Monday, December 30, 2013

WOW what a year 2013 was….

So, how did 2013 treat you?

We are very happy, it treated us well. WE enjoyed our last trip around the USA. Including a family reunion out in the state of Utah with some wonderful folk. Grandsons and our beautiful Great granddaughter Elsie Mae. We got to meet the love of Ben’s life, Ashley. Carol, JJ’s first wife and her mom & Dad Dick & Joan.


(Always a thanks to Carol for this shot of the family)

Sidenote..Dick and Joan are RV’ers also. She just e-mailed me a few days ago they are down in Yuma for the winter. I wouldn’t mind being there.


(Buddy &  DI)


(Henry, Rose, Howard and I (I look like I have a stove pipe on)

I had a chance to see my childhood friend Buddy and his lovely Di in New Mexico, and visit with cousins Howard and Henry in Las Vegas.


Hey we even got to share a few minutes with sweet Lucy, Joe, and the Spunky one, in Nebraska.(I’ll probably regret using that sweet word, Surprised smileWinking smile) Oh we saw some beautiful country, we saw more of Indiana and Ohio than we have in the past.

We spent some time with Sherry’s brother Johnny and his beautiful daughter Candy up in Ypsilanti.

From Buchanan to YPSI 035mICHIGAN lastday 008

We got to see our good friends Fred & Frances and George & Donna. Even had a little time with a 2nd Cousin as we delivered a package from Las Vegas to Western NC.

Brannen get together 018BILOXI REUNION 035

Its been fun here in bloggerville, I don’t think I have made anyone ‘permanently’ mad at me. Oh hey, We had a great trip with out sons, jack Jr and Mark. We all did get to have a few minutes with Paula and John down south of San Antonio. She is another joy to be around. Just like you would think from her writing.


(Paula and John)

The River Walk in San Antonio is always a joy. I was glad to show the boys the Alamo. A week before we enjoyed an afternoon in the French Quarter and sharing some bei·gnet (ben-yey; French be-nye) and STRONG coffee with our sons.

San Antonio and RIVERWALK 023San Antonio and RIVERWALK 037 - Copy

First day in NAWLINS 014

After a summer like that we still vow to enjoy our family, what money we have will be used to support our lifestyle and allow us to spend more ‘Quality Time’ with the family. I have said this before, but it is probably true this time. that is probably our last trip around the USA.

Right now I am thinking about a family cruise after we have some time to put the money aside.

We are both in our mid 70’s and still able to get around I don’t want to wait too long. Here is hoping 2014 will even exceed the wonderful times of 2013.

Thanks for stopping by the log.

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PS:  There comes a time that you must look at life logically. I don’t care how good the health, age will do you in, so I am trying to out fox age and do everything before he puts me in the ground or in the rocking chair.


The Bath tub auto design (1940-50)



For a few years someone(?) decided cars should look like upside down bathtubs.



shirl72 said...

Life is good...Love the bath tub
I bet it would be a smooth ride.
Seeing all you family was great.
The family will probably get larger when the other grandson gets married.

When you get home we need to
have a backyard party this Summer.
You are right we are getting older. Need to live it up. We are
still freezing.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You did have a wonderful year. It is great to look back and have such wonderful memories! More snow in Ohio to day and in the 20's here.

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a lot of good times. Wishing you and yours many more in the New Year!

Paula said...

It was a joy to meet the four of you. John is not in to computers, blogging or anything of that sort but I think he did enjoy meeting all of you. The year 2013 was pretty good to me health wise. I'll always have the blood condition but I did feel better this year then last year. Everything else went smooth and plain the way we like it.


Twas a GOOD year, for sure.

Jackie said...

It has been a wonderful year for our family. Thank you for asking.
You and your family have had a lovely one, and I thank you for sharing it with me through your blog and your emails.
It was wonderful to meet you and Sherry via your blog, and I look forward to many more visits with you and yours here in Blogland.
Happy New Year, my friend.

betty said...

What a great year you and Sherry had, Jack! Lots of travels and meeting up with family friends! Wonderful memories had!

You know bits and pieces of my year, LOL. I can only hope 2014 is a better one :)

Happy New Year Sherry and Jack!


Louis la Vache said...

It was quite the year for you and Sherry, Jack!
We appreciate being able to join you for the trip by reading your blog!

Upside down bathtubs is right re those first post-war cars! That Mercury you show is certainly among the ugliest, though the prize for UGLY goes to that postwar Nash, '48-'51.

Check back on «Louis'» blog for the comment by Jim in Sydney and «Louis'» reply... :-)