Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Take care of business!

 Cars from the past:

In the mid 50s This Studebaker Golden Hawk was an Eye catcher.

For today:

We who are alive, if we have not, SHOULD TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS! That being the business of our passing.  I have seen this a couple times and it is never no fun. Your loved one is out of pain, no longer confined to a hospital or assisted living bed; they have FLOWN away.

But someone is left to tie the loose ends together. Sherry kept asking Johnny to take care of things.  Did he? Nah, he told his good friend Debbie to handle it. 

Today we found out that his niece Brenda has one piece of paper. Giving her 100 shares of GM to handle things. OUCH. I checked the rate today that is about $54 a share.  Not sure of Michigan, but NC that would not bury you.

Imagine going to a bank and saying, "Hey, my brother Johnny just died.  We need to draw out some money to cover burial until his estate is settled."

 "Are you the beneficiary?"
"No he didn't have a will!"
Of course they would look at you like you just fell off the turnip truck. You are asking them to break the law!

Even when the deceased has all the ducks in a row, filling in the blanks and tying up all the loose ends is a big job.  Just imagine a person passing with NO WILL.  Johnny was always foot loose . Bills, wills, living will and that stuff is for money people.

He once had an account down here. His best friends wife was vice president of the bank. He told Sherry the money was there. Sherry said, "Johnny, you need someone on that account, or at least designate someone in the event of your death." 
"Nah, Fox's wife will take care of that."   Sherry and her niece have been on the phone with GM, Met Life and Fidelity along with funeral homes in Ypsi and Belmont. ALL DAY, and NOTHING was settled but the ball was started to roll. LOL

WE all say, "Well, that was Johnny!"  But that saying does not do the leg work and problem solving.  OUCH.

When we suggest family members prepare, they NORMALLY SAY I do not have time to go sit with an attorney and answer questions and pay the fees.  I ALWAYS say, then at least sit down and WRITE A WILL and have someone witness it or get it notarized.  FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR FAMILY DO IT!

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PS:There are too many sites on the net to form up at least a basic will to DO NOTHING!

PS 2: We are now back at our home base in North Carolina until....  Today they were told it would be at least 10 days before an answer would be available from GM


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is good advice for sure. Sorry things weren't taken kare of my Johnny, now his loved ones suffer for it. When we have a family it's our responsibility. Hope it all works out for the best. Try to enjoy the waiting time and take care. Hugs from Ohio.

Mevely317 said...

I'm so sorry to hear y'all are having to jump through these hoops. Again.

You know, I never put much faith in signs -- God winks, if you will. But yours is the 3rd such message I've read today ... and I'm not even out of my pjs.

Without going into unnecessary detail, yesterday's news pushed me over the ledge, and I made some angry comments on-line. But this morning, another blogger friend wrote a thoughtful post about kindness. When I picked up my new-to-me book of daily devotions, today's topic was Anger Management. (Published in 1985, no less!)

Then, your first-person account of picking up someone else's pieces. See, I've had this 'task' on my weekly to-do list for the better part of a year. Somehow it keeps getting put off for another time. Years ago I downloaded generic Living Will, final wishes (etc.) forms off the internet. Unfortunately, they were State of Arizona specific; plus, I'm no longer in agreement with some of the stuff I wrote at the time. Pretty sure something like that's available for Alabama residents. I'm going to look today.

Thanks for the proverbial 'kick.' Oh, and sorry to be so wordy. Love y'all!

Dar said...

We finally sat down with a lawyer and wrote out our wishes so the kids don't have to take those reins and things won't end up in a lengthy probate...I'm sorry you have to do this again as we know how stressful and at times, a very difficult thing. Hugs to Sherry and her niece, as well as yourself as you worry about the stress level for them. Our deepest prayers continue.
loven'hugs from up north where, from freezing temps to mid 20's, it feels refreshing as a mild heatwave. Your family is fortunate to have you two.

Lisa said...

We keep saying we need to get a will made up but we keep putting it off. However, our banking is POD with a beneficiary so we are good on that part... I think.
Still praying for you guys.

Glenda said...

Great advice, sorry y'all have had such difficulty. It gave you an opportunity to "preach" again! For those blog readers who don't have a copy of Jack Darnell, Sr's book "Gracefully Grasping for Dignity", Decisions Facing the Elderly...probably contact Jack.

I just looked on Amazon; it is available on Kindle but not in paperback. Love and prayers for success in this challenging endeavor.
Love, Glenda

Sheila Y said...

Give Sherry my condolences, so sorry to hear about her brother’s passing. Thinking of you and your family. ❤️ Sheila