Thursday, December 12, 2013

Florida Orange Juice

Oranges Orlando 005

(I normally juice outside, but we were only doing enough for tonight and in the morning)

I think I say it every year, being raised in a parsonage had its advantages. I have always loved fruit. We had grape vines in Valdese, I love grapes. In Albemarle we had a pecan tree in the corner of the lot and persimmons behind the church. I ate ‘em but not my favorite. There were always friends with apple trees or some growing wild in the woods that I knew Johnny Apple seed planted for me. Winking smile Also out in the woods I felt like I had found gold when I ran across Muscatine's.

BUT we very seldom had citrus, (tangerines being my favorite), EXCEPT AT CHRISTMAS. Growing up most churches gave what was simply called ‘treats’. A big brown bag filled with fruit and a couple pieces of candy. The weekend before Christmas the church smelled of ORANGES.

Oranges Orlando 006

(The Hamlin is a juice orange, 12 made 22 oz. note the seeds, the Hamlin is full of seeds)

Especially one room where the treats were put together. Preachers kids were always recruited to assist volunteers that put things in the bags as they were slid past you on a bench. The last person would twist the bag to make a neck handle, and place it in one of the empty fruit boxes. I guess that is why oranges remind me of Christmas.

Oranges Orlando 007

(The first juice given the test, results, very good)

I am not sure if churches do that anymore.  If not the kids are missing out on a great feeling, a great gift at Christmas. Everyone got a treat, down to the babies. A family of 4-6 took a lot of fruit home to have to munch on over the Christmas week.

Oranges Orlando 008

(I love peanuts and orange juice)

I just juiced 12 oranges mostly Hamlins with a couple Navels.

Oranges Orlando 003

This is my favorite Christmas thing, the tractor and carolers.  We got this at Frankenmuth, MI at a Christmas store. I love the little thing.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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Christmas is a joyous time, celebrate and be happy. Enjoy the reason for the season….



Missed Lucy, gotta rush!


It gets harder as Santa ages….


Elizabeth said...

A very nice post!

Jean said...

I thought oranges and apples only riped at Christmas time it was the only time I remembered eating them while I was still a kid. Lol. I remember our church giving everyone a bag of fruit. Good pictures of you and Sherry enjoying your orange juice. Take care. Jean


Fresh orange juice is delicious. Yours looks yummy.

Glenda said...

FYI, there's a Meyer lemon tree in front of the house that has the most delectable lemoms! Twice cartons have left Chobee bound for MO in the past few weeks, they are fantastic this year. Perhaps all the rains gave extra nourishment?
Love from Chobee :) U like lemons??
Come on down!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Seeing you both enjoying that fresh orange juice makes my mouth water. How very good it must be. I always try to get my extra dose of Vitamin C in the winter time and oranges are my favorite way to do that. No fresh ones here, but what we have is good.

Paula said...

Sherry's hair looks especially pretty in this picture, the oranges look good too. One year John and I drove down to the valley to buy oranges but before we got there we found stands selling them so stopped there and bought. They were so good we stopped on the side of the road and ate oranges until we were ready to pop. Our church still gives everyone a bag with fruit, nuts, and candy.

betty said...

That is so cute with the tractor and the carolers, Jack. I can see why you like it. Unique! That orange juice looked good, refreshing I bet it was! Our church doesn't do give anything away to others at Christmas, might be a nice tradition to start though!


shirl72 said...

The orange juice looks good..
That is a neat juicer. I always
enjoyed helping put the treats
together to give away. That was
such a neat thing to do and
everybody loved treats. It is still
real cold here. I guess we will
be busy this week-end with Christmas
Parties and Anniv.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» knows why your are smiling as you sip that orange juice: while Sherry had her back turned, you poured a couple of fingers of vodka in it! :-)

«Louis» knows that rumor is TRUE because he started it himself...

Chatty Crone said...

WHen I see that fresh squeezed orange juice - I think about sunshine and warmth and Florida. sandie

salemslot9 said...

I went to Frankenmuth
when I was younger
with my folks
I still have
3 Christmas mice
they let me get
I got them because
I had hamsters at the time
I'd like to visit
with my John some day
he's never been there