Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Maybe I shouldn’t see Antiques

My buddy Sonny, was known to say, when we were at a Cracker Barrel, at an antique store or a Flea Mkt, “That can’t be an antique, I used one of those.”

We took one of our trips to Webster Flea Market in Webster, FL.  Sherry and Evelyn go one way, Don and I go another. There is an area dedicated to Antiques. There was an Antique M1-Rifle, NAH! that can’t be, I carried one of those in the USMC. My rifle # was 4508321. It was made plain to me If I lost or damaged that ‘piece’ it would cost me $150.00. It now sales as an antique for over a $1000 dollars. Something ain’t right here.

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There was a standard round Coca-Cola sign, $450.00. I musta looked puzzled because the  guy said, “Sir, this thing goes way back to 1950!”  I was wanting to smack him, but being he was much younger I didn’t want to hurt the ignorant fellow. Winking smile 

I saw antique traps, some as high as $1000 for a beaver  trap. Naturally I thought of Slim, up in the North woods suffering, after an accident while running his traps. That is his life, and life in the North Woods. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Slim, his wife Mel and the family. I noticed Sara is noting some updates on FB. We were blessed to get to meet Slim, Mel, Sam & Sara I know they are all in a lot of pain now.

We continued on thru the Flea Mkt. Don & Evelyn keep in touch via cell phones. So they were sitting resting and Don & I went to get up with them. My sweetheart bought me a giant cone of homemade butter pecan Ice Cream.  That is real love my friends.


Don is a lot like the folk up in the North Woods, he knows all the flowers, herbs and weeds they sell at the Flea Market. He likes to talk to the flowers when he sees them he even knows the different languages. Me and everybody else just looks at him. But the flowers seem to enjoy it.Smile

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I do like to know that I am in better shape than some of the ‘antiques’ I saw.



A Christmas Car…


shirl72 said...

I love to go to Flea Markets as
you know I don't need one more thing. I love to watch flowers
grow..My nine plants of cotton is
about ready to cut and put in a
container for display. That has
been so fascinating watching them
go through different stages. That is
our History. You want have to come
home and help.

~mel said...

How can I come on here and call you an "Old Antique" when you go and say such sweet things about me and my family! Love you Jack and Sherry!
Slim is still in the hospital ~ possible discharge tomorrow.
He's still talking about going out trapping; but I don't see it happening for him anymore this season.

Lindie said...

So we are all antiques! Think how valuable we are!! Have been visiting family in TX and am home now. My family has increased! One new son in law, his 2 sons and one with a wife, my granddaughter gave us a new baby to love last June and my grandson will be gifting us with a new baby next June. Our value is growing very fast.

Paula said...

I love to look at the old things and remember using them or my Mama using them.


I love antiques.

betty said...

It is an amazing thing about antiques. You don't know what will be worth something down the line and we can't keep everything from our growing up years, etc., yet I know there is money out there with people buying them. I know my sister-in-law is into them and knows a lot about stuff and what it is worth. Didn't get that bug myself, but that ice cream cone does look delicious!


Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
«Louis» got acrophobia looking at the photo of that train on that trestle in the mountains!

Ask Sherry to e-mail ol' «Louis» one of them butter pecan ice cream cones! Yum!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't have to go far at all to see a bunch of antiques. My house is filled with old stuff. I guess none of it is worth anything though. Nothing a collector would want. Glad you got together with you friends there and enjoyed the day. It's fun to look !

Chatty Crone said...

I love flea markets - I can pass the day just looking. And boy did that ice cream look delicious! sandie