans had an alarm system we did not know about. We set it off and had no idea how to stop it. For a few long minutes it went off, until my smart aleck wife took the keys and pushed the stop button. Otherwise we always had a ball, and were ready for the world when we returned.


OR you  can start to wonder,

…How do they get the air in a tennis ball?

…How do they get the air out of a light bulb?

…Who decided what speed limits were safe?

…Who decided to eat eggs? (Glenda wanted to know, she saw where they came from)

…Who decided to churn milk?

…Why is Pink a color for girls?

…Who thought up the game of jack rocks and why don’t kids still play it?


…For that matter why don’t kids play hop scotch?

…Why was it called Hop scotch?

…Seriously, what keeps the plane in the air and the ship from sinking? LOL

…Who made fingernail clippers?

…Why do women carry a purse and men a wallet?

…Who decided my wallet should be in my left back pocket? (pickpockets?)


…Who was the person who said my hair part would be on the left side of my head? (OK, it used to be there)

…Why don’t every country have the same kind of power outlets?

…Why do the English drive on the opposite sides of the road than the rest of the world?

…What foolish person thought up sky diving?

..If you  nail a fence to a tree, why doesn’t it grow higher with the tree?

Who the heck had the bright idea of making paper out of wood?


Now, don’t you feel better that Christmas is over and you can get back to work?  Aw.. Come on!


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I have always been curious. Up until we were married I always wondered what she looked like without………………………………Bobbie Socks



1982 Renault


Lucy said...

Wow, am I first with the comment. I have not been around for a while, as far as comments. Christmas is over and I know my kids are glad. Ron and Kathy had them all at their house and when Kathy came in, I could not help but chuckle. Her hair was pinned back, that is a first, looked tired and Ron was struggling with a box and they both said, "never again, it's to much". I thought, and I had it for years. It truly is . Families are growing and it is a lot more work. It was so good talking to Shirl yesterday. She sounds so good.

Paula said...

Yep why? I'm always glad when Christmas is over. Now we have to go to John's sons tomorrow night and I have to ride in the back seat with John's ex-wife. Oh glory!

shirl72 said...

I think most people are glad when
it is over. Keeps you busy and to
much going on.

Glad to hear Steve and Jennifer
have made the decision of marriage. I think about that song "Love makes the world go round". Now since Christmas is over lets have a good New Year.. (Stay Warm) We are freezing.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd like to tackle some of your imponderables. I believe I heard somewhere that a guy who was bouncing along on camelback, horseback, or whatever had some sour milk in a leather container (maybe a stomach or bladder). By the end of his journey, there was butter, lol.
The paper from wood--undoubtedly some resourceful, observant person watched wasps and hornets make their papery houses.
The fence on the tree--this is one of those things that is embarrassing to ask when you realize how a tree grows. There is new growth at the top, but except for that, the rest is just getting another layer added, another ring in the trunk.
I like to enjoy my Christmas tree for a while longer. It seems I can enjoy it better now since all the hecticness is over.

bonnie k.

Chatty Crone said...

Well I am starting to take my Christmas down. This next week I just want to sleep later and stay up later and do what I want to do. Too bad it won't go that way! LOL sandie

Louis la Vache said...

That Renault is a Fuego model, "Fuego" is Spanish (not French) for "fire". The Fuego had a nicely-tuned suspension and a hotter engine than the standard Renaults. At the time of the introduction of the Fuego, Renault had bought American Motors in the U.S., so the Fuego was marketed here as an AMC. «Louis» always thought it was a handsome car, but it was plagued with the poor assembly quality and reliability issues Renault had in those days.

betty said...

I knew of a family when we lived in Billings that after they opened their gifts on Christmas morning, then they would take down all the decorations that same day. It kind of makes sense, I think, LOL. I like what you and your friends did to get away for a bit because you had that to think about instead of the fact Christmas was over. I think the more hype one makes about it, the more of a let down it can be the following day.

Congrats to the engaged couple! Always wonderful news to here!


Woody said...

Merry Christmas and wishing you many more Happy, Healthy Memorable New Years!
Yours in Christ:
Gary and Anna Mae


That's a lot of interesting things to ponder.

Glenda said...

Ah, this is such a sweet entry, Jack. All those questions reminds me of a story Mom loved to tell about when she was having another baby, probably Irma as I was maybe 2 1/1 years old and Jua was 13 months younger. She left me with our dear Aunt Helen who lived in Moberly and when finally I got home, Aunt Helen [who I adored, she gave me my first doll when I turned One] had a conversation with Mom "Eileen, that child asked more questions than I could ever answer: why is that dog barking? What is he barking at? When are we having supper?" (she was worn slick with my nonsense---hey kids will be kids).
On another note, Best Wishes to Stephen & Jennifer, they have some wonderful role models!!! Love from Chobee!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I remember the days of WHY. The children sure had a lot of them and my answer was usually because I'm the mom - that's why. This year I'm doing some pondering. Not so much the why but the what. Christmas pretty much stays up here until January 6th. No hurry to take it down, but there are a few things I change around for New Years.

Mevely317 said...

Love the idea of DE-Christmas-ing your abodes and taking off like co-eds on Spring Break. That must've been so funny when the car alarm kept going off! (OK, maybe in retrospect!)

Congratulations on Stephen and Jennifer's upcoming wedding ... 2014's going to be GREAT, isn't it?

Hugs from Phoenix,