Thursday, December 19, 2013

Senior moments, for real

(Pictures are of Seniors in Athens, Greece in 1957. My first trip overseas)

Senior moments causes a mess in the microwave. Just put a half cup of coffee in to reheat and see what happens if you forget it, and you have given it a minute!  My coffee was allover the inside of our new microwave. The danged cup was empty and I wanted that half cup of coffee.


I get jokes about seniors all the time, but that is what they WERE, was jokes.  Now the laughs are starting to haunt me. This motorhome isn’t big, but I can get up and walk the five steps to the front and forget why I went there.  Now I have read it, but when it happens I don’t laugh anymore.


In the car when I want the lights, I go thru the signal lights, wipers, washer, then I just might find the lights.  This ain’t funny no more.


I have never had  large vocabulary, but what little I have leaves me at the wrongest times. The words float by but I cannot grab them. Sherry will help me sometime. It feels good to find that lost word without asking for help, sorta like finding an Easter egg that isn’t cracked already.

Yeah and using cumin instead of Cinnamon doesn’t raise your self respect much either.

I like these crazy Sandhill Cranes, I mean to get a picture. When one walks/struts across in front of me I say, I meant to bring the camera.


I sit here in the morning, I  read my e-mails and sit wondering what I should be doing. Then I remember, time to read the blogs, you do it every morning, you gotta check to see if Lucy has kilt Joe yet.

Then I leave a blog and say, did I comment? Every once in awhile Sherry will say, “I’m surprised, you didn’t comment on Paula.”  My answer is always ‘Yes I did.’ But when I check either I did not submit it or FORGOT!


Face book is the worst. half the time I forget to submit my ‘cute comment.’

Alzheimer's is not in my family history, I hope I am not going to set a precedence. It is probably just dementia, I ain’t crazy about that option either. 

Hopefully it is just those cute little funny ‘Senior Moments’ y’all all laugh at. I exercise my mind, I am doing jumping jacks, right now!……………….(in my mind) .

Nite Shipslog


Yeah, I know we all have lapses of memory, I have decided to laugh at mine, really, until I can figure how to fix it. I like to fix stuff!


Reindeer night off!



Chatty Crone said...

YOU DO NOT HAVE AD - believe me. Your stories and memory are fine. You just have old age busy disease. At least that is what I have and i am sticking to it. I have all those signs. I hate when someone fills in the blank for me - I want to remember the words myself. I do panic a little and that makes it even worse!!! You are okay and I am okay. Okay? sandie

BlueRidge Boomer said...

CityBoy and I are forever opening the refrigerator to get something out of the microwave....age is creeping up on us...!!!

Elizabeth said...

Jim and I are both experiencing that! We blame his open heart surgery and difficult recovery on his. I blame turning 60 on mine.He called me on his way home last night and when he got here we could not find the cordless phone that I talked to him on anywhere,after searching for an hour or more we found it in the pantry,do not know why I put it in there!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do the same things and can relate to it, but what makes me feel ok about is that I see the younger folks doing the same's just overload I think. Some once told me that as long as I can find my way home, I'm alright.

shirl72 said...

Who's blog did I just read, was it
my Brothers..I think he said something about memory or memo.
I think he said forgetting things.
Well since I don't know what I am doing or saying and who's blog I just read I guess It would be best to close. Now where do I click to send this question. How am I doing?

Anonymous said...

Jack, there are questions you can find on the internet which help distinguish "age-related memory loss" from Alzheimers. I've heard it described this way: if you misplace your car keys that can be age-related memory loss; if you pick up your car keys and can't remember what they're used for, that could be a symptom of Alzheimers.
I'm sure it's frustrating. I've read conflicting reports on what actually helps. Some reports suggest that brain exercises such as working crossword puzzles can help, while other reports say that doesn't make a difference, but staying physically healthy does.
The walking that you and Sherry do probably helps.

bonnie k.

Paula said...

I feel so much better since I read this. I though we were the only ones. It is sad though when you call ad old friend and you can tell they are changing. One of my old renters (gotta quit using that word old) had to ask her husband how old she is when I was talking to her on the phone. She has done that twice and I don't think that is normal.


These forgetful moments happen to the best of us. All part of the aging process, unfortunately.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» was going to leave a comment but forgot what he was going to write...

betty said...

I think we all have these moments, heck, I almost burned down the house a few weeks ago when I got engrossed in that book and forgot I had potatoes cooking. I heard somewhere that we all forget things, but if we forgot what to do with something, like what keys are for, that sort of thing, then it probably could be heading towards dementia. I forgot I was going to check your blog last night, LOL, but remembered to do so today. Will check out your other entry when I have time later today :)