Saturday, January 16, 2021

Today I had a first, NOT just a Birthday.

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


Above the 1939 Studebaker with 'suicide' rear doors.

The sought after 1939 Buick 4 door convertible.

For today My 82nd Birthday (and I can still walk around):

I know it is hard to believe but over the years my advice has been asked many times.

1.     "Hey, hair question for you, Should I keep my duck's tail with my flat top?"

2.       Which work-boot do you suggest, Craftsman or Dexter?

3.       What is the best circular saw, Milwaukee or B&W?

4.       What is the best hammer?

5.       Is it better to buy wooded or cleared land?

The examples above are just to show I have been asked mostly about work and building related subjects.

The famous '39  Ford Notice the crank, this car could still be cranked without a starter.

No one has ever asked me about Airlines or Cruise ships. I seldom get questions of space travel. I do at times get simple questions concerning repair of the 50’s cars, I was pretty good at that.

I do get many questions asking which branch of service I preferred, since I have served on active duty in 3. In mind, I was military at 5 yrs old. I planned to join the military as soon as I possibly could, even tried under age. I actually liked them all.

USMC.. The best being standard in discipline. Promotions Okay. Some schools, Great camaraderie's to this day.

USAF.. Best duty, Great schools. Discipline lax and strong according to the base. Promotions the WORST (at the time I was in)..

USN.. Good schools and according to your job good duty. Promotions the BEST because you were tested against your peers thru-out the Navy. Our best duty station EVER was in the USN and that was isolated duty at GITMO.

NOW About a first? Sherry says to me today: “You have a text you need to answer.” And handed me the phone.

In my now 82 years, I have never had this kind of question.  This one from Grandson Luke who is a young Bachelor:

(Luke  when he was  in Florida helping his dad remodel a house. Luke is our youngest home owner, his paid off, he is 25!)

“Grandpa, how do you make your beef stew? I am going to try that for supper.”  I knew he loved my beef and gravy, it is good. I was sorta flattered.





Lisa said...

This was a fun read. Thats cute that he wants a recipe from granddad! Be sure he gets it.


Chatty Crone said...

Happy birthday - now that has to be a great feeling having your grandson ask you for a recipe!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

If he asked for your recipe, then you know he liked it for sure ! What a compliment that is to your cooking. You should be proud of your answer to that one. Maybe you could share the recipe with all of us.

Mevely317 said...

Yes, THAT's a great compliment. Now, Ma just beat me to it: Are you going to share it with us?

Pretty impressive, Luke being 25 y/o and already owning his home. Must be those good Darnell genes!

Glenda said...

Awe, that Luke is a cutie! Love those cars and I know you do too!!!
Kinda busy down here, too tired to read and that's tired :) Love y'all Glenda