Thursday, May 13, 2010

DAy trip

Well we had a day trip today. First the VA, for an appointment at audiology. (HAHAHA!), no appointment without a physical? Why? Rules! Weird, it is my ears.

But of course Sherry is happy and turns me over to complete strangers with a smile. Wasn’t much of a physical. I gotta ____ on a stick and smear it on a pad and send it back. They took blood. She got a gusher, I decided while she was in I should try to sell a pint, but they weren’t buying. The Doctor told me she would send me the results along with medication suggestions. Is she psychic, I am going to need meds? Nah, not me. Anyway I finally got to audiology; they will contact me, etc. Okay that is done.

Now off to Winston Salem. Yep, that is the home of the Winston and Salem cigarettes. I think we have outlawed smoking indoors in NC. I did not think that would ever happen. I once smoked. It was the most enjoyable habit I ever had, but because if you smoke you can’t live forever, I quit.
You will never hear me fuss about folks smoking near me; I still like the smell, especially a good pipe tobacco.

Anyway we looked at the work that needs to be done around a small church. Met the pastor and his wife. Very nice folk. Actually we found we have a wonderful mutual friend. We plan to head up there on Monday after our Monday old-folks meeting at Hardees here in Belmont. I guess Don & Evelyn will be there.

I would like to try to explain myself. I can fix things and due to a lot of varied interests as I wasted my life, I learned a lot of different things. Not rocket science, just plain common sense some time. Sorta like things you can do. Everyone has a knack for something.

…I cannot handle insurance/medicare stuff. Sherry and Shirl just breeze right thru that.
......Shirl’s refer looks like a better homes and garden, I bet she never loses left overs.
... About Left overs, Sherry can get the perfect size container every time, for some reason what I pick is too small and it runs over or I over compensate and it is lost in the container.
....Sherry keeps our financial history in her wallet. Amazing. She also can tell you how many gallons of gas we have used. Where we ate two years ago today, etc.

...Some of you can cook or bake without measuring a thing, it just comes natural.
...Some of you never get lost. I was known as wrong way jack, now it is: ‘U-turn Jack’.
......Some of you can naturally do two or three things at once; I am a one thing at a time man.

WE humans are different, and a good thing. All of us are good at something and not too good at others.
Thanks for stopping by to read a rant.

Nite Shipslog

It's scary when you start making the same noises As your coffee maker
These days about half the stuff In my shopping cart says, ' For fast relief.'


Paula said...

Thats the way old age goes. Once they can get you one medication things start to happen and first thing you know you will be on five or six. Wow Sherry keeps up with things, doesn't she? You're lucky you have her to keep you straight.

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

im happy to kn0w that sherry and I have a lot in c0mm0n,i c0ok with0ut tasting but always have the right measurement of ingredients,right b0x f0r leftovers,exact kilo for my veggies,i just pick and tell the seller the kilo I just pick,always right am0unt for my dumpling pea for,i c0uld say we girls have talents 0n it lol!love y0ur p0st today!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

CityBoy goes to the VA in Johnston City, TN and has wonderful care....


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you got the appointment out of the way and can now move on to more interesting things. Sounds like you are going to be busy. Yes it is a good thing we are all different it makes things so much easier when we work together to help each other out. One can do what another cannot do. Have a great Friday!

Dar said...

Don't it make the world go round! all having individual talents...I still marvel at what we can accomplish when we put our hearts, hands and head to it. I guess I must be pretty good at problem solving...I was once asked if I had schooled for law, and was I sure I was not a southern gal with my taste for heat and the salty '2killya'...I guess that would classify as a passion and not a talent. Hmmm
Have a great day my friends

shirl72 said...

Our Dad would be proud that you are doing work
on the Lord's house. You know what our Brother
would say about our volunteer work if he was
here. Keep up the good work. You be doing good.


Lucy said...

I think you are very much like Joe. Very handy with your hands and not afraid to try most anything even if you have never done it before. GOOD JOB Sherry, on getting a start on a physical for your Husband. Even if it was not part of the plan.

Fred Alton said...

Jack, glad you got that hearing appointment behind you. (pun intendend) Boy - I thought doctors were smarter than that. Don't know how that will help your hearing - nevertheless...

Frances too is the one with the ability to remember dates, solve math problems in her head, and keep me straight. I'm thankful for her great skills as I'm sure you are for Sherry's.

I too (Along with your Dad and Shirl) am proud that you spend time working on the Lord's house. Did you write the song? Or maybe it was written about you..."I'm a workin on th buildin' - gotta true foundation...holdin' up th blood-stained...banner for my Lord - I'll never get tired tired tired workin on th buildin - goin up to heaven...Lord, Lord ta get my reward!"

Anonymous said...

Nearly two decades ago i sounded just like a coffee machine ;) ever since I've learned to take more care and even to cook. It was me who made twice a day a warm meal for nine months.
Please have a wonderful Sunday.