Saturday, January 9, 2021

Kids, gotta love ‘em, WE kids do not stop learning

Automobiles from The Past:


1933 Dynamaxiom (Musta been the fore runner of the VW Van!)

For Today:’

I remember learning birds sometimes stuck their heads under their wings to sleep or stay warm. I thought that was so cool.  I remember hearing our son Mark say once while watching birds, “How do they live without hands?”

Sherry’s mama would quote this to the Kids:

The north winds will blow and we shall have snow,

And what will the Robin do then?

He will fly to the barn, to keep himself warm,

And hide his head under his wing, poor thing!

Kids are like cats, ‘curious.’  They are also like dogs and puppies, they can be entertained with no more than a rag, mop or ladder. I used to wonder how my dog could retrieve a stick as many times as I could throw it and come back for more.

Walking here in the park we are seeing more kids than usual? Pandemic? School out for Christmas? Home schooling? Who knows, I watched a girl about 8-10 years old with a straight ladder on the ground. Amazing how many ways she could use it. Balance on the edges, walk the rungs, jump flat-footed between the rungs even do it backwards there is no end to a kids imagination.

Can you remember how much fun you had as a kid just playing tag, hide and seek, etc.  I remember how much fun it was to ‘cut flips’’, or run backwards..

Now, learning: 

I had the strangest feeling when  I opened curtains and seeing this:

Our new neighbor had dropped grey towels in the yard. No it looks more like just a wad of grey fur, what the heck is it?

I went outside, and the grey piles came alive! The giant bird had folded up with his longneck and head under his big wing.

These dudes stand about 4 feet tall, These were about six feet from me (good SOCIAL Distance from dem beaks)

  These Sand Hill cranes are beautiful and strange. I woke them up and they started talking with two Cranes across the road. 

Have you ever heard one? The weirdest ‘croak you have ever heard. At times sounds like a large KNOCK, then it sounds like a tinkling bell.

I had no idea that the cranes folded up like what I saw this morning. I guess I thought they would roost somewhere. BUT as friend Rick would say, “Every day is a school day!”


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betty said...

Oh my goodness, those cranes were amazing to see in a picture; I can't imagine seeing them in person!! The games and imagination kids play are so fun to observe :) Glad kids are outside and not inside behind technology like cell phones and the like :)


Glenda said...

Great photos, wonderful post! You must have the best memory of anyone I've ever met. Your stories are the BEST...fuggedaboudit Sean [just kidding] My two favorite writers in Blogville!!! BTW, say a prayer for Jua and Vickie, flying out to Cabo San Lucas.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That would have been a sight to see. I truly believer every day we learn something new no matter how old we are. Glad they got up and moved when you could see them. Nature is amazing !

Dar said...

At first I thought the gray blob was a large surprised me to see it was cranes at rest. We see them every spring and throughout the summer as they nest here and raise their young in the fields until it's time for them to fly south. Their mating dance is a sight to see as they jump up and down facing each other, throwing their legs forward while bobbing their heads up and down. It's amazing and I hope you'd get to witness it someday. As for kids, I love the games we used to play and always, we spent our entire day outside, even in the rain (unless there was lightening ), then mom said it was time to get inside and take cover. lol, loved playing outside.
loven'hugs from up north where Bill and I are about to head to the cabin in the UTV to ride the trails in a foot of snow....we're playing.

Mevely317 said...

No hands? I'm chucking about Mark's question.
Yep, I still remember feeling thrilled by the presence of those cranes. (And occasionally annoyed when they wouldn't get out of the road. LOL)

Nice knowing there are still children out there, using their imaginations.

Woody said...

Nice Entry, My Honey would take Bread out and call the Sand Hill Cranes and feed them pieces of Bead when at Buck Head Ridge Camp Grounds, 1 House we rented for the winter in Okeechobee had a huge tree, unknown to us it was a "Roosting Tree" for Wood Storks and Cranes and there was no sleeping past 6AM due to the awful noises these large Birds made ! Glad you are enjoying yourselves, enjoy, Love, Gary an Anna Mae

Lisa said...

Wow, I had no idea they would fold up like that either (You got me laughing). They are beautiful.
Yes, I remember finding things to play with when I was young. We loved playing with old tires and swing sets were a big hit.

From 36 degree Gtown