Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wheel chair ramp

A few months ago I built a ramp for my buddy Sonny. Sonny as you all should know, was my BIL. Now, Elmer, my double BIL, has had a knee replacement that has not gone well. He will be in a wheel chair for awhile. Soooooooo now I will build one for Elmer. The families are buying the materials and I just construct it.
I said Double brother in law. Elmer has been a family fixture ever since I met Sherry. Elmer was married to Sherry’s older sister Lennie. Cancer took Lennie away from us, we miss her. Kat passed away after about five years with Elmer. We miss her also.

This is Elmer with his last wife, MY SISTER KAT. Kat was married to her first husband for over fifty years.
This is Elmer with His First wife, SHERRY'S SISTER LENNIE. They were married over fifty years before cancer took her from us.
I had a wonderful Sister Kat. She lost her husband Dick while camping on the Blue Ridge Parkway. They were our traveling buddies, we were starting to walk the Appalachian Trail and they headed to the Blue Ridge parkway. Dick passed away while camping there. So I had a sister who was alone and Sherry had BIL who was alone. Kat and Elmer got together and married. Then Sherry said jokingly, now he is YOUR bro in law. Elmer, like Sonny, is one of the good guys.

The house I will put the ramp to is one I built for Elmer and Lennie. They wanted the same layout as the Condo Shirl lives in. I had built Kat one exactly like it, so when she married Elmer, she moved into a house exactly like she moved out of.
That is the story of the double brother in law.
I started to ask a silly question, should I make the ramp temporary or permanent? Before I asked it, I decided it would be permanent since Elmer is in his 80’s now, he can use the ramp from now on.
Story about Elmer.
After Christmas it was a tradition that Sherry and her sister(s) and we husbands would take a trip. That was before the motor home. We ended up in Little Rock Ark for some reason at a motel. I had already got settled in bed. Our rooms were adjoining . Sherry heard Lennie scream, “He is going to kill him! Help!”

Now it is hard to get your clothes back on in a hurry but I tried. At the time Elmer was around 60. By the time I got outside Elmer was walking back toward his car from the farther direction. The motel manager with him.

What had happened was, Lennie wanted something from the trunk of the car. Elmer went out to get it. After he raised the trunk, from nowhere a man stuck a pistol in his side and said give me your wallet. (AT that time Lennie who was watching from the window, started yelling when she saw the man and gun).

Elmer, being Elmer, said, “Boy, I’ll make you eat that gun,” and he grabbed it. They wrestled a little and the man got his pistol loose and ran, with Elmer in hot pursuit. Of course he outran Elmer, being a young kid of about twenty. It done no good to tell Elmer he was crazy. His only answer, ‘I worked hard for that money’. (He had done the same thing before, when a man tried to rob his business.) I still today cannot believe he got away without being shot. But he didn’t. Elmer is one of a kind.
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Paula said...

wow that is a very interesting entry about family. One brave man Elmer. I remember you writing about the ramp for Sonny. You and Sherry do a lot of good things for people.

Anonymous said...


Sheila Y said...

Wow, that was a great story, the double BIL and scaring off the robbers. Don't get injured building the ramp...take care, Sheila

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

very lovely love st0ry p0st

Dar said...

Now that Elmer, he's a keeper. God Bless him for being so brave. He was right tho, He worked hard for that money and it was not a robbers to take. Ya gotta love that attitude.
Very kind of you Jack, who must be the Jack of all trades. You build houses, ramps, stories, write books, you are some kind of guy.
BlessYourHeart Hi Sherry :)BlessYourHeart too

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a blessing you are building that ramp. Looks like you've had lots of experience. And what a nice story about your double brother in law.

Fred Alton said...

That's the kind of story that gets into NRA magazines! Praise the Lord he didn't get killed. It's dangerous to be around a man with Elmer's attitude though!!! I like his style.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack...and Sherry too...wow Jack...no wonder you write such good books LOL...you have so many interesting things happen to you guys and the family...LOLOL...not sure you wanted all of them to happen but happy they turned out ok!!! LOL...a warm, rainy, overcast day here in KY...but a good day anyway!!! hugs to ya...Ora

Jen said...

There is no amount of money I could ever carry in my wallet that is worth getting shot or hurting someone (even a robber) over. Threaten my daughter and that's another story...

shirl72 said...

This is the 3rd time to comment. Will try again.
Love the pictures. The family is lucky to have
a person like you that can do anything. You do
good deeds for everybody. I am proud to have you
as a Brother.


Lucy said...

The pictures are great. You know Jack, to me that shows what kind of a person you are that you build wheel chair ramps for your BIL or I bet for a friend if needed. I still have a picture of the American Legion building one for my BIL who passed away long ago. Ron built one for my other BIL who has since passed away. If I keep on living I will be like Betty White on Sat. nite live, I will need a weejie board to contact my friends.