Thursday, January 7, 2021

The beginning of our Gypsy Life

 Autos of interest from the past.

 1969 GTO the Judge

We were about 40 when we started seriously planning for our future. Also at that time I had made my last career change.

Up until that time we had used tents, pop-ups and travel trailers for vacations. We knew we enjoyed the outdoors and travel.

We had never been inside a motorhome, but thought we might like it. WE checked on renting one for a month but the cost was ridiculous. For a month’s rental we could buy a small used coach. We bought a small Ranger:

(The little covered bridge is near Asheboro, North Carolina)

After several trips in it while still working, we took a couple weeks and traveled up to NY then to Cape COD. We fell in love with the motorhome. It was less trouble than towing a ‘tag-a-long’ trailer. We also came to love the northeast. The difference in the tag-a-longs and coach?  Yep you must Register, tag & insure the Coach, which made it more expensive than the other type RV.

We decided to take time off the next year; go to Florida, in search of a bigger one.

We bought a 38.5’ Overland. Then back to NC. Sherry driving the little one; me the big daddy.

(Sonny and Collette went with us a lot, this was in the Dakotas)

Our home at the time, had an indoor pool and we were fearful of leaving it unattended. We put it up for sale; it sold quickly.  I was building us another home at the time, so the Bigger MH fit well at the building site to live in and travel some, while I finished the house.

(Nothing like being this close to your job. We still had the small Ranger. There are three houses behind the coach we had already finished.)

WE learned to love a big coach and after 5 years bought the Diplomat with slide-outs; sold the Overland. 

What to do with our home? We bought a 53’ trucking Trailer to store the remaining Household goods; we parked it on wooded property we owned. Our home went up for sale but did not sell right away so we turned it over to Tom (Mr. Rental agent). The rent helped us finance our travels once we hit the road.

The storage trailer idea was the worst decision I made. I had no idea we would be gone as long as we were. I did not check it often enough, but most of the stuff was ruined over the years. It would have been better to give the stuff away, but as they say hindsight is 20/20.




Glenda said...

What a sweet story of your friends, love those butterflies perched on Don's face!!! That photo of the old bridge brought back memories of reading "Bridges of Madison County" (IOWA was the setting). It's great to know y'all are having fun time and you're NOT cracking the whip to get Sherry to help you with your "projects". LOVE Y'ALL, Glenda

betty said...

You and Sherry certainly have had a great life living in your various motor homes and traveling :) I think any type of storage bin or storage unit, etc. is not a good idea. Better to get rid of the stuff and then buy it again if needed :)


yaya said...

I loved reading about how you came to be where you are now. You've had many adventures and have done what you love. You've made friends over the years and raised a family. I'm sure it wasn't all rainbows and unicorns but I'm glad your health is good and you can keep traveling! You are an inspiration!

Chatty Crone said...

I think you two are a wonderful couple and focused and wanting the same thing. I think it is awesome.

Dar said...

You two are the sweetest Gypsies I know. You found what you love and went for it. We did the same thing with our little log cabin by the creek. It's close to home so we visit often. It makes our hearts sing just like your traveling does for you. We've all had good lives, haven't we.
loven'hugs from up north where we see deer, partridge and squirrels daily. We have so many blessings from God. Have a great weekend, dear friends.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It would be easier driving a coach than towing a trailer. Good you started smaller to see how you would like it. it is a gypsy way of life, but seems to fit the two of you just perfect !

Mevely317 said...

Like Sandie said, I think it's wonderful that you two share the same focus! I'd love to experience the coach lifestyle someday ... but strictly as a passenger. I'm getting so bad at driving anything bigger than my Camry; and, in fact, refuse to back up his Tacoma with the shell using only the side mirrors.

Lisa said...

You kids are living the dream.

Still dreaming over here.