Wednesday, January 13, 2021

When you think you are sick? You start Thinking!

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


A car stuck in the mud years ago in Cedar Break, Utah

For today:

A few days ago I thought I was sick, I felt a symptom of Covid ‘I thought.’ It was nothing…..  Then last night my girl could not sleep and came in the living room to read. I got up made the bed and she had breakfast, a real breakfast, small left-over steak pieces au jus, eggs and grits + butter and jelly + biscuit…….   HOWEVER, She looked worried as she said, “I think I am sick!” she said. We said Grace, and ate.

THAT IS WHEN I STARTED THINKING!!!!!! (That is dangerous!)

‘What in the heck are we doing? Running all over the country.  If one of us gets really sick I do not want to be this far away from the boys and family.’

By sick, nowadays means, COVID!

“Do we have a thermometer?” she asks. She knew when I I was SICK, I had to go out and buy one because the coach was in the shop.  So yes, we have one. I got it drenched it in alcohol and she put it in her mouth. She mistakenly read 104. (skeered me) I read it and it wasn’t even up to 98 yet.  So we timed it again 3+ minutes, she had NO fever. I was able to smile.  She still felt bad on her stomach for the day and we did not walk.

BUT, but it has caused me some reason to THINK. We have been acting normal, doing what we always did. Seldom in contact with anyone.  Just recently WE made an 8000 mile trip and came in contact with less people than others do in their daily life. BUT, but again all it takes is one mistake on our part or someone else’s and we could be Covid Postive.

YEP, when you think you are sick, then you THINK!  I have not felt well since watching the breech of out Capitol. I cannot remember anything bothering me that much. So I am still THINKING!



PS: Have you started into a store lately and realized you forgot your mask?




bobbie said...

Both of you ~ GO GET TESTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COVID can manifest with GI {gut} symptoms!!

Chatty Crone said...

Well I am glad you had the equipment (thermometer) on board!


I know what you mean about worrying about Covid. Both our daughters had it and they were very sick. When my hubby or i get a slight chill or feel crummy it's the first thing that comes to mind. since the Capitol incident, like you, i just don't feel like my normal myself.

Mevely317 said...

I can SO relate to what you're feeling! Last Monday I woke up with a sore throat and hoarse voice -- "Uh-oh, this is it." Embarrassing to admit, but I've begun taking my temp every day ... sometimes more. Thankfully, it wasn't elevated but I began taking Tylenol and gargling. Two days later I felt fine. But ya, this THING has lots of Us second-guessing every cough.
Your breakfast sounds delicious!

Dar said...

Yes, the treat on our Capitol and our lives with Covid both make us sick to our stomachs. I pray you're both feeling better...lemon or mint tea calms my tummy. Have a safe, are you going back home?
loven'hugs from up north where we wait today, on the log trucker picking up our sawlogs to take them to the lumberyard. It should be a profitable day so Bill can get a more powerful tractor to run his sawmill.

Dar said...

a BIG OOPS.........I meant to say, the ' threat ' on our Capitol.....

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I will be praying that neither of you gets the virus. Our thoughts do immediately go to the virus these days when we don't feel good, but it can be checked out by a test. Get the test if it makes you feel better. Hoping you are both better very soon. Lovse and hugs from Ohio.

yaya said...

Any time Jack or I sneeze we say: "Covid"!! Like some how that will chase it away! However when I was in the store the other day a lady sneezed and I automatically said "Covid"...I didn't think I said it loud until I heard her mumble..."I don't have Covid". Oops. Better keep my rituals to myself!

Woody said...

Sure hope Sherry feels better, You 2 have to stay Healthy, one takes care of the other, that's what we do ! Sounds like my kind of Breakfast ! Love Grits ! (But not Instant) ! Take care, sending down Prayers for good Health ! Love from Northern New York, Gary an Anna Mae

Susan Kane said...

Wow, that is scary. We also think that when one of this sneezes, or whatever. We go to the store to get food and prescriptions. We visit our daughter and family. We did go to Lowe's, it is entertaining and very few people in a huge warehouse.

I have thought of you two so far from home. Take care.

boromax said...

We are with you on this, y'all. It's not funny but we do as some of the others have said - every sneeze or cough or even the slightest "I don't feel quite right" and we are thinking and usually saying 'covid.' The political situation does not help. But we know Who is in control and we know where we are going, yes?

Y'all stay safe!

Ed and Wendy in California.

Lisa said...

I sometimes think im getting sick and get worried. I get to thinking a lot too. With covid in the air and the crazy political stuff, I’m. just worried sick. No fever here and were feeling good except for achy bones from getting old.

Dont worry be happy