Friday, May 28, 2010

Selling influence and the Lottery

For common sense reasons I find it hard to sympathize with someone like ‘Fergie’. She only received a 2 million pound divorce settlement and $21,000 a year stipend.
According to the news she found herself 7 million dollars in debt quickly. As our friend ‘Dar’ said, “Do the math.” You should know what you spend.
I don’t sympathize with lottery winners who lose it all in a couple years and are in debt. I might have sympathized with the first three of four winners, but after that there has been too much publicity on failures. I am sure the Lottery commission themselves advise the winners to get financial advice.
Of course we only hear of the big winners who lose everything. There are hundreds of big winners every year, most are smart and do not go broke. Others are ‘very ignorant’ and think there is an endless amount of money, but even a hundred million has a limit, it is, “ a hundred million”.
I guess by my bitterness, you know I did not win the lottery!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!
Nah, I do buy a lottery ticket every once in awhile, do I expect to win? You bet, or I would not buy the ticket. LOL. (No, I do not ‘expect’ to win, but I know someone is going to win, it may as well be me!!!)

(Speaking of luck and the lottery, Jimmy could never get a date, just a day after winning thirty million pounds in the lottery, he met the love of his life. Is he lucky or what?)

I don’t dwell on it, sometimes I even forget to check my numbers for a few days, but I do check them. If I pick a number, I use mine and Sherry’s birthdays, since those were the lucky days for me.
But back to Fergie, She was peddling her husband’s name. I don’t like that. Like lobbyists that sell their contacts in Washington. We know it is done, and I for one am glad when someone gets caught selling their influence. Problem the odds are, that most do not get caught right away.

(But for ten dollars I will give you President Obama’s private e-mail address, tell him Jack said call.
And for $11.50 you get Hillary’s, tell her jack, from behind the green door said call.”)

I realize, Hillary is more, but then the extra $1.50 get’s you Bill.

Thanks for reading this mess. Drop my name at any coffee shop. My name and $5 will get you an expensive cup of coffee and a good laugh!
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Coffeeveggie addict. said...

Hahaha,funny!jimmy is n0t lucky obviously he g0t the girl after winning the lottery,if s0me0ne will think its love well,n0 need to argue the guy must have prepared a settlement between them s0 it w0n't happen that 0ne day he is already a trash!lol!

shirl72 said...

I think about buying a lottery ticket and then
forget. I would love to win. I sure would
spend it wisely. I have decided when you have
a scandal it don't make a flip you are just more
famous. Just stay in front of the news and you
will make it. Fergie has been all over the news.
She even accepted a humanity award.


Paula said...

Do you think if John won the lottery he would still buy dollar cheese burgers? I think he would. As for me I would spend a little and give a little and save for a rainy day.

betty said...

I totally am against what Fergie did to try to "make a living" but you got to give her credit for working with what she had to work with. She needs to cut back her expenses just a bit and learn to live on a budget like the majority of us. I don't play the lottery but if I ever won, I would pay off our debts, buy a small house where we want to retire, and continue working after giving the majority of the money away to charity

have a great weekend you two!


Anonymous said...

Luckily there are still things left money can't buy.
Please have a great Sunday.

Fred Alton said...

If I win the lottery it will be a miracle - you see I have never bought a ticket. I read something in the Proverbs that went something like "It is foolish to seek easy money. It flies away too quickly!"

Anonymous said...