Sunday, December 22, 2013

The All-In-One computer…

This is a computer built into the monitor. Right?  Do any of the readers have one and what do you think about it?


(Pictures today are from Lapanto, Arkansas. The Movie “John Grisham’s Painted House” This is the house used in the movie.)

We will probably up grade next year away from the PC that I prefer, because it is what I am familiar with. I do not like the laptop because of the key board.  I prefer the large keyboard like I have now. I hit enough keys at the same time now on this thing.


I understand there are some that integrate the touch and keyboard. I might like that, just not sure. No one respects advanced technology more than I, but I hate to adjust and learn something new.  Probably for those of you who use the ‘smartphone’ it isn’t much of a transition.


I really do like the idea of gaining the space under the table by losing the BOX with the million wires to it. If you have the All-In-One, was there any problem transferring the data from your old computer to the new.


One more question, Imma thinking Windows 8 comes with the newer computers, I have heard a lot of yelling and frustrating bad words, is it because it is new, or because it is truly messed up?  In your opinion of course.


I have one other question.  We have two computers in this motor home, mine and hers. Presently we both cannot use the printer. do any of you have two computers in the house and share the use of the printer?  I figure there is a way, I just do not know it.

Okay, that is it. I just had the questions on my mind.

Thanks for coming by and the answers if you have any.

Nite Shipslog


If we are going to continue on these places called a social network, we will have to fight thru the changes. I admire all you (young at heart) girls TT, Lucy, Shirl, Paula and Jean, who (say some bad words) but still walk right thru this stuff. Even my girl bounces from one page to another and thru FB,  Nice. Y’all deserve an ATTA-GIRL.



(for some reason methinks I have used this one!)


Louis reminded me it was Ricardo Montilbon who advertised the Cordoba.(rolling the r) On another blog entry.


Paula said...

I have the all in one and I have mixed emotions about it but I am getting used to it. I love not having all the wires under my desk so I could vacuum if I wanted to. lol Have the wireless mouse and touch screen but I find myself not using the touch screen much. It is very different to me but your would catch on much faster then I do I'm sure.

Chatty Crone said...

I hate laptop keyboards.
I have heard Windows 8 was a nightmare. There was something coming out this past October that is Windows 8 updated to a more friendly version.
And yes there is a way to hook up two computers to the same printer. Do you have a Microcenter near you - they can tell you anything and everything.


And I just talked to son and DIL - it is against the law now for drug companies to even give out a pen with their name on it anymore. NOTHING can be given.
And when they ask him to come speak - and he takes money to do that - they put his name on some list for two years. He said he didn't care about that. lol
Being a doctor is not what it used to be.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm no help in your decision making. I have a Mac Book laptop and love it. I can plug a regular keyboard into the usb port if I want, but the laptop keyboard is ok for me. I've gotten used to it. I love not having all the wires needed and I really like Mac over PC's I have had both. As for the printer I'd love to have a wireless one but don't . Hope you find the computer you like. I've never seen an all in one, now I'll have to check that out.

Dar said...

I have an all-in-one and love the loss of the wires and the tower. Mine is Windows 8 and I'm adjusting. It's also like Paula's with the touch screen, sometimes I use it, sometimes not. As for speed, anything is faster than what I had and this is fast. Also, I still use my keyboard and mouse. sometimes, ya just can't teach an old dog like me, a new trick...I'm still adjusting to loading pictures and filing I said about the old dog....
I like it well enough...Mine's a Dell We have well over a foot of snow, ya want some???
Merry Christmas to you Both


Good luck with the printer and computers.

betty said...

I'm with you, Jack, I don't like to adapt to new things with technology, especially if I'm familiar with my old stuff. I do know it is possible to run two computers through one printer because we do it all the time, one laptop and one desktop. I think you just have to plug the printer into the one you want to print from and maybe make sure the printer is installed for that computer.

I'm only on Windows 7 so can't tell you much about that, but I didn't notice too much problems with it when it was upgraded from whatever the program was before it.


Louis la Vache said...

Get a Mac, Jack!
Once you Mac, you won't go back!

It's all Mac, all the time at Chez la Vache.
2 iMacs (desktop)
1 MacBook Air
1 iPad IV
1 iPad Mini
1 iPhone 5S
1 iPhone 5C
and «Louis» uses Apple's AirPort Express for the WiFi signal in the house.

shirl72 said...

You all left me..I have windows
XP when Jack had me get a computer
in 2007. I guess I am behind but
it all I need I do e-mail and
read blogs and that all I can]handled I am not to savvy on the computer.

Rose said...

I'm on Windows 7. I don't like the all in one. I'm all for a desktop computer.

It is my understanding that Windows 8.5 came out recently to cover the gliches on the Windows 8.

Sadly, when they make upgrades to the operating systems, what we are used to using are still there, they just hide it or change the name so we just get confused but in their position, they made changes so they get a raise! LOL

Eventually, everyone will have to upgrade because older computers will not sync with other programs.

HP is a good product.

I need a good keyboard to type that is why laptops are not for me. They also overheat quickly.