Thursday, June 29, 2023

The extra child

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So for today:

Woody mentioned the ‘extra’ kids from the neighborhood. Along with his brothers and sisters other boys in the neighborhood were welcomed and his parents helped to raise them.  That brought back memories, good and even ‘one’ strange memory.

When I was young there were attitudes in a few families when you are 16 and do not attend school, you are pushed out of the nest just like little birds that are ready to fly.

I had one friend, Scotty, who quit school when I did and he went to work in the mill and took a room in a boarding house. I joined the USMC and had a bunk!

When I lived in the small town of Valdese, NC the church parsonage and church property bordered on the school property. Mama’s table was actually closer than the school cafeteria. Valdese had a small hometown weekly newspaper.  The lady editor’s son was in my class. I don’t remember if I knew his name. One day in the 8th grade he followed me home, in the back door and sat down at the table with me. Mama (The preacher’s wife) didn’t bat an eye, talked to him and fed him. That continued for the last week of school.  Strange we weren’t speaking friends in or after class. He never asked me to come to his house after school.  Odd but true.

One day when dad pastored in Albemarle, NC, daddy and mama introduced my sister Shirley and me to Grace. Her family had told her it was time for her to move out of their house so mama took her in.  She was as sweet as could be. She was a little older than Shirley but they became very close. Grace was fun to have around.  She lived with us for about a year. She met a young man and they married. He became a pastor and she was forever like a sister to me & Shirley.

Every year while I was growing up our home was open to evangelists at least 4-6 weeks for Revivals.  Back then traveling evangelists stayed in the pastor’s home and ate at our table every meal.  Of course the pastor’s kids had to go to church every night of the revivals. Some nights I faked a heart attack or something and mama would feel sorry for me. I stayed home and listened to radio programs I missed during revivals. LOL.

See you later, we are hitting the road, it is HOT in Florida!

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Susan Kane said...

Revivals, oh my. Ours lasted only 1-2 weeks. Evangelists slept at the pastor's house, and the ladies brought in meals, or had the whole group out to our table. The pastor's wife and church women were exhausted. We did homework in the back benches. Evagelists criticized us. The only time I ever copied someone else's homework was in 6th grade, because parents respected the guy's suggestions. It didn't fly well, so we were back in the back pews with our books.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

The only time I ever copied someone else's homework was when the teacher asked the class to write about our pet. I copied my brother's story about our dog. When the teacher accused me of copying I explained that it was the same dog.

God bless.

Mevely317 said...

Aside from allowing one of my little friends to come along on a day trip, I can't imagine my parents extending that sort of hospitality.I figure that's in large part because no-one asked, but wow. What a pair of angels on earth; I'm glad you've shared this.

Safe travels!

yaya said...

My Mom never let anyone leave our house hungry! I carry on that same tradition but haven't had many kiddos that needed a place to hang out...except a couple of my own when they were between homes or worse when they divorced. Anyway, have a safe trip and keep the heat down there!

Susie said...

Jack, Your post made me the kid going to eat a week at your house. Your mom must have been a great cook to ever have enough to feed another We never had kids get to stay for food. My family had way too many of our own, I guess. Boy faking a heart attack.LOL You probably heard lots of preaching from home anyways. :)The radio parents had the radio in their bedroom set on country music, which kids did not like. When I had to watch my siblings, I would get my baby brother to sleep in their room and I would change the station...yikes, you better get right back to their chosen station before they got home. I missed once and got a lecture to LEAVE that radio alone. Thanks for bringing back a memory. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Looks like you are headed north,We've been nice and cool here. Wish we had just a little of your warm weather. My mother too loved to feed people. It didn't matter, you had to eat something when you visited. She didn't eat much herself but loved to see others enjoying their food.