Tuesday, December 3, 2013

To quote Willy, My Heroes have Always Been Cowboys…


That is not true with most of the youth today, their heroes are in the sphere of the future, singing, and an electronic environment.  Of course I would like to straighten them out and put them on the right road, but then they would probably end up with good morals but behind the rest in knowledge of the present world. 

Every generation has looked at the rising generation and knew they were headed to hell in a hand basket, and I and my peers are no different.  Unless we look around and say, this is their world now, we are gonna end up bitter and frustrated OLD PEOPLE because we are gonna live longer than our parents did, and see a lot more.


I wish I had the patience of my daddy and mama. Looking back I know they hated the ‘overall jacket’(I never could afford the leather jacket) and ‘T’ shirt. I had the skinny suede belts and wore my jeans low on my hips, we called it snake hips. I had a cool Ducks Tail, and loved my ‘Wild Root Cream Oil’.  (I can hear that commercial that used play on the radio in my mind now): “

Get Wild Root Cream Oil Charlie,

It keeps your hair in trim,

It’s non alcoholic Charlie.

Its made with soothing lanolin.

Anyway James Dean, Elvis, the Beatles and the The Black Board Jungle set the older generations on fire. We were going to ruin the USA…. Now it is our turn, honestly we didn’t ruin the USA, but in our minds this next bunch is surely going to. (IN OUR LIMITED OPINION OF THE FUTURE).

I am trying to be realistic, I am fearful that this generation is the one that will sink the USA, BUT is that true?  Are my grandkids and your grandkids that bad? NO THEY ARE NOT, I WILL TRUST THIS COUNTRY TO MY GRANDKIDS, most of them are smarter than I. 

HEY, I do not like the life styles of the youth, I do not like all their morals, but I am passing off the scene. At the most I have 15-20 years, God bless the kids they have 50-60 years, maybe more. I am going to trust them to do it right.

I am sorry, I do not like the style of church worship services today, in my humble opinion they ARE TOO LOUD. I don’t like all the tattoos, I do not like the piercing. But if they leave the alcohol excess off and drop the hard drugs, I can live with GREEN spiked hair and demolished jeans. Confused smile

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We still are a beautiful free in this country. If that is truly threatened, I know we have some young folk (backed by older believers) who will stand up for what is right.

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I am not always happy with our countries leaders, but in the long run, we will be fine. I love this country, just as a citizen of the UK, Russia, Canada, Mexico and the other countries love theirs.

Elvis sang:The future looks bright ahead, don’t be cruel!……





Every generation has had some skepticism about the next. In the long run it all works out.

Chatty Crone said...

I love the quote at the end - I'd say that is about what I feel and where I am at.

I love my husband - we're almost married 39 years, but and you know there has to be a but, he is like a henny penny - the sky is failing - the sky is failing. Now most of the time I am strong and I know it isn't and I chose not to think that way. But when I sick - or others are sick - problems and stress - I can let his negative attitude infiltrate my brain. It is most in the area you talk about - the future for the kids.

Now I worry too about my two grandchildren. I'd like to see the world in better shape for them - but this is where MY faith comes in.

Whatever happens the outcome will be okay. Life and struggles have been in every generation.

And this generation is no different. They will have to struggle. Decisions to be made.

Don't get me wrong - I love hugs - but he can have negative feelings at times.

Love, sandie

shirl72 said...

When we were young we were taught
respect for our elders. That is
one thing I object with today's
generation is most of them have no respect for others. I guess they
have to many attractions. I better
stop before I get on my soap-box.

Paula said...

I think it was Vaseline Hair Tonic Mel used. When he came to see me he always sat in the same straight chair and leaned his head against the wall. My mama always laughed about the greasy spot there on the wall. LOL She didn't get upset about it because he was out of school and had a good job and a car.

betty said...

I know with the church services and how loud they are, their theory is to attract the youth to want to come to church so some churches have adopted going out of their comfort zone with loud music, etc., to draw people into church, hoping they will stay, and knowing they need the saving grace of Jesus. I don't mind the loud so much as I want to make sure the songs are praise ones to give praise and glory to Jesus.

I wonder when my son is my age (I'm 32 years older than him) what the world will be like. Will he look back at fondness with how simple things were these days even though I don't think they are simple and there is a lot of immorality, etc. going on. Will it be worse 30 years later or will there be some great revival that will draw people back to more conservative living?

If I was of child bearing years, I'm not sure I would want to raise a child in the world today.


Elizabeth said...

Very good post! As I always say"God is still in control",so I am not worried about the future. I know everything will be alright.

Louis la Vache said...

Here's a couple ofCOWBOY HEROES for you, Jack!

salemslot9 said...

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