Monday, January 11, 2021

Misc stuff and Pandemic numbers fake?

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Today I was as confused as this Jeep

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This is my third attempt to come up with a blog entry with less than 350 words. Not happening yet.  First it was bragging on my Grand kids.  We have some very good ones, some of them Great! Just ask any grandpa, right?

Anyway I saved that one, maybe make a series. LOL

Then I got on a kick of "Are the Pandemic Number exaggerated?" I ended up with ten graphs and a bunch of quotes. My side of the table was covered with research. My research seemed to show YES, but not to the level to make it all false. Sure I have no doubt that someone's mama or cousin who had a heart attack, might have been falsely listed as Covid.  But the figure would be less than 1%. I could find no solid proof that there was a concerted agreed effort to raise the numbers.

I scrubbed that one it got more complicated and too many graphs. I have wasted a day (as far as the blog goes). BUT I learned a lot.  There is a lot of false data floating around out there.

Some are out and out lies, that people are telling and spinning to make their opinions look good.

I remember getting very upset when some of my friends would e-mail me BS about Obama. He was not my favorite president, but I did not like 'silly comments' and suspicions.  I did like President Obama's effort to normalize our relations with Cuba.

FINALLY!!!!!  Please do not laugh and make fun of the breach of our Capitol. It was done by IGNORANT people seemingly treating their actions like 'We are simply crashing a frat party or wedding where we are not invited.' WHILE illegally entering the highest level of our government which stands for freedom, and our rights of free speech. WE were supposed to learn we were not to go to the principal's office unless invited.

Ok I am outta here.  Feel  free to take a shot at me.  WAIT that is a joke!!!! Or as my grands' would say "Hyperbole"!!

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PS: I made it 347 words (not counting the PS


Mevely317 said...

I don't know who to believe anymore. Or should I say, who I DON'T believe. Have a great day!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don'y this thnk anyone could deny the fact that the numbers are high. We just have to take a look around to know there are many suffering from it. Knowing my own family has been affected brights home the point. Ther mis always some fake news out there but we can chick its out. There is facts to suppor or deny t most anything. Keep safe and healthy.

yaya said...

Right about now I'm really not sure who or what to believe. However, what was done on Wednesday at the Capital was not patriots trying to have a tea party. It was mob mentality that was an embarrassment to this wonderful country. I'm glad many have been arrested. I'm all for free speech and the right to protest but destroying property and injuring and killing people is barbaric. That's all for today! Now for some positivity...have a wonderful day!

boromax said...

Dear Brother Jack,
I am not sure why you are striving to keep your posts under 350 words. Is that some "blog writing best practice" someone has told you? I for one am perfectly willing to read as many words as you've got in you for any given blog entry. Reading your blog is a terrific pleasure; indeed, it is a privilege! Write away, Sailor! Write on!

Sounds like I have my tongue in my cheek, but I am honestly serious.

I trust what you write. You are not fake news.



write as much as you like. i'm here to read. my older daughter works in a hospital and my yougest in a lab. they are telling me the numbers are actually higher than reported. so you can add that tidbit to your calculations. i am deeply alarmed and saddened about what happened at the Capitol too.

Lisa said...

You hear so much on both sides of the fence. I hear nurses around here say that it’s NOT as bad as they say and they are actually laying off Nurses. Then some nurses say it is bad. My doctor says that most of positive cases are just colds or flu which both will show up as Covid as they are both a type of covid virus. We have just not used that term until now. However, there is a more serious strain that is hitting some people and some cant fight it off. Whatever it is, I don’t wont it. My parents have it right now but both feel ok and both in there 80’s. I have been checking on them each day. Its been almost a week for them now. I have not been around them since New Years so Im good.

Stay safe