Monday, January 4, 2021

Sherry and I are not as close as we were

  Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

1964 Corvair. We had a hardtop version and loved it.

For Today...

Sherry & I both now have ‘all in one’ HP personal computers. (Mine is back on line thanks to Grandson Josh, the wizard). When we moved into an RV to live we had one PC, Sherry did not have much to do with it. Facebook was not big then. I rigged a place for the ‘bulky PC & printer) in limited space. Gradually we shared the computer as she was getting more involved. We hooked to a cell phone for internet.

This is Josh in the first coach on the PC, we had 9-10 family in that day.

Grandson Matt at the computer then also, Below was Luke and friend playing the short guys. (you can see it was a little crowded, but we loved it)

WE traded Coaches and had a cabinet maker build us the setup we now have here in the coach. I received a new BULKY PC for Christmas and shifted the old one to her side of the kitchen table. That was more wires and the huge ‘boxy computers were under the table with monitors and keyboards useable on both sides.

The original layout is above; the added cabinet is below.

The view below is when Sherry was using the old laptop, now there is a PC both sides.

The latest addition to our lives is the Trailer in Leesburg. There I made us a computer room (BR2) with our PCs side beside. No longer a table between us. I can lean over and get a kiss most any time and also play with touch her leg a little. We were that way for 3 months.

(above is the closer setup at the trailer)

Now we are again 32 inches apart, a table has come back between us. BUT it is worth the sacrifice because we are back in the coach and very seldom are over 8 feet apart. We sorta like that. We have had our BIG separations while I was active duty, we do not want more.

If we could magically clear everything out of our home and turn it over to Tom (Mr. rental man) and come back on the road to live, ‘I’ would do it. Saying ‘I’ because methinks Sherry might prefer as-is.

So now the truth is out, from sitting 12-16 inches apart, we are not as close anymore.


PS .  Blogger Lisa and hubby have their camper at an Atlantic beach Campground. Diana (of Nana Diana) mentioned on her blog that their RV will stay on an annual or seasonal spot since it is getting hard for hubby to tear down and hook up during trips.  We have friends in the same situation. ALSO I am noticing it is taking me longer than it did in the past.

MA too, has moved out of her  ‘Summer’ RV home she enjoyed into permanent foundations.



betty said...

Amazing how technology has advanced so much but glad that you and Sherry can still be relatively close while you are enjoying the Internet :)


Lisa said...

Nick has a Dell Laptop and I do everything from my iPad. I love my iPad. I can log into anything just like a computer. We live in a ranch style home but rarely in separate rooms. We do well when we are close together in our camper.

Heading to work

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Being in your home on Wheels, makes for a lot of closeness anyway you look at it. It's a good thing you two like each other and get along so well. Not everyone could take that kind of closeness but very glad you can do it !

yaya said...

All you gypsies! You're enjoying your life and that's the best thing! I love reading about your adventures!

Susan Kane said...

In Ireland, you would be called "a traveler". It is a good thing you and Sherry like each other.

Mevely317 said...

Another attention-getting title!
I don't think I've anything to hide from Tom, but do prefer my privacy while on-line. So glad you've a system that works so well. Unless one of you is left-handed? :)

Dar said...

Bill and I have one PC and it works well for us. He's probably on it more than I am doing research when he needs to know more ... lol, like UTube for how to fix this or that...he loves it. I usually check my emails and load pictures to work with and read your blog. Pinterest was fun for a while but I'm almost over it for a while, at least. It's time to get my plans together for my 2021 gardens. That's the life I love. Like others have said, it's a good thing you and Sherry like each other. LOVE each other. It makes tight spaces more fun.
loven'hugs from up north where our trees have been full of ice frost which is just gorgeous and full of sparkles.