Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Not to be out-done

  Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

Evelyn knows I love old cars, she called us once to see some on New Hope Road near Belmont.

For Today...

Our friend Don comes to Florida every winter (most times he brings flowers, sometimes he brings Evelyn, his wife). BUT every year he does bring plants of some kind.

This year I decided not to be out done, I would bring my wife AND A PLANT! I SEARCHED FOR THE PROPER VASE. After getting the vase at much expense I transferred my latest trial at killing plants.  I have been very good at that in the past, I just hope it doesn’t continue.

I chose an unbreakable vase due to its riding in the coach.

Our home at Thousand Trails Orlando

In just over a week, if I can keep these plants alive that long, I might get some professional advice from Don.  We are supposed to be in the same RV Park then.

This is the entry to Don/Eve's front porch, the porch has rockers and a swing

(This is just a sample of the flowering around their house, that is their RV out in the field, Don has hookups out there.)

Evelyn and Don are good friends and have a beautiful country home in our area of North Carolina. Like Sherry, they are life time residents of the Belmont area and attended the same schools as Sherry. I was in the same school for a year myself, before I became the only drop out of the group.

Don is amazing, with flora and fauna. He has his own large pond and 'raises cane' and stuff, he even ‘found’ marijuana on their land once. The dude has a green thumb. He even trains his butterflies. I remember Rick, of Alabama, could get butterflies to ‘pose’ for him. Don can do the same.

Does that make your nose itch?

Anyway, this year we have our own plant! no butterflies ;-)



PS .  Short movie of one of Don's butterflies.


betty said...

That is impressive with the video of Don and the butterfly!! Wow, I'd love to be able to do that! Good luck with your plant, Jack!


yonosoymillenium said...

What a nice post! I love everything. It has been the most interesting.
I saw your blog and I thought you might like us to follow each other. Follow me and I will follow you as soon as possible. Let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you! :) 💜💜💜

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Nixw ro aww raw pixruewa od you e home rhwew in rho park and do hope your plant makes it. It'll be nice to have the advise of your friend. Anyone who grows flowers and loves butterflies are good people in my books.Hope the visit is successful !

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sorry for all the typos. Meant to say nice to see your home there in the park.and do hope your plant makes it.

yaya said...

Cute home and I love your plant and vase! Good luck with that! The video of your friend is pretty impressive. He must have good vibes that attract butterflies and make the land productive! I envy the lovely flowers. I do enjoy when I can plant my yard with color. Still have some months to do that! Enjoy your time in Orlando!

Mevely317 said...

Given the price of planters/vases lately, yours is brilliant! Please let us know Don's reaction!
That's pretty neat about the butterflies. Did you, by chance, see Sean's column yesterday?

Woody said...

Nice Plant and Vase, Butterflies are delicate and I have never had one come very close to me !! I like your RV Site. Looks pleasant ! Neat Video ! Sending warm thoughts down to you and Sherry, Love Gary an Anna Mae !

Tina Harris said...

Hey all ya'll fair weather friends of mine. It's freezing in Belmont, we even got some snow and freezing rain yesterday. Happy New Year! Ya'll keep smiling and laughing and having fun! Don you are the first butterfly whisperer I've ever known. I can tell you are in good spirits and I pray you're all in good health. Stay safe and know that you are loved❣������

Lisa said...

The place you visited on New Hope Rd. is a friends of ours named Charlie Craig. Not sure if it was the car show you visited or not but he has an annual car show each year. Everyone drives in with their old cars. We like to go look around. Nicks uncle Jim will usually have his vintage race car there for show as well.
I like the flower vase. That is some resourceful thinking. And that Don is a butterfly whisperer!

Snow dusting on the ground in NC