Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Friends & checking out the new idea

Surprise, Mary Ann came down from the mountain to visit. Here is Evelyn, Sherry and Mary ann. All Belmont girls. A lot to talk about. A winter inbetween visits. They got 30" of snow here that is sme kind of record.
Below is what I have cut the materials down to for the new chalk drawings. Weight about 45 lbs. We were unloading about 80 and twice plus bulky. I have eliminated three flood lights, heavy drawing board and six electronics pieces.
I am finding a little problem however, this below is 20 minutes into set up. I am usually set-up in that time.

Twenty-five minutes into set-up.

Thirty five minutes and I am set up. I think it can be cut in half. I had to remember what I had planned when I packed it up last.

The idea is to have part of the picture started in acrlyic, and cut down as I get more familiar with the medium. The medium being acrylic and chalk with the Substrait being black velvet. This time there will be a good bit of the picture done since this is new to me. This is original, I know of no other chalk artist that does this. As I get more familiar I will decrease the amount of permanent acrlyic. Naturally it is more impressive to start with a blank substrait.

First attempt with the black light chalk, I do not like the sunset. The lighting process is to have the white light on during the drawing, Sherry turns on two black lights and then dims the whitelight revealing the color of the invisible chalk under black light. I did not like the sunset above.
So I vacuumed it away and added a smaller red sun. The above picture is under white light

This one is under black light. I think I will have to increase the wattage on the black lights.
Other wise I think I will like it if I can get confident enough to do the entire picture as I used to on paper.
The above picture is drawn while telling the story of the poem 'The House by the side of the Road' by Foss, and how he came about writing the poem. Also 'It takes a Heap o Livin' in a House to Make A Home.' By Ed. Guest.
I am also experimenting with complete recordings instead of live music. Geo. Bev Shea sung today. LOL
Thanks for letting me experiment on you. We have a live program Saturday night to experiment with.
Thanks for coming this way.
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Things you may not know...
*****There are no natural lakes in the state of Ohio, everyone is manmade.
*****There are more Irish in New York City than in Dublin , Ireland ; more Italians in New York City than in Rome, Italy ; and more Jews in New York City than in Tel Aviv, Israel .


Fred Alton said...

Great Post Jack! It's intriguing to read about the materials, lights, and the process of your story-telling artistry. I'm anxious now for you to come back this way and let me book you in two or three churches. (or more if you say so) They will LOVE this, I am sure.

Paula said...

Very very interesting. Thanks for telling us all about your drawing stories.

Dar said...

Aren't you full of surprises, Jack. What a captivating entry. I have never seen this process before and am amazed at the difference the lights play on the colors of your artwork. Wonderful stuff. Keep it up. You do know how to deliver a message.

betty said...

maybe you need to get a "roadie" to help set up the equipment for your chalk stories; I would so enjoy hearing and seeing one of them; it sounds so very interesting

glad you got to have a visit with Mary Ann!


~mel said...

Well now... aren't you the impressive critter! I'm LOVING IT!! Whenever you get frustrated with it ~ just have a chocolate bar... but be sure to wipe your hands before getting back into the chalk and velvet.

I enjoyed my visit as always!! Have a great day Jack & Sherry!!
p.s. I wish I was there watching you today instead of shopping for a wedding dress ~ I think I'd be having more fun. I'm really NOT into shopping... never have been ... never will. ~mel

Jean said...

I enjoyed the drawing so much,thanks for sharing it with us. What a wonderful thing you are doing. Take care and have a great day, jean

shirl72 said...

I am looking forward to watching your new
set-up. It will be interesting to see it on
velvet. Good luck........will see you Saturday


Rose said...

You amaze me! Seems that you have a great deal of knowledge in so many things! Kudos!

Hugs, Rose