Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our Motor Home Christmas

As worked outside after our last move my girl was decorating for Christmas.

Motor home and Christmas 015

I took the first picture across the top of the car, looks like ice doesn’t it. Of course it is not because it was about 80 degrees F.

Motor home and Christmas 017

Better picture lighted, below is the daylight shot from inside. Ceramic tree dolls and two bottle lights given to us by our sweet niece Peggy.

Motor home and Christmas 018 - Copy

Stocking (with Chrismons) made and given to us from Shirl

Motor home and Christmas 019Motor home and Christmas 020Motor home and Christmas 021

Above is our site and the view of tent campers across our front yard. This is The Orlando Thousand Trails RV park. Lots of folk here for the Christmas days and the commercial theme parks well known in this area.

One fun thing here is the sky writing.  The last time it was a love note to a girl friend,l this time it has a religious note: U + GOD. That was preceded by ‘Love God’ but it was too soon ruined by the slight wind.

Motor home and Christmas 013

Sky writing takes me back to my 1-3rd grades. I remember big Coca Cola  and Pepsi logos drawn in the sky. I would stand fascinated at how a pilot could carry that much smoke and get it right.Winking smile

Glad you dropped by, We will stay here for a couple weeks.

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We love being able to change our front yard.



This could be from the Villages. They have hundreds of Golf carts based on the classics.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your home looks very festive all decorated up. It really did look like ice across the hood. Glad you are enjoying nice weather there. It is 26 degrees outside here this morning.And there is really ice in places. We have to be careful where we walk, but the roads are nice and clear. Hope you both have a wonderful Sunday!

Chatty Crone said...

I remember sky writing when we were at the beaches!

And I love your Christmas decorations!


Mevely317 said...

I'm chagrined to admit, I've never seen a sky-writer, except in pictures or on TV. Had to be neat, seeing that ... and makes me wonder, how do they train for that sort of thing?

Love the sweet simplicity of your RV d├ęcor! Keeping it real - yea!



LOVE your Christmas decorations. That tree is sweet and so are the stockings.

Paula said...

I haven't seen any sky writing in years, it is so neat. Sherry did good on the decorations. Where are your boys now?

betty said...

That was a nice sky writing message with Love God, U + God. I haven't seen sky writing in years myself; neat to have the chance to see what messages are written in the sky where you guys are for a few weeks. Your kind of moving around from campsite to campsite is a good one; you don't get weary of the scene before its time to move and get a new one.

Lovely decorating Sherry did!


Lucy said...

You almost got me in the Christmas spirit. I am working on it. Love your Christmas decorations. Wish mine were that easy.

shirl72 said...

Decorations look good. I always
love to see sky writing. Love
to see what they wrote since they
are trying to get GOD out of everything..I wish they would go
to Washington and do the same
writing. They don't know that GOD
is still in control..

Rose said...

Love your Christmas decorations!

Great photos.

Hugs to my favorite couple!

Louis la Vache said...

"...change your front yard."
So, «Louis» wants to know "When California is going to be your front yard?"

Ol' «Louis» will take one o' them '57 Chevy golf carts, thank you very much!

Sheila Y said...

I love the ceramic day I'm gonna get me one. I don't think I've seen skywriting, if I did I don't remember it. Nowadays at the beach they pull the sign behind the plane. Waiting for snow, Sheila