Saturday, December 7, 2013

We have moved and have a new front yard.

We are just west of Orlando. We are near enough to Disney to hear the fire works every night. No we will not do any tourist things here, we are at a membership park.

We were here last year and the strangest thing happened. Sherry got an e-mail from our friends Dal & Marion in Pennsylvania. “How are you, and where are you?”

Sherry ans, “We are in Orlando and doing well where are you?”

“We are at our daughters membership park at Thousand Trails.”

“That is where we are!”

So we walked over to their rental unit. And for a couple days had a great time. That was such a coincidence and great fun.

So we are back here and it would be nice if Dal & Marion were here again this year.

As I prepared the campsite, put the flags, awnings, chairs and rugs out, Sherry got the Christmas stuff out from under our bed and decorated the dash. She hung our stockings, so we are ready for Santa. Decorating a Motor Home is much simpler than a full size house.

Do you remember the simpler times? I went with dad to cut a cedar. I watched as he used a hand saw some used boards and nails to make the stand. It was decorated with some homemade & store bought ornaments. Cotton or a white sheet under the tree and maybe a candle in the window with possibly a Christmas Wreath. The fun or frustration of looking at the string of lights to try to find the burned out bulb, because years ago if one light was out the rest did not burn.

And I remember the VERY THIN GLASS ornaments, I always wondered how thy got the glass so thin. It was dangerous to allow a little boy to hang them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love you folks that go all out to decorate, I appreciate the work and love to enjoy the results.  I might do that again before  I die, but I sorta doubt it.

Christmas is the best time of the year, even for a scrooge like me. I never Christmas shop anymore, but at times I love to see the hustle and bustle of those who do.

So keep in the spirit and enjoy the best time of the year.

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I plan to count my blessings instead of Sheep this year.


car-cruiseStrange, Santa drives a pickup with Santa in the car.


Jackie said...

Sending a warm hug and a happy wave to you and Sherry in your new front yard. Continue to enjoy your travels and your abiding love.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can't imagine being that close to Disney and not visiting the place. I only ever got there but one time and loved all the sights. I must have take hundreds of pictures. Christmas doesn't take a lot of decorations to make it Christmas. I think it is the love for others that does it. You and Sherry have it good and can enjoy your home no matter where you are.

Rose said...

I have been living in Florida for 24 years and never went to see Disney!

Too much walking, too expensive and too hot to walk around with a bunch of screaming kids!

I probably will see it some day but it was never on the top of my list.

Enjoy your stay in Orlando.

Hugs to my favorite couple!

Lucy said...

I just can't understand why you like to go where it is hot and you could be enjoying 3 below zero weather here in Ne. Wish I were there, It is bone chilling out side. Enjoy your Christmas and the warm weather.

Jean said...

Most of my children has been to Disney world more than once, but we have never been. I'm not sure I've ever wanted to go and now I'm too old and lazy. Lol. I know you and Sherry will enjoy Christmas were ever you're parked.
It's cooler up this away today. Take care. Jean

Paula said...

We are the biggest scrouges (whoops forgot how to spell that) you ever saw. We give our kids money and don't decorate. John wouldn't mind if I did it though. lol Must be fun to have a different yard ever once in a while. If your plants die you can just move. lol


I was at Disney once. Fun for sure, but too tiring for my aching bones. Love seeing all the Christmas lights. Glad you are decorated.

shirl72 said...

I do remember our Christmas Trees.
What I remember is Dad wanting to
hang silver roping from corner to
corner in the living room and then
hang icicles across the roping.
He liked to decorate for Christmas. I have down-sized on my decorations. In the past years I have put my Chrismons up at a Church in Charlotte. They wanted me to put them at Historic House. I said no this to much going. It is not easy decorating a huge tree alone. We are having
cold weather..glad you have
Sun enjoy..

betty said...

Sounds like you are at a great park! Never been to Florida's Disney but have been to Anaheim's Disney lots of times since it is just up the street (2 hours away).

Fun to have a bit of Christmas decorations up, no matter where you might be! Funny, I have a snowman Christmas decoration that I forgot to put away last year. Guess what? It stayed up all year. The way this year is going, that might be our own decoration this year :)

Enjoy your time in your new neck of the woods!


Louis la Vache said...

No decorating for «Louis» this year. Mme la Vache is in Japan to visit her son, her brother and her mother. Nothing to put up. Nothing to take down...

Ol' Santa had better watch it. The ACLU will try to find a way to ban him...