Saturday, December 21, 2013

WOW, This is the third time she has worn this dress!

(Pictures are of Rainbow Springs, Dunnellon, FL. The spring issues 400-600 million gallons a day of some of the purest water on earth, forming the Rainbow river)

I read the headlines, “Duchess wears the same gown for the third time!”

Something doesn’t compute, do some folk have throw away mega bucks clothes?  Clothes aren’t supposed to be worn more than once?  How big are these closets if they only wear stuff one time?


Being a very cheap cheapskate, I wear clothes out, I thought you were supposed to, even if you are rich. Well I for one am proud of this lady, the Duchess. Bless her heart! Having the nerve to wear it the third time.


I was raised conservative. Mama turned worn collars over and sewed them back in place. Shoes were always resoled. It was common for shirts to be made from feed sacks. New cloth was precious. Patterns were in a box and reused. Quilts were made from scraps and rags.


Never a button was thrown away, never a working zipper trashed. Leather shoes were forever until a hole was in the toe or sides, then the shoe was cut up for other uses.


Waste is not a sign of affluence, it is a sign of arrogance and ignorance.  Anyone who judges a person’s worth by their clothes is very shallow and ignorant of REAL people. They are following rules and guidelines set by someone who cannot afford the thread used in  a million dollar dress (is there such a dress?Embarrassed smile )


Rainbow River

I hear at times a person will wear a gown once then donate or sell it for an extravagant price, how much conceit is in this world?  Now I‘ll admit my thinking is from a viewpoint that is from a different world than the one of the ultra rich and famous. But waste to me is still relevant, whether I waste $10 or a Billionaire wastes thousands.

Society and the ones who ‘set’ standards are responsible for snobbery.  How nice to see a duchess who is not afraid to buck the system.

I think I have always admired the person who bucked the system, a renegade or a free thinking person. One not bound by fads.  Funny thing I think I see several of those folks here as bloggers including some who only comment.

I always liked Robert Frost (methinks) who said, “And I chose the road less traveled by, and that made all the difference.”

I had a friend who said to me, “YOU chose the road less traveled by…….. but then, you got lost!” He probably had something there.

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Clothes have never make the person, but the real man or woman can make the cheapest clothes look good (every time they are worn).



Just checked the oil before taking Mrs. Claus for a spin.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am a saver and never throw out anything. Somewhere in my stash, I probably do have an old zipper from an old piece of clothing. I used to sew a lot and those zippers would come in handy. Now I don't do that, but I still have my stash. I can't imagine how the ultra rich must live. I've never had an overabundance of money. When I think about the good people could do with their wealth, they do waste a lot. There is little waste here. Ohio is having a warm spell with lots of rain melting all the snow but next week we'll get cold again. Hope you all have a super Saturday!

Lucy said...

I don't think I own a dress. The last one I got was when I lost weight, (yes you heard "lost weight correct") and I needed one for my son's wedding. My mom did the same thing , turned collars, made flour sack dresses and underwear for me. even turned the sheets and sewed them so they were stronger and last a little longer. Those were the days when there was little money and lots of mouths to feed.

Elizabeth said...

I had a lady tell me recently that her young daughter,7 I think, would not wear a dress more than once. I was speechless!

Chatty Crone said...

You should see what clothes I wear sometimes - then again - maybe not. I wear some clothes with a hole! I hate to give them up!

Good for Kate - gosh - she is only a person - I wish people would get their priorities straight!


shirl72 said...

Well I guess I had better not say
to much..You know me and our Sister loved clothes and shoes. I don't judge people by what they wear that is just me. I don't feel good if I look shabby. I don't pay full price for anything and I wear them a long time. Mother made our clothes when we were small and when I got older I made my own,
now I buy. I wear the same things
over and over it doesn't bother me


I like the Duchess for exactly this reason.

Rose said...

I'm a saver myself. If super worn, I do donate to the "VETS" as they pick up right at your door and leave a receipt for tax purposes.

I have tons of shoes because I never throw them away! I love my shoes!

My mother made me flower sack dresses too and chicken feed sack dresses as they came in small flowered prints. They were just aweful and scratchy fabric.

Huggggggggggs, to my favorite couple.

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
«Louis» recycles shoes. The Cole-Hahn loafers he's wearing tonight are probably 15 years old and have most likely been re-soled seven or eight times!

You can tell Santa's "sleigh" was made in Italy: it has a parmesan grater built into the side... :-)

Paula said...

John and I buy clothes that we don't need but they are from the Thrift store on Senior Discount day. On the other hand I have a friend who is divorced and didn't have a full time job for a long time so no money to speak of. Yet she would not buy even a dish for her dog to eat out of at a Thrift store.

betty said...

I always wonder with the anchor people on the news and the people who do the weather. They never seem to wear the same thing twice, can't figure that out! It is good that the Duchess is her "own woman" so to speak and is not feeling she has to bend to the rules that I think was the down falling of Princess Diana.

Growing up we didn't have much either and I'm perfectly fine even now not to have much and wear it until it can't be worn any more :)