Monday, December 9, 2013

Theme Parks

Theme Prks

When the kids were little we once took them to Six Flags over Georgia. Then upon our return from Cuba, we took them to Disney World. Then later as teens we took them to Carowinds near Charlotte. For the life of me I cannot remember much about the parks, BUT it musta been fun. To be honest here (as much as I can) I had to ask Sherry, I only remembered 6 Flags over Georgia.

thrillride3 carowinds

Then I turned to Sherry and said, “I think you and I went to Six Flags of Texas once.”

“You know, you are right, we did do that one summer.” She said, a little embarrassed that she had not remembered. (Usually she remembers it all, no joke, she has a fantastic memory.)


Every time we head south to Florida, we take I-77 and pass Carowinds. This time I noticed a HIGH and long Roller Coaster, That must be a thrill for the young folk, but NOT for this guy. that sucker looks scary!


So here we are, near Orlando, close enough to hear the fireworks they have every night and of course we are absolutely TOO OLD to go. Universal Studios is big also. There is a neat walk thru place called, “Holy Land Experience” for the folk who are religiously inclined. Jack Jr. once came down to Florida and took us to see it.  The place was interesting and a change of pace from the Theme Park experiences.


So if we don’t plan to enjoy the tourist stuff available in this over priced area, Why are we here? Short Story: We joined an “RV Park Association”, once we pay our yearly dues, we stay at any of the 80 RV parks at no additional cost. For us, it is a real deal because we will use the membership a lot since we live  full-time in this coach. We don’t mind being mistaken for ‘Tourists’.

Arches MOAB MOAB 062

I have said many times, we enjoy the natural beauties of the world the most, bit do not mind seeing the things humans have added. However most every thing pales to ‘The Grand Canyon’, the Arches,the Rocky Mountains, a desert, a cave, a whole ocean, snorkeling over a coral reef and Niagara Falls.

snorkeling 1snorleling

Desert and ocean sunsets can never be matched with paint and canvas or even a camera.

This trip Sherry and I are on will not last forever, we know that, but we are going to keep on until……………………….!2012 dec cruise 003 - Copy

Nite Shipslog


Nothing captures and holds beauty better than a memory.



The Santa of the Future


Jackie said...

You have seen beautiful sites on your travels...and you both ARE beautiful sights. I know that each one that meets you both loves you, and I pray for many many many more miles and years of traveling for you both.
Hugs and love,

Paula said...

We took the girls to Six Flags Over Texas one time with Mel kicking and screaming all the way. He never wanted to go to anything like that but he enjoyed it more then the rest of us after we got there. On The Runaway Mine Train I didn't know if I was going to lose my kid or my purse. I'm sure it's mild to the rides they have now but I have never been near a ride since then. I'm pure CHICKEN.

shirl72 said...

I went in my younger days, but
not today. I guess when you get
older they are not as fascinating.
I glad to see Santa on the way I need to talk to him about Christmas.
My Brother and Cousin said Santa
laugh when I told him I had been
good and almost cancelled Christmas.
I hope Santa comes by I will tell him they have been bad. hee hee

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis», for whatever reason, has never been to a theme park!

(His first wife said he is the theme park...
«Louis» thinks that was probably NOT a compliment...)

betty said...

I think it is a great journey you and Sherry are on now (and always in your lives together). It has taken you to many an interesting adventure and place! I'm with you though; I'm not one for those roller coasters. I do have to say though, going to the theme parks can be fun just for people watching alone (if it just wasn't so expensive to go there)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

To be where it is warm and the sun shines would be wonderful. As far as the parks go, I just like to look, I never was a fan of roller coasters for sure. Nature indeed supplies all the marvels we need.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh Jack I agree with you - seeing things made by God is much more intersting and beautiful then things made by men. ALthough sometimes it is nice to play.

I have wanted to see that one theme park there - The Holy Land experience.



LOvely sights and sounds to see without rollercoasters.